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Good Morning My BB Friends

Last post Dec 27, 2012 8:04 PM by plumcrazy__Alta . 18 replies.

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    So glad they got your furnace working again and you can heat up the house!  Start up your oven and stay in there till it gets warmer - I'm sure you must have plenty of left-overs from all the goodies you all had over the past couple of days!  Soup would be good too, I'm fixing some Anasazi beans today - finally feel like eating again after that crud I had last week and this week!!  

    It's cold here too and they're mentioning another storm coming but I'm ignoring it for now!  

    Oops, phone and doorbell - BBL



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    Greetings friends!

    Heidi~~Glad to hear your DH got a flight to SF.  It is crystal clear today so he should not have any trouble with his drive..I think Nevada City may have a little snow, but nothing like the Sierras.  They got 9-12 feet of new snow....My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Today DH is actually going to get his hair cut.....He's been too weak to venture out....He doesn't get sick often but when he does.....look out.

    Linda ande Heidi~~I hope you both get to feeling better soon...Just knowing what DH has been through, I don't envy you.....Take it easy and rest up.......Drink Liquids too!!!     Now I sound like "MOM"...

    Depo~~Glad to hear you have heat....Makes you really appreciate it huh??

    Karen~~Enjoy your day in the Everglades...They are something to see....Enjoy your cruise too.....

    To those in the "cold" country..Keep warm I'll be thinking of you...


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    Depo - glad to hear you got HEAT.


    Warm but a cool breeze here.  Not doing much.  Made a rhubarb pie for pot luck supper so I don't have to put on the thinking cap of what to fix.


    Heidi - take care and get well.



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    Good night we had a great day again today. Just got back from a local pub for dinner and drinks Big day tomorrow. We are having a great time with the kids. Dennis glad u got ur heater working. Being cold bites. Heidi. My heart goes out to you dh. Been there and it is nothing I want anybody to do. Will check in tomorrow nite then done til we get home on the 4 th Katen
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