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Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

Last post Nov 18, 2012 9:02 PM by sauregurke . 60 replies.

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  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Good morning! May I? Coffee

    I heard from Linny- she tried to get here and couldn't...wanted to ask for some extra good thoughts for her Mom's surgery today- she'll be staying with her until she's able to be alone- they're hoping that there is no lymph node involvement so there will be no need for chemo...

    Jill- thanks for the recipe- looks good- and maple cookies, Janie...and it's only for Barb to see....? Well, we'll just see about that! Wink

    Out and about today- trying to plan for our events next week...Tongue Tied

    Fester is giving me "the look", so I'll get a wiggle on and see you all later...


    Waving, smiling, sending hugs and wishing you a great day!


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    Gm All,

    Meadow actually beat Fester this morning!  She has really been acting funny lately.  It must be the deer?  They must leave a scent in the tall grass as they walk through it. Sometimes  she refuses  to go past the driveway? 

    Well no second thoughts  this morning.  She  got the job done real quick. Now  she's slobbering so I know shepicked up some kind of a scent! Our other Golden did that as well.  One year our son took her in when we went on vacation and all she did was slobber.  They had a dog and a cat at the time.  But it was when she got in the back yard that she slobbered.  I know Ick!    Wonder if she smell's Louie Louie? 


    Dentist early then errands.  Do they never end!!  I'll have to go back to check out Jills recipe. One more day of computer sharing.  I've got to get on early if I want to do any kind of chatting. And  The King is now up so I better Bust a Move !


    Good thoughts  and prayers  for Linny's Mom I sent her a note this morning.  I hope all goes well today.


    M, Thanks for the brew and thans for moving our chatty little group along.


    Barb, I'd never attempt the project you have started.  And no pattern ! wow that's amazing and no wonder you are having a time of it.


    Bought the kids a new toy yesterday. They are not quite sure what to do with it.  lol

    One of them actually whistled at me yesterday,.  I did'nt know they did that. As we enterd the pet store a big old Parrot greeted us with  Hello !


    Have  great day old Tom is just around the corner.  I am not doing  Thanksgiving this year I volunteered to do New Years. But I will do the stuffing and  will bring one appy.




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    Enjoying  every Minute.

  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Good morning to all.  I am having a bit of trouble with the TOH board this morning, so I'm happy that I am able to post here.


    Keeping Linny's mom in my thoughts and my prayers today. 


    It's Thursday so I will get to go out to lunch with my work friends.  I have been getting regular sandwiches at Jimmy John's so today I need to make a better effort to stick with the lettuce wrap.  Sometimes I just can't seem to control what comes out of my mouth when I order!!


    My mom still isn't feeling quite up to par.  Hopefully, her new meds will have her back on her feet soon. 


    We are heading to my in-laws for Thanksgiving next Thursday and celebrating with my mom on Friday.  My mom is really so easy going about these things and isn't feeling bad about us not being there on Thursday.  As she gets older, she really doesn't like to travel too much and she really get anxious in crowds.  I am respecting that and we came up with this solution.  Dave's family invited her to the family gathering, but she is not comfortable joining.  So our family celebration will be a day late.


    Does anyone have the kind of crockpot that can be programmed to stop cooking at a certain time and keep something warm?  Thinking about getting one. 


    Have a great Thursday!




    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Good Morning,

    Keeping  Linny in my thoughts today. I talked to her the other night and she said to say hello to everyone.

    I went shopping with Jenny and the two little ones yesterday and never again. I will gladly let Jenny go and keep Maggie here. I was exhausted  came home and when she left I laid down on the couch and took a nap. Roger thinks I should do her shopping and just take it out there for her. It sure would be easier.

    Today we have to try again to get Bev's computer working and teach her how to scan on it. Last week Roger spent a couple of hours working on it and then talked to the people she bought it from and supposedly it will now work so we'll see. Sometimes I really wish her daughter that lives here would do some of this. We have enough trouble with our own scanner sometimes I walk away and let Roger deal with it. Wink It can be so nice to have a man around the house.

    Jill I never answered your question about the banana pea salad, it's pretty much what is sounds like, bananas,peas(I like baby peas and if you use frozen the color makes it so pretty), lettuce and a mayo dressing with vinegar and sugar. It's always made up at the last minute to keep the bananas looking good. I know it sounds icky but my mother and I both got to liking it after trying it and Roger does enjoy it one of those things that came from his side.

