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Theme ideas for potlucks

Last post Mar 08, 2006 11:05 AM by Dawnzhere . 17 replies.

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  • Theme ideas for potlucks
    We have a monthly potluck lunch where I work and normally I'm the one in charge of getting the thing started, people signed up for dishes, etc.

    I am SO bored with my old ideas. I've done this for years and it seems we keep repeating the same old ones....

    Hot Dogs
    Tacos and Taco Salad
    Superbowl Party (for the January theme)

    Anybody have some new ideas for me??
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    Hi Dawn~

    You could do

    Appetizers Only~A Little Dab'll Do Ya!

    Keep the Vampires Away~A Garlic Lovers Dream Lunch!

    For April Fool's or in April~CopyCat Recipes

    A Tour of The Mediterrean~Greek, Spanish and Italian Recipes

    Soul Food~A Taste of Real Home Cookin'

    A Taste of The South

    Just some ideas~Sometimes you can just rename it something catchy and it'll sound more fun :)


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    Dawn, go to and find a show called Party Starters. Click on "view all episodes". That might give some theme ideas and what foods to go with it.


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  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    i used to cook at a moose lodge and would be in charge of what they called family foods nite on wed. would have to cook for 80 ppl or so every week. one of our best turn outs was for b-fast food.
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    What about several types of soups with rolls. You could have 4-5 different types.
    Also salads are always great. Have everyone bring a salad. I also like the idea of appetizers.

    One time I did an Italian theme. I had different people bring noodles. There were 3 kinds, spaghetti, tortelini, and corkscrew. Then I had people bring 3 kinds of sauces. Spahetti sauce, alfredo sauce and clam sauce. People also brought different toppings- like fresh grated parmesan cheese, chopped fresh tomatoes, fresh basil. We also did garlic bread and Italian sausages.
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    Soup and sandwiches
    Brunch items.
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    You could do an Irish lunch for St. Patrick's Day, a German lunch for an October luncheon, a Hawaiian luau for a summer lunch, etc. These work out well. Let th estaff 'dress' for the event and make little awards for most authentic costume, authentic dish, etc. This could be lots of fun! Trish
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    Picnic lunch day, little sandwiches, maybe sloppy joes one day?
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    We try to do a potluck every month w/my family.

    Some that we have had:

    Tailgate Party
    Christmas in July
    Salad Bar

    Some that we are thinking of:

    Dishes w/names of states/cities in them
    Pick a letter & make a dish starting w/that letter

    Some more, but I can't remember now.

    Good luck
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    We had a chili/soup contest today at work, and people who didn't want to enter, brought salads and desserts. It turned out really nice. We had fun voting, and the top 3, received a soup ladel. Everyone enjoyed it.
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    I like the monthly theme idea..
    St. Pats
    Kentucky derby or Mothers day or Memorial day etc
    Graduation or fathers day
    4th of July Or a pool theme etc etc

    or maybe some months by "event"
    March is the Oscars
    May is kentucky derby
    June , maybe a Nascar race
    July the ALlStar game etc etc

    a food theme for the month...
    Asparagus dishes in April, corn In july etc etc or maybe even mix up the Holidays sometimes do Christmas in July and a luau in Dec!
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    How about green food for St. Pat's day? Green rice, salad's, jello, lime pie, entres on a bed of greens, etc.
  • RE: Theme ideas for potlucks
    My brain is still working. How about green pastas, made from spinach flour? OK, ok, I'm going, I'm going!
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    My family and I try to do potlucks at least once a month. Next weekend I'm doing a brunch potluck. Gonna be mostly breakfast things tho. I'm making overnight french toast. I don't know what others are bringing. One time we did brown bag lunches. Everyone made their favorite lunch (sandwich) which included snack and beveridge. Then we put the bags on the table and everyone had to pick one(not their own). We sure got some funny combos. We've had soup, appys, dessert, italian, Christmas in July(including regifted gifts, LOL). If I think of more I'll let you know. Have fun with it. We are going to do one that the hubby's must make the food, hmmm that sounds dangerous huh?
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    How about "If I were a Child Again?" and just do fun foods or things people remember loving in their childhood?

    Also, how about "time" inspired food, such as food that was popular in the 50's, as well as "travel" food, food that is eaten in other parts of the US or the world.

    Happy cooking!

    Amy P from TN