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MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

Last post Sep 24, 2012 7:09 PM by avidcookGA . 5 replies.

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  • MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    Good morning friends.


    What an absolutely gorgeous day we had yesterday. Windows open, breeze blowing, sun shining. Just perfect!


    Chicken francese over linguine tonight w/ a salad as well.


    Enjoy your day.




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  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    Good Morning,

    We had a wonderful weekend.  DD has been making some of her specialties to put in the freezer for future meals.  Isn't that sweet!  By the way, Tammy, she loved the new guest room decorations and has been helping me with accessories. 

    Dinner tonite will be a crockpot turkey breast.  We got the recipe from Pinterest and thought we'd try something different. 

    Hugs to Lori and all who need one.

  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    Good Morning,

    Helen, how nice you will have some yummy food in the freezer. Your dinner tonight sounds good too. I think we will just do leftovers, as the fridge is way too full.

    Lynne, how exciting that your DD not only got to attend the Emmy's but had her makeup done by DWTS pro! Did  she enjoy the evening?

    We will be pulling out in a short while. We had a nice visit while we were here and made a couple decisions regarding plans for thanksgiving weekend.

    I hope everyone saw the photo that I finally got posted yesterday. Jan, I ended up exiting my album page and going to the home page, then I right clicked on the actual picture. Then I left clicked on copy, and when I got to the BB I just right clicked, then left clicked on paste. Voila! I did not have do do anything with the image code.

    Good luck today Lori. I was thinking if they ever made a movie about your principal they could call it Despicable Me......oh wait that's already taken. Too bad.

    Better run and get busy. DH is already dressed, and has most everything loaded that he can get put away.

    Hope your day is awesome!


  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    Mornin' all.

    A real fall day here with chilly temps this morning and heading up to the 60's later on. I'm spending the morning doing some much needed house work and hubby is busy cutting grass.  This afternoon we're heading out to play golf.  Do it while we still can get out - there won't be too many more days for us.  When we get back the chilli will be defrosted and I'll make some corn bread for a quick supper.  I thought a warm meal could be very welcome after spending the afternoon outside Yes

    Helen, how nice of DD to cook and fill the freezer while she is visiting. Enjoy the time with her.

    Tammy and Jan, wow, what photos and what an experience. Safe travels Tammy as you set off again.

    Lori, I hope today and tomorrow go by quickly without too many snags.  Hope THE IDIOT stays out of your way.

    Enjoy your warm days while you can, Nancy.  Ellie, hope you're feeling better.  Hope all those who visit occassionally are doing OK as well,

    Enjoy your day,


  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    Hi there, taking a break from cleaning for a bite of lunch. I have to stop from time to time to cool down under the fan or the sweat just runs down my face.   Another hot one here today but supposed to get cooler by tomorrow and then heating back up by the weekend. Not sure what’s up with this weather of ours, cant remember the last summer it was this hot for so long.

    Nancy, so glad your having great breezy window open weather.

    Helen, happy you had a great weekend with DD and what a sweetie she is for making her specialties for your freezer.

    Tammy, I never had luck just copying the pic and posting it here but sure glad it worked for you. I really liked seeing you in front of the shuttle, what a treat.

    Tasty, I can’t even picture the temps your having right now. Both you and Marlene are getting some winter weather so soon.

    Lynne, wow that is great that your DD & DSIL got to go to the Emmys and get her make up done by the DWTS make up artist. Did you get to see her last night?

    Reminds me that DWTS Allstars starts tonight, just saw it written on my calander. Can't wait.

    Lori, your idea of letting the new teacher do the class today is the best thing you can do otherwise I don’t know how you will get it done. That man is a miserable human being if you ask me. He must be one unhappy camper in his skin!

    Tonight dinner is going to be a mixter maxter of a Lean Cuisine cheese ravioli dinner with sides of sautéed cabbage with soy, splenda, onion, etc and maybe even sautéed onions and mushrooms with Worcestershire and a little beef broth. Sounds weird but it is tasty and low cal. I am down 2 more lbs this week thank goodness. I used to be a daily weigher but decided this go round to only weigh on Monday’s.

    Have a wonderful week everyone.



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  • Re: MONDAY: What's Cookin'? 9/24/2012

    DD had a blast at the Emmys last night, but no, I didn't get to see her. She sent several photos and she looked like a million bucks.

    Dinner tonight is pork tenderloin and salad. 

    Jan - congrats on the weight loss. I think weighing once a week is a good idea. I know you are ready for cooler weather. They kept talking about how hot is was on the red carpet last night. Ugh1

    Lori - I hope you are able to get all of your packing up done and get out of there. Hopefully, the new principal will give you the rest of the week to settle in before you get the kids. You are going to be one tired lady this weekend!