    I am now thinking I will do a turkey at home and if some kids show up we'll have dinner for them if they don't we'll have lots of turkey all for us, turkey salad, turkey hash, turkey tetrazzini you get the idea.

    Aldis has beautiful cherry tomatoes for 99 cents and I bought little fresh mozzarella balls and will make some appies also got a roll of mozz and procuitto can you tell I went to the cheese factory ?

    I must get busy and do some more closet cleaning. 

    Have a great day it looks like it will be warmer here again.


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    Good morning everybody ~


    Wow was it ever cold when I got up this morning... 28!  Brrrr  Glad I had my defrost set on the car.  I love that remote.  I turn it on 10 mins. before leaving the house & the car is frost free & nice & warm when I get in it.  The sun is shinning & we have blue skies here today.   I'm going into Henrietta this afternoon.  I've got a couple of coupons for Bath & Body Works, so I'm going to stop there & pick up a few things for the girls for Christmas, then it's off to Wegman's.  I've got a list about a mile long.  I have to stop by Joanne Fabrics to pick up another set of buttons to replace the ones that I lost for my dress.  Geez!!!  Then after dinner my friend, Vicki & I are going to a cookie baking demonstration at the school.  It should be fun. 


    Jill that chicken recipe sounds really good and easy too.  Don't forget to look for some l/c tortilla shells that you can use with it.  They sure do come in handy for things like this.  I had to have a couple of sandwiches last week too because of the sewing marathon.  If I'm home, I usually just roll up a piece of ham/turkey/chicken & have a slice of cheese with it, but that's kind of messy sitting at a computer or sewing machine.


    Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for Linny's mom and Linny too.  I sure hope she won't have to have chemo.  I'll be giving those maple cookies a try real soon, Margaret, but if you make them before me, let me know how they turn out.  I probably won't be able to get at them until after Thanksgiving.  I have to concentrate on one holiday to a time at this time of the year.


    Janie, do you have any coyotes on the island?  If so, that's what Meadow could be smelling.  Would she be afraid of deer?  I would love to see those birds.  We had a parakeet once that talked a blue streak.  Some days I wasn't sure if it was him that was talking or someone else in the room.  


    Connie I know what you mean about the mouth thing.  I also have a problem with not only what comes out, but what goes in!  Have fun at lunch.  Hopefully your mom will be feeling better soon now that the doctor has straightened out her meds.  Boy, you'll get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice!  I have one of the oldest Rival crockpots on the planet.  It does nothing but cook.  One of the programable ones would be really nice.  I can do that with my oven & I've used that feature many times. 


    I'll have to stop back & reply to you, Carol.  I need to get at a couple of things.  We have to send our bulletin for the 25th by Friday and the secretary who's working on it this time just sent it to me for proofing.  I'll see if I can stop by later on.  Enjoy your day.



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    Hello,my friends!

    Thinking about Linny's Mom. I hope all went well.

    My dinner with my friends was great.We had lots of fun. One girl,who came for the first time liked so much and could not understand,that, when I am not in town,they are not getting together. But the restaurant was not so exiting. I don't know,why two of them liked it and recommended it. 

    I copied the Maple cooky recipe. But Barb, that was not the one you made and liked so much?I think I might have the other one in my files. I always get out a bunch of recipes for Christmas cookies and only make half of it. The last two years I have not made any cookies, since Aldi,s has now all the German Christmas cookies you want to have and they are so inexpensive and come from Germany.

    One of DH's group will have a party tonight. It always was in a private house, but this year it is in a restaurant,which is over an hour away from us. I don't understand,why they could not have a central location. I don't think , we want to go. We have a car group and they will have a Christmas party. The dinner for each person will be $63 Cryingand they said the dinner will be at a modest prize. I will not pay $126, even it is a Christmas party.


  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Hello, hoping this will post, just checking in to see how Linny's Mom made it out of the surgery.

    Earlier this week, right after Janie said her husband's computer fried, my computer suddenly took a weird turn, also.    Nothing would load right, yet the emails came in, twice, every email came in two times.......had to delete like crazy, and then it did it again, the ones deleted came back in, twice.    Very odd, drove me nuts, and that's a short drive already.

