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FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

Last post Nov 16, 2012 1:37 PM by helen2323 . 6 replies.

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  • FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

    Good morning friends.


    Been in and out all day yesterday so I'll catch up later.


    Take out for tonight.




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  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

    Good Friday morning to you everyone.Big Smile

    Jan is going to grab Chinese take out tonight because I need to go to Michael’s with my coupon in hand and find what I need to make my “2012 Nana Ornaments” for the grandkids. Have not done a real girly one since the boys came along but now it is time!  I usually try to make the same thing for everyone so I can just do an assembly line, but this year thanks to the internet (Pinterest)Yes I think for the girls it will be cute little cupcake ones I saw on Pinterest and for the boys possibly little airplanes made from clothespins or else wooden soldiers made from clothes pegs that I saw there as well…and if that fails I saw a cute little reindeer fingerprint one the boys can help me with for them.  We shall see?  Boy the time is flying by fast…too fast.

    Nancy my dear, I sincerely hope you are having a better day today than yesterday. I can just imagine 3-4 little ones under 5 on something reminiscent of a sugar high! Oh my that is head turning kind of scary…sending hugs dear friend (((Nancy)))! I heard on the radio that some people in Jersey still do not have power! That is not good at all! I hope everyone in NJ and NY know that you all have been in the nations heart and prayers since that demon Frankenstorm Sandy hit. Such devastation! So very incomprehensible to most people in this country!!!

    Have a lovely and blessed Friday sweet friends.

    PS: thanks for not minding my rambling post yesterday. Sometimes a girl just has to ramble to her What’s Cookin’ friends when she has no one else to ramble too! Wink Bless you all!



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  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

    TGIF friends!  May it be a good one for you!

    Nothing new or exciting here. 

    Jan, be sure to post some pictures of your Nana Ornaments that you make.  I really have enjoyed the ones you posted in the past.  What a nice keepsake for your grandchildren! 

    Thinking tonight dinner will be a chicken breast sandwich and homemade french fries.


  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

    Happy Friday!  It's another cold start to the day in this corner of the US.  Before DH left for his hunting vacation, he put up the bird feeder.  Already the chickadees, Downy woodpeckers, and nut hatches have found it.  I love watching them.  I young squirrel was blasting me furiously when I went out yesterday.  He was sitting on the branch on top of the feeder; he couldn't get to it because of the baffle.  Man, he was looking right at mad that he couldn't get a free lunch!  Won't be long before the eagles return to the Merrimack for the winter, and we'll be trekking down to Newburyport to see them!

    Nothing on the agenda right now.  Buck's chili with fixings is on the menu tonight.  Hope everyone has a great day!


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  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012

    Good morning friends! It's a chilly one here too, but not as bad as many. I'm looking forward to milder winters now that we're back in SC.


    LOL at your angry squirrel, Ann -- I haven't replaced all the bird feeders that our home's previous owner had on the back deck so I'm getting some of those dirty looks too!


    Cali, I'm glad you all got a nice long sleep. I can tell that there is a lot going on for you to keep up with, with your DH and your DS -- hope you are able to take care of yourself too. Stress and grief are exhausting. Praying for you this morning.


    Chinese sounds good,Jan. We haven't had that in a while. DH & I are thinking about going out this weekend, maybe to see the new James Bond movie, so maybe we'll find a Chinese place here and make it dinner & a movie.


    Nancy, I know you are staying busy. How are things going for you post-Sandy?


    Mmmm, homemade french fries. Sounds good, Lori.


    I made a pot of chili last night and it really hit the spot. I had a couple cans of fire-roasted tomatoes so I used those and it added a wonderful smoky flavor. Will definitely do that again! Tonight, not sure. I think I have enough Papa Johns points for a free pizza so that may be on the menu this evening. Pretty easy --


    I need to go run some errands and then keep working here at the house. Will check in later -- Happy Friday, everybody!


    ETA: Tammy, I meant to say earlier, congratulations to DH on having his pictures selected for the calendar! That's really great --

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    Hi !

    Just a real quick hello, check out time is 11, so we have got to get going. We are driving to a place near Johnson City. I think DH said we'd drive about 3 hours today.

    Not sure of dinner but it will involve potatoes! I found a handful of them in the pantry that I had forgotten about-besides the 3lbs or so in the other bag. The big bag is the one I'm keeping to make mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

    Have a nice day!


  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 11/16/2012


    DD and Hubby have gone off to the movies.  Meanwhile, I had a luxurious, unhurried stroll through Trader Joe's.  Enjoyed myself immensely and came home with a bunch of goodies.  Also took some time at Fresh Market, so it sure was a fun couple of hours for a grocery store aficionado

    We'll have a cold chicken plate for dinner.  Not sure whether they will have filled up on popcorn, or not.  Movie  Hugs to all.