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MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

Last post Jul 23, 2012 9:49 PM by emr . 18 replies.

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  • MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Good morning friends.


    Vicki, YUK on the triple digits. We've been fortunate the last few days that there was a nice breeze and no humidity.


    Jan, I missed the skating competition. How did everything turn out?


    Did anyone watch TNFNS? Don't want to spoil anything.


    The fish was good tonight. Easy to prepare but I felt it could use some more flavor. I'll post the pics later.


    Enjoy your day.




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  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    I was not able to watch TNFNS. We think there are too many trees for the one dish to work-it is permanently mounted on top of the rv. DH worked for hours but never could get the other dish to work, even though he placed it where there were no trees in the way. The good news is that I called DS's SIL, who lives here, and she is recording it for me. She is the gal that we came out here for her wedding 2 years ago. I did a search online so was able to find out the winner at least, but still want to see the show.

    I was able to find a link and watched about 30 minutes of the  roller skating. I enjopyed it, I don't think Jan was on at the same time as me-I never saw her name on the chat list.

    Not sure of our plans tomorrow. We may end up helping DS's FIL with some painting of a house he owns. He has been letting one of his daughters live there, but she just moved to Kansas City. he is getting it ready to sell.

    I am planning on the jumbo pasta shells stuffed with chicken, broccoli and alfredo sauce for dinner tonight.

    I'll check in first thing Monday morning.


  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Good morning~ Ready to go to work. Would be nice to stay here, it is suppose to be so hot! Dad needs his pills so will call in and get them after work. Mom needs some jam for her toast too. So will get home as soon as possible. There is no new news here that is for sure!


    Marlene Johnson
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    Good Morning,

    Tidying up, laundry, and bill paying are on my agenda today.  Really need that haircut that we never got around to, also. 

    I'm looking forward to all my Sunday nite TIVO's, including Food Network Star.  There's so much on Sunday nite that I'm thankful for multiple repeats.  Will catch up will all those tonite.

    Dinner tonite will be pan fried flounder, broccoli, and marinated beets.

    Hope it's a good week in your neighborhood, friends.

  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Hello.  Long time no post Smile  I've just never gotten back in the habit after the forum changes and the months of bugs that needed ironed out....  But, Nancy told me you guys were wondering about me!

    Our 7th child and 3rd boy was born in early June!  He's settled into our family quite nicely, and we can't imagine life now without him.  He was 9 lb and 22 inches long (99th percentile at birth), so at 6 weeks he moved into size 3-6 months clothes already!

    He had tongue tie which resulted in a poor latch and weeks on antibiotics for me to try to get rid of low-level mastitis that just won't go away.  We got the tongue tie fixed last week and the latch is better.  So, I'm hoping the mastitis will finally go away now that he's draining the milk out better.  The breast pain from it is very mild and isn't the problem, the real problem is the constant battling of a low-level infection.  I'm fine energy-wise for normal days, but if there's a busy day, I discover that my body just isn't up to it with the mastitis also....

    As for what's cooking, we'll be having bean tacos and salad.  Then for dessert, we'll have leftover birthday pig cupcakes  made with the WASC (white almond sour cream) cake recipe.


    Wife & homeschooling mother to seven children, ages 11 years down to 3 months.  My plate may be full, but my cup runneth over with blessings!

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    Heather, it's great to hear from you, and welcome to your new little one -- although he's a big little one! Smile Sorry to hear about his and your complications -- I had mastitis twice with #2 and it was miserable so I hope you can get rid of the infection quickly.


    Tammy, those stuffed shells sound delicious.


    Nancy, I'm interested to see pics of the parchment cooked fish. I've never tried that --


    I get off early today which is nice, since DH and I are planning to go out for our anniversary. I plan to run to the Verizon store at lunch to get him an accessory for his new phone -- something he needs anyway but didn't want to spend the extra $ on when he got the phone last month. We are planning a big night out -- Chick-Fil-A and a movie!


    If anybody is interested, here is a link to the video of our son's presentation about his time in Africa this summer. He did this at our church last Sunday night and DH put together video of him speaking along with his Power Point slides and photos.


    Waving to everyone and wishing you a good start to the week ~

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    Heather, Congrats on the newest addition, what a big boy! Sorry you've been having problems. Prayers that all will be well soon.  Great to see you.


