For those of you reading the New Year's Traditions thread, I had mentioned this unique German food from my area. Several people wanted to know what it was.

This is what my aunt, who used to work at Alewel's, told me: Raw Hack is "seamed" round steak (no fat, no gristle, just excellent quality meat) that has been FINELY ground. Add to it FINELY ground/chopped onions and celery, and then an egg (well beaten), salt and pepper to taste. When they are done making it and combining ingredients, it is put through a meat grinder once more. It is served RAW with crackers, like a cheese spread or something.

My aunt said that Mr. Hugo Alewel used to use meat cleavers to chop the meat finely. She said he would work for HOURS getting it fine enough. However, as the demand for the product increased, his sons discovered that if they used a meat grinder on a fine setting, they could get the same results with less time spent on making the product. Therefore, they switched to the meat grinder rather than meat cleavers.

Alewel's moved several years ago from Concordia and is now located in Warrensburg, MO. I don't know how much demand they have for this product anymore, but you could contact the store for more information at 660-747-8261. In this area we pronounce the name All-well.

Hope this helps.

Gusher Town Girl