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* * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05

Last post Aug 08, 2005 10:11 PM by LisaFaye . 10 replies.

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  • * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Thank you for coming into our little corner of the world...the Physically Challenged Homemakers' Kitchen.

    We may not do things just exactly like everyone else does, but that is part of what makes us uniquely special and fun. :D

    We are here to help each other and anyone who drops in have a better day, share a good recipe, and maybe a handy tip or two.
    Most of all we are just here for each other cheering each other on as we go thru life!

    So sit down and visit...grab a cup of your favorite drink and a cookie or muffin or piece of fruit, and have a nice day with these wonderful friends that come by!
  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Good morning everyone...how was your weekend??
    I hope you all felt well and had some fun and got in a good nap and a good night's sleep! :D
    Barring that, I, at least, hope that you were not in pain or ill health, too terribly bad.

    I have just been summomed by HRH so I must bow to her wishes...LOL.
    I'll BB in a bit...:D
  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    In case you miss my thread...yes I did a recipe thread...LOL! I'll post it here. This is the best way to cook corn on the cob. Prolly everyone already knew this but me---I'm a lil slow, but I generally do get there eventually. :D

    You'll never boil that corn again and heat up that kitchen, once you have tried this.
    Nor will you add calories with butter or raise your blood pressure with salt. I promise!
    This is the BEST "recipe" I have EVER used-barr none-for corn on the cob.

    I had fresh from the organic farmers mixed white and yellow corn, I think they call it peach. And it was just TOO hot to cook inside as my AC is in its death throes. So out to the grill I went.
    I didn't have a recipe so I had to wing it and as my colestorol is acting up and DH's BP is acting up, butter and salt were out the window, so I decided to just go "naked"...LOL.
    I wrapped the corn, each in a sheet of aluminum foil, and roasted, turning several times for less than 15 minutes.
    Oh man! That was the best corn I have ever put in my mouth! I will never cook it another way and will never add butter or salt again.
    Umm-umm. Now why didn't I think of that before???

    I also do a great asparagus...well, actually, I can't take credit for this, my Son-in-Law did this 1st.
    Cook the asparagus for about 10-15 min, depeding on size, in a grill pan. When it is still crisp but done, add a small amount of butter and toss around coating the asparagus and letting the flames toast it, add just a bit of garlic powder and sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Yum!

  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Good morning, I have been sick all night about 9 last night it hit and throwing up and just fell bad and I was going to go see Mac early this morning but had to call to let him know that it will be tomorrow. the nurse said he was doing good. I am wondering if something I ate at the church dinner was what caused this as I was not feelin good earler. all food was good but I did eat more then I should have so today guess I pay for that. or maybe a bug got me.anyway I have felt worse just dot remember when lolI am going beack to bed and I know when I get up I will feel great(I can hope can't I ?) hope every one here is ok today . I will try to check back later on.. take care and do stay safe out there
    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal Love leaves precious Memories no one can steal God Bless our Troops and emergency workers.
  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Oh, Ruth, I am sorry that you don't feel well..I can really sympathize as we had that awful summer bug that we passed around all last week and the week before. Remember on the up side that I DID lose 8 lbs. LOL..and ate lots of cookies doing it. It was all I could even THINK about eating and not get queasy.

    Hey Jen. Hope you have a good nap.

    I have another AC man coming any minute...hopefully he won't need quite so much of us as the other man seems to think he does..."fingers crossed"..... LOL.
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    Good morning/afternoon everyone, well back from the doctor and he says I am going to live, just barely. LOL.J/K, I have to try to laugh about it don't I? Lets see, going onto a new type of Insulin for me, water pills cause even he cringed when he felt the tightness in my feet and legs, ummm, had an EKG, again, I always thought u had to have a heart to have one of those. Lets see, stress test for this Thurs., stress, can someone refresh my mind as to what that is? Cholesterol up up, I am taking myself off of hormone replacement and see it I can be a nice witch without it. LOL. Well that is the light hearted brunt of my doctors appt. I think in the long run DH would be better off junking this model and getting a new one, might be cheaper, then maybe not. Will peek in again later, got me a little headache to try to nap off I think, gonna cruise a bit and see what is being posted. Ruth I do hope you get to feeling better, that throwing up is not fun lady and the heat does not help you either. I hear it is hot in Mo way. Take care, Connie
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    Hi all... I have been up all night being sick, cramps, now the trots so I guess the 'bad' or 'off' sausages I ate to save my SIL feelings are just about out of my system. I lost weight too! Just overnight. I have cooking to do today but I'm not up to eating yet. Probably Ruth something was off at your event too in the heat. I think SIL probably brought the sausages home in the trunk of the car instead of inside in the a/c..

    Connie--wow, what a workup. At least you will know. STRESS is that feeling that you will not recognize until you finally are OUT of it! Which doesn't sound like too soon to me.

    Keep your spirits up Jen!

    Lisa, is HRH over her bug yet? Thanks for the recipes--I bought a grill pan but haven't used it yet.

    I had wrapped up some extra Grilled Pizza Sandwiches in saran, so M was able to cook his own dinner last night. He has two ill friends so I am making a pot of my Get Well Soup for them. Here's my 'recipe"..

    Penny's Get Well Soup
    Make homemade chicken noodle soup but stir in some finely minced (processor) chicken (I use the canned chicken breast from Costco) and several well beaten eggs--stir constantly..

    See you later..

  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Hope everyone feels better soon! Seems as if the bug is invading the kitchen!! I don't want it back either!

    Connie - wasn't ignoring you the other day .... really! I use eye drops called Soothe, just an OTC that my doc recommended, What a pain it is tho - you're literally blind for about 5 minutes after you use it. Glad you're going to live! "Barely" is the term my doc uses too! LOL

    Lisa - Alas, we don't have a grill. Nuking corn on the cob is the best we can do! LOL Hope the a/c people are nice to you!

    JK - sorry you don't feel well. I'll try to get your emails answered soon!

    Ruth - get better soon. Rest and don't let this heat get to you!

    Penny - you too? Hope you can kick the yucks soon!

    Got to get, eyes have done gone wonky again .... hope everyone has a great day and enjoys naptime!


  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Oh dear..the AC man just left and THIS guy does want our 1st born, our blood, Wayne's lil red pick-em-up-truck AND our 1st grandchild. :(

    Penny that gazebo in the North Woods sounds better and better all the time....you don't think they'd EAT HRH Kelena, do you???
  • RE: * * * PCH Kitchen .....Monday ......8-8-05
    Penny..I was referring to the bears in those woods possibly getting HRH...LOL.

    Well..I am calling it a day. I hope everyone sleeps well and feels better tomorrow.