    Here are b4 and after pics of Herb-Baked Fish, I used Cod:





    A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Cicero
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    My friend across the street is watching her brothers hairless cat for 2 wks. I've seen them b4 but never petted one. It felt funny and he has a tail like a rat. Here he is:



    A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Cicero
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    Good morning.


    It is overcast this morning which keeps it nice cool.  I know it won't last. 


    Nancy, interesting looking cat. LOL.  Eww on a rat-like tail. ;)))


    Heather, congratulations on your new baby!   

    I have a busy day today.  DD has 7th grade orientation mid day and then we have open house at her school from 5-8.  She follows her schedule and goes to all her classes. 


    I hope to go to Costco this morning so I better get moving.  Dinner will be Buffalo chicken sandwich, beans and pasta salad.  New recipe made in the crockpot.


    Have a great day. 

  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012


    Hope this color shows up OK, it is pretty light.

    Happy Anniversary Elza! I hope you have great time celebrating.

    It's good to hear from you Heather. Congratulations on your baby boy. I hope you are able to get the mastitis cleared up very soon. My DIL had that, and she said it was so painful.

    Marlene, I hope you get some time this week for yourself, just to pamper Marlene.

    I hope you get in for a haircut today Helen. I am happy with mine. She did a good job. You never know when you go to someone for the first time, but since we have been on the road I've been happy with all my haircuts. I was surprised how inexpensive it was too. She charged $20.00 for a shampoo, cut and blow dry. back in Houston, my girl does the same thing, and with tip it's at least $50.00.

    Here is the recipe I am trying if anyone is interested. It was posted by bankercook.


    1 jar (16 oz) alfredo sauce

    2 c. frozen chopped broccoli, thawed

    2 c. diced, cooked chicken

    1 c. shredded cheddar cheese

    21 jumbo pasta shells, cooked, drained

    In a large bowl combine everything except pasta shells. Spoon filling into shells. Place in a greased 9x13 baking dish. Cover and bake 30-35 minutes at 350.


    Got the chicken cooked yesterday so it should go together quickly. I am cutting it way back-I am guessing 21 shells would serve about 10 people!

    Today we are going to run some errands. DH needs a small light bulb from Camping World, and I need to run by a Merle Norman store, plus we both want to go to Bed,Bath & Beyond to buy some k cups for our coffee maker. They have a good selection of flavors there. Right now I am drinking some BUTTER TOFFEE flavor. I don't usually like flavored coffee in the morning, but I do like this one.

    One day this week we will drive up to Santa fe, but not sure when yet.

    Amanda was able to record TNFNS for me, so we are going out to eat with them and then go back to their house Thursday night so I can see the show. Amanda is our DIL's sister, and she is real sweetheart. We are so lucky that all our 3 sons married into wonderful families, and we enjoy getting together with them alot.

    Have a pleasant day ladies.


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    I forgot to mention that towards the end of last month, we were eating dinner and oldest DD said "these plates are nice-n-shiny". DH looked and said "are these new plates? I didn't even notice". I bet if DD didn't say anything he would still be clueless lol.


    A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Cicero
  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Good afternoon friends!

    Heather- congratulations on your newest baby boy! What wonderful news! Glad his tongue is healing. Hope you get the infection taken care of quickly now. That is not fun. All of my boys were 9+ pounds- so I understand the clothes sizes issue!! So glad to hear from you! Big Smile

    Elza- happy anniversary blessings!! I didn't realize we shared this day?! We are at 24 years- how in the world did that happen? Hope you have a wonderful evening. What movie?? The boys have football practice tonight so not sure if we are going out tonight or another time. It will depend on how I'm feeling also.

    Nancy, that is one "non-beautiful" animal. Wink I've never seen one before.

    Betsy, hope all is grand with your daughter's teachers and classes. They are growing up on you!

    Gotta run for now. I'm slowly getting better but it was a rough weekend. Won't bore you with details but I'm still taking things slow. I'll chat with you all again later-

    Blessings, Ellie

  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012


    Hi everyone,

    are these new plates? I didn't even notice". I bet if DD didn't say anything he would still be clueless lol.

       sometimes they are just so observant, aren't they?