    Our living room tv broke Tuesday night, right in the middle of a funny show.    Couldn't replace it with the tiny bedroom tv, no video, only audio, and dh tried everything to get it to work.   Had to drive down to SAcramento to regular doctor appt., bought a new tv on the way back on Wednesday.   But, our tv guy is the only guy in the whole county who does tv stuff, and he is so busy, he can't hook us up until tomorrow evening.    So poor dh is sitting in the kitchen with a tiny monitor trying to watch tv, had to move the exercise bike into the kitchen, leaving no room for anyone else, lol.     Annoying as heck!

    I will get back tomorrow, dh just woke up from his nap, and needs food, those shots make him sick for 4 days is the reason.

    Take care, friends.


  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Doris, we had the same problem with our computer.,before it died, the same e-mails came a few times. Sorry for all your brake-downs .This is what usually happens. I hope your computer can be repaired. It is terrible,but they only hold up a short time. I grew up in an area,where everything could be repaired and nothing was thrown away.

    Slow,slow BB tonight. It took forever to come on.

    I am exhausted. We looked at 451 wedding pictures here on the computer tonight. We choose all the pictures we want to have in our album. DD had already lots of pictures,but those are all of them.

    I wonder,how Linny's Mom is.

    Good night,Renate

  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Good morning! May I? Coffee I'll start the coffee while the music warms up for the Happy Dance!

    Nice to see everyone checking in - and I know we're all anxious to hear something from Linny- hopefully with good news about her Mom...

    Patrice- inventor of the Happy Dance- I hope things are looking better this week for you than they did last week...

    Very cold here- and I'm going to hunker down in front of our nice heater-I waited up for Steve to get home from his trip to NYC yesterday- and he rolled in at 2:15 AM...I do need a bit more seep than the 2 1/2 hours I got..Sleep

    Waving  and sending hugs to you all-

    Back in a while..



  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Good morning to all.  TGIF.  I mean that with my entire being.  TGIF.  Not only am I doing our usual happy dance, I am skipping, jumping, twirling, rolling, running, zooming, galloping and hopping.  Like I said.  TGIF.


    It was a hard week at school.  I missed Monday due to the colonoscopy, and the rest of the week just seemed out of rhythm for me.  One of the biggest obstacles was doing our standardized tests.  I cannot wait to get back to the regular routine. 


    Dave is playing poker tonight with friends, so I am going to work a bit late, head to the gym and then do my weekly grocery shopping.  That will mean that Saturday will be my fun day.  Big Smile  I'm going to do some Christmas shopping and have lunch with my sister-in-law and niece. 


    Hoping we hear some news from Linny soon. 


    Keep your chins up everyone.  With illness and broken sutff around the house, it's easy to feel a bit down.  Know that you are loved!!


    Have a great day.


    "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18


    Connie- did you get the cartoon I sent via email? It's a hoot- very appropriate for standardized test week! Thanks for your upbeat cheerleading for us all...hope you get back "in sync" this weekend!

    Doris- so good to see you, but of course, I can't remember what you wrote- hate not being able to easily peek back...hate to leave here or I might not get back!

    Renate- hope your $$$ dinner was fun..Wink

    Back with a better catch up ( she said, hoping) a bit later...


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    Good Morning Friends, Hoping and praying for Linny's mom and a successful surgery with chema follow up.

    Myron brother had to leave Wednesday 3 days earlier than planned, their sister Pat had emergency surgery last night for a bowl obstruction. They throught it was the flu because of her vomiting and high fever, I quess it would look like the flu.

    I just spoke too my SIL and being a nurse may go up to help out, My MIL has a problem with the men in the family changing her but we are concerned of skin break down because she say's she is dry when infact she is soaking wet.

    My Life Screening went okay and was all done in 50 minutes, Blood test were okay but won't get the other results for 21 days.

    Off to take Jenna's other grandma for therapy as they snuck this appointment in at the last minute.

    Hugs to all, will try to get back later this evening.




  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    Hi everybody ~


    Well, I didn't have time to get back here yesterday.  By the time I got home from shopping & got dinner ready... made Alfredo sauce (jarred), peas, & bacon over top of penne, it was time to go to the cookie demo at school.  It was fun.  One of the things she did was make cake pops.  I'll have to do that when Ethan & Olivia are here.  They are so cute.  We had a good time.  They charge $1.75 at the bakery for them!  If you are decorating, though, I can understand because they do take a while.


