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Good Morning My BB Friends

Last post Jun 16, 2012 4:59 PM by Depo . 5 replies.

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  • Good Morning My BB Friends

    Good morning, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.Woke up a couple of times,grumbled and went right back to sleep. Slept almost 10 hours,guess I was really tired.Sippin' on my first cup and deciding what to fix for breakfast. Have a good weekend. Depo!!!

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    I think we were typing at the same time, Depo.  I posted this on GN will just move it over here.....good to know you got lots of sleep.


    Good Morning Everyone...


    Depo,  I hope your sleeping in this morning.  You certainly can use the downtime.  We're in for your kind of temps today.  YUK!!!!!


    Sharon,  I am missing you...hope everything is going gangbusters and you are busy, busy with your landscape.


    I wanted to say GM....we are leaving for a little shopping and then hit the OTB.......then Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner.  DS and GF think this is what we should do for Father's Day....and who am I to ever turn down the horses.

    We did get a little shower last night.....with the accent on little!!!  Thats okay, we'll take what we can get.

    Have a great day all.



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  • Re: Good Morning My BB Friends

    Good morning everyone


    My overnight company just left. So now I need to figure out what to do today.  Probably not much.  Set myself in front of the boob tube and watch college baseball or maybe the US Open or maybe watch the Tigers lose again.



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    Good morning all....It has rained here this morning, but we could use a heck of a lot more. DH says more is coming so I hope he's right.This has been a terribly dry season. My tomato plants really look incredible even though it has been so dry. We have really been watering everything well though.

    Thought I would pop in here before I get started on cleaning the kitchen. The laundry is all done so that is one less thing to do. I did all that up yesterday.


    Depo...I am sure you have been more than busy with your garden and canning.


    Diane....Have a great time today and enjoy dinner. I am sure your find that outfit you can't live without...LOL. We went up to Galena last weekend and walked through all the shops. I have been putting things off for the last few weekends. I guess a person's has to do that every now and then huh?


    Off to wash my hair and get started on this cleaning.





  • Re: Good Morning My BB Friends

    Good morning everyone ~ I hit the ground this morning. I got DH fed, lunch packed and off to work. DS and I ate later. In between I got started cooking my part of tomorrow's Fathers' Day meal. I have the deviled eggs done and I also need to bake the brownies and possibly a pasta salad. We'll see on that one because I am not certain I will have fridge space for it with the half of a watermelon in there also. I really need to get going with the kitchen remodel and get the bigger refrigerator.

    Depo ~ Glad you slept so well. You definitely needed it after all the work you have done the past few days.

    Diane ~ Your day sounds wonderful. Wish I could go with. Enjoy it all and I hope you find some great bargains. I do remember she mentioned the no internet thing but I thought she might have telephoned one of us. Hope things are going well for her.

    Sharon ~ Nice to see you. Been missing you. I guessed you were head over heels in work after your vacation. Isn't that how it usually goes...take a vacation and rest up and go back and have to work your fingers to the bone catching up? We may get some rain tomorrow evening. We could use it also.

    Vera ~ A day of relaxing and watching TV might be just the ticket. Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy yourself.

    Waving to others that may pop in. I'm off to do wonderful things.



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    We have a bunch of AWOLs today,hope you're all having a blast. I laid down on the couch and couldn'get  just right so I headed for the bed,slept like a log for 1 1/2 hours.Off to watch some more of the race. Depo!!!