    Heather , good to see you  and happy that you have a healthy baby boy.  Hope your mastitis clears up quickly for you tho". It amazes me how you can cope with seven children (think I probablt made a similar comment when you had #6 too)  I can only imagine that you are a very calm and laid back person.

    Hot and humid here again today with probable thunderstorms here later on.  I can only hope that they materialise this time and give us some much needed rain.

    Made a lemon blueberry cheesecake from Light & Tasty yesterday.  uses cottage cheese instead of cream cheese and eggs and it turned out to be really light.  The guys both went back for second helpings last night Yes As it's a TOH recipe I will post it on a separate thread .  I'm thinking that when our raspberries are ready, I'll be making this again.

    Only in July and it's hard to think that for some of you, school vacations are almost over.  When I was a kid in England, we would just be getting out of school about now until early September.

    No cooking here tonight.  I purposely made enough yesterday when our friends were visiting that I would have leftovers and we've ended up with ust about the right amount for 2 Big Smile  A couple of minutes with the microwave and supper will be readyYes

    Have a great day,



  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Good afternoon ladies.  I have been online watching DS narrate again since this am and will go grab a shower and watch his skater skate finals this afternoon, she is holding 3rd and I sincerely hope she keeps it so she can go to worlds.

    Nancy, look at you posting great pics. I am enjoying them!

    Heather congratulations on your baby boy.  DS #2 was 9lbs 6oz so I know what a heavy baby you have there. He is obviously thriving and I hope your mastitis clears up very soon. I just know your a good Mommy!

    Elza and Ellie "Happy Anniversary" to both of you today!

    Shrimp, peas and bow ties with a salad tonight.



    SCSG Jan blue eyed mouse siggy

    ~~The most important things in life aren't things!~~ 




  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 7/23/2012

    Good afternoon friends.  Did you know that on this date back in 1904, in St. Louis, Mo. that the ice cream cone was invented?

    Jan, I saw the link for the roller skating right after you post it yesterday.  I clicked on it and watched for about 20 mins.  When it was time for your DS last evening, I went back and could not find the link.  Was it just me that could not find it or was it removed?  I see you are watching him now--will he be on any more?  

    Heather, Many happy blessings to you and your family on the birth of your newest gift from above.  He sounds so beautiful and I am happy to read that he's coming along well.  I hope your problem clears up quickly too. 

    Marlene, thinking of you.  Get some rest some time this week.

    Helen, I hope you made it out today before the rains for your haircut.  Enjoy all the TIVO'd shows from yesterday.

    Elza, I  thoroughly enjoyed listening to all 32 mins. of your DS's  presentation to your church on his reecent Africa trip.  Well spoken, your DS did a fantastic job at sharing his trip and love of God.  Happy Anniversary to you and DH.  Enjoy your evening out.

    Ellie, also Happy Anniversary to you and your DH!  

    Tammy, thanks for posting thee recipe for the Chicken Broccoli Shells.  Sounds good!  How kind of Amanda to record TNFNS for you to view later this week.

    Nancy, I just had to smile and giggle at your DD!  Out of the mouth of babes!  Hey girl, your picture taking is getting quite good.  The fish in parchment looks very interesting, and even more so is that hairless cat!!  Never seen one before, but had heard of them.  I do not have a cat, never have, but I think I'd like one better with some fur (like that cutie,  Mr. Muffins).

    Tasty, the lemon blueberry cheesecake sounds delish--you've got two of my favorites combined into one.  Would love to have a piece to enjoy with my cup of afternoon tea that I'm drinking right now.

    Early this morning I had a dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned.  This is the 1st time in 22 years that I've had my teeth cleaned by someone other than Gail (you might remember me mentioning back in March that she passed away suddenly from a brain tumor).  It was so strange--nice gal, but just not the same.  I guess it will take some getting use to.

    Since I came home, I baked a batch and a half of Monster Cookies.  DH wants some for the road and mentioned that his Ga. buddy would really love them too.  Need to mail out my bachelor DB a box tomorrow, so I'll slip a bag of cookies in as well. 

    Dinner today was once again left overs-- a slice of pizza and a slice of taco pie for us both.  The refrigerator is pretty bare now, but we'll be able to finish off the remaining  leftovers tomorrow.

    Need to go clean up my kitchen.