    Carol, did you get Bev's computer working?  She certainly has a couple of really good friends in you & Roger.  Her daughter doesn't do anything because, I'm sure, she depends on you.  Closet cleaning????  Oh my.  All I did was switch summer to winter... no cleaning involved.  I didn't say it didn't need it.  It just got switched is all!  Big Smile


    Renate it sounds like your friends don't get together unless you're with them.  Isn't that nice that people think so much of you that they don't care about getting together unless you're there.  Sorry that the restrauant wasn't up to par.  There's no way I would pay that much money to go out to dinner either.  There are alot of other lovely places to go without spending that kind of money.  That's just nuts!


    Doris, it never rains, but what it pours, does it?  I hope you will be able to get your computer & TV troubles taken care of soon.  Figures it would happen at this time of the year, though, doesn't it?  I hope your DH is feeling better tonight after getting some good food.


    It was cold here this am too, Margaret & now, after a beautiful pink sunset, it's going back down again.  Sure glad I have that down comforter on my bed.  I sure hope you were able to get that nap in today.  I wouldn't be able to function on 2 1/2 hours either.  Did you hear anything from Linny?  I've been thinking about her & her mom all day.


    Well, well, well, Connie.  Are you sure you are ready for the Happy Dance????  hehehe  I'm glad that all that testing junk is behind you.  What a pain.  Sounds like you have a beautiful Saturday planned.  I was going to try & get my grocery shopping done this afternoon too, but I didn't get home from lunch until late, so all I did was get my list together.  I'll do it first thing in the morning.


    Ann, I'm sorry to hear about the sickness in Myron's family.  Boy, if it isn't one thing, it's something else.  I was always worried about my mom too with the wetness, but once I started having her use pads during the day & Depends at night, we didn't have a problem.  She wasn't crazy about wearing them, but I told her I didn't want her to smell and that's all it took!  What a godsend those products are for the elderly.  Hope your tests all come back fine. 


    I had a lovely lunch with my neighborhood group.  Most had baked fish, but one other friend and I had a grilled chicken salad that was to die for.  We brought half of it home, there was so much.  So tonight, I'll put some soup on for Joe & make some toasted cheese sandwiches for us.  I'll have the rest of my salad.  We had such a good time.  I'm with Connie... I can't tell you how glad I am that today is Friday.  Talk with you all tomorrow.  Have a relaxing evening everyone.



  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    We did not go to the party yesterday. I idi not feel to drive over an hour. The expensive one is not until the middle of December,but on the same day, we have an invitation to a private potluck party. In case DD will be here,of course we are not going.

    Barb,thanks for your nice words about my co-workers are not getting together without me.====Did you read my comment about the Maple cookies.? You had a recipe you liked,before Janie posted another link about a new Maple cookie recipe yesterday? Did you get the recipe for the grilled chicken salad,which was so good?

    Our dinner at lunch time was Hot German potato salad ( only a little tiny portion) ,Hungarian Bratwurst and Parsley carrots, Red Bean salad and Baked apples. For sure not your Low Carb lunch,but we will find low carb things for dinner. Devil


  • Re: Daily Low Carb Chat Week of Nov. 12-18

    I tried this recipe last year and I liked it very much:

     Pear Honey Cranberry Sauce

    "Refreshingly sweet, tart and tangy - this recipe is incredibly easy and it's a great change of pace from the usual boring cranberry sauce. The flavor of the cranberries mingles wonderfully with the pear, honey and lemon. It freezes well too!"

    PREP TIME      15 Min
    COOK TIME      15 Min
    READY IN      30 Min

    1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup white sugar
    2 pears - peeled, cored and diced
    1 (12 ounce) package fresh or frozen cranberries
    1 cup honey
    1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

    In a medium saucepan, stir together the water and sugar over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil. Stir in pears, and reduce heat to medium. Cook, stirring frequently for 3 minutes, then stir in cranberries and honey. Continue to cook until cranberries pop and the mixture thickens slightly, about 5 minutes.
    Remove from heat and stir in the lemon juice and lemon zest. Cool to room temperature, then store covered in the refrigerator for up to one week.