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justin wilson recipes

Last post Aug 27, 2005 5:34 PM by Fez1_NC . 6 replies.

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  • justin wilson recipes
    has anyone ever watched justin wilson the cajun
    isn't he so funny and was a good cook..i know he passed away about 3-4 years ago but i grew up hearing him on television and my dad actually had the pleasure of knowing him....if anyone happens to have some of his recipes i know that i wouldn't be the only one to appreciate them...thanks
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    nana,go to the left of this page. you will see bullitin board search.Type in "justin wilson'then hit go.
    You are not alone


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    nannabanna try his website;


    Have fun. How you all are??

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    thank you all so much...i am a happy camper i don't know why i didn't think of doing that in the first place it only proves that everybody needs friends...love you guys,,thanks
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    I am going to check this website out to. I loved watching him and I would dearly love to find one of his cookbooks. I have wanted one for years. I guess I should check that out on E-bay, I never go there but maybe one would be on there.
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    I have a cookbook of some of Justin Wilson's recipes they include:
    how to make a roux
    Oyster Pate', Calf liver Pate', Hot Crab Dip a la Gloria,
    Leftover Meat Spred or Salad,
    Mushrooms sauteed in bacon drippings,

    Salads and Sauces:
    Leftover Fish Salad, Leftover French Fried Potato Salad, Potato Salad with out Potatoes a la Mrs. Vol Dooley,
    Boiled Asparagus for Salad, Broccoli and Artichoke Heart Salad, Elbow Macaroni Salad, Egg Salad and crushed crackers, 4,or5, or 6, or More Bean Salad, Justin's Salad Dressing, Sauce a la Jeannine, Remoulade Sauce

    Soups and Gumbos
    Seafood Soup, Squirrel and Rabbit Gumbo, Smoked Turkey Gumbo, Smoked Goose or Duck Gumbo, White Bean and Shrimp Gumbo a la Jeannine,Seafood Gumbo, Guinea Gumbo, Red Bean Gumbo, Oyster and Noodle Soup, Crawfish Chili, Oyster Chowder with Turnips

    Crackin Corn Bread, Cheese Toast, Justin's Garlic Bread, Corn Bread, Whole Wheat Biscuits au Justin, Cajunized Mexican Corn Bread

    I have more on, casseroles, meats, seafood, fowl and eggs, game, In a Bag, Vegetables, Smoker Cooker, Desserts. Let me know what interests you, and I will send the recipes out as soon as I can. I GAR UN TEE!
    LOL Gail
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