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Anyone use Key Home Gourmet recipe software?

Last post Dec 16, 2010 3:38 PM by F105PLT . 3 replies.

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  • Anyone use Key Home Gourmet recipe software?
    My Mom has used this for several years and has over 500 recipes in it. She likes the software but wishes it was more user-friendly when it comes to sharing recipes. She is not able to email or copy and paste recipes when someone wants one. She has to retype it, which is a hassle. If she were to get another software, like Mastercook, how could she import her many recipes without having to retype them? Any information will be appreciated.
  • RE: Anyone use Key Home Gourmet recipe software?
    You can easily copy recipes from Mastercook and email or export them. I currently run a bunch of Yahoo groups and have shared oh around 20,000 recipes by email lol! I have all the TOH, QC, Cooking for 2 (and working on L&T) and other recipes in MC.

    I am not familiar with Key Gourmet. She would have to be able to either export the recipes to a text format or to display them and save them as a web page in order to be able to do any import into Mastercook.

    Can she print the recipes out from the Key program? If so and if she is willing to buy MC (version 8 or 9), pay postage and can wait a while, write me at and I may be able to help out. I type about 23048120348 words a minute.

    Example of MC recipe copied straight from display screen, including internet address since I imported it directly from the BB (Edit->Copy recipe):

    * Exported from MasterCook *

    Southern Buttermilk Pie

    Recipe By :
    Serving Size : 0 Preparation Time :0:00
    Categories :

    Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    -------- ------------ --------------------------------
    2 deep dish frozen pie crusts -- thawed
    1 1/2 sticks butter or margarine -- softened
    2 1/4 cups sugar
    6 tablespoons all purpose flour
    3 eggs
    1 1/2 cups buttermilk
    1 tablespoon lemon extract

    Cream butter and sugar by hand (otherwise it will have a different consistency). Add flour and eggs. Add buttermilk and extract. Mix well and pour into two pie shells. Bake at 350º for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

    S(Internet Address): ""
  • Re: Anyone use Key Home Gourmet recipe software?
    I have Key Gourmet for Windows (1994 Softkey International) I can no longer get the disc to install on my new computer Windows 7. I got it to install on my husbands. If I purchase the "MasterCook" will I be able to move those recipes from his computer onto Mastercook then a flashdrive to my computer?
  • Re: Anyone use Key Home Gourmet recipe software?

    I use Key Home Gourmet and I am able to Copy-and-Paste recipes into emails, word processors, and other such things.  Open a recipe and then, on the recipe, click on "Full View". Once you have the Full View go to the top of the screen and click on EDIT and then on COPY RECIPE.  You will now have your recipe on the Clip Board so you can paste on what ever page you have open.