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Ideas for Town Celebration?

Last post Apr 13, 2006 5:39 PM by wagonhound . 21 replies.

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  • Ideas for Town Celebration?
    Our town is planning a big celebration in June. We are looking for ideas for games/activities for both children and adults. It will be held outside at our city park. Has anyone got some good suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!

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    One of the most fun times we ever had at a town celebration was the 4th of July in Homer Alaska. The events were simple, low key, old fashioned and really really fun.
    A pie eating hands.
    Mud volleyball for the teens and twenty somethings.
    A parade with not one politician. At the end of the parade they had kids leading all the animals from the animal shelter and each one had a sign that said, 'adopt me". Then they had running races. The prizes were amazing. Third place a nickle, Second place a dime, First place a quarter. They ran in age groups, and gender groups, and the overall winner got a dollar. Apparently it was the honor of being the fastest person in town that was important. A woman in her thirties won. They also had the old sack race, marshmallow race, and such and everyone participated. We had a blast just watching.
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    Jenni....our town's celebration is called "Lilac Days" since we are famous for lilacs or at least we were "eons" ago. We don't seem to have as many of them left in town as we used to have years ago.

    We'd like to have lots of games/activities planned for people to do in the park before, during and after the big picnic that is planned.

    Thanks for any ideas, everyone!

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    For the kids how about hiring people to do face painting. Have temp tattoos. Rent one of those bouncy things for the day.

    If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

    Nancy :-)

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    I would suggest teaming up adults against kids in a scavenger hunt. It is always a good time when you put kids against adults.
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    I live in a very small town and we have a huge July 4th celebration. It is centered around a tractor-pull and of course, fire works at night. The streets are closed the entire day and the firestation serves grilled pork sandwich lunch, the church, a block away has pie and ice cream. The children of the town have gotten into the act and they sell everything from lemon shake-ups to the light-up rings at night. We have a band and a street dance beginning at 6:00 p.m. It didn't start this large, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger with more things going on. We have the face painting, dunk tank, baseball games, a person comes with those long balloons and makes animals, etc. Does your town have any clubs, like Red Hat, Legionnaires, etc. They could possibly do a parade. A talent show can be great. We have had pet parades, I'm thinking. . . Good luck!

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    sack races.
    relay races..
    balloon toss.
    egg toss.
    watermellon seed spit.
    contest for kids to make "people" from vegetables and fruit and skewers.
    have craft booths.
    food booths.
    food competition with whats famous around your area.
    balloon animals.
    try to get in the worlds record book by doing or making something huge.
    spin art.
    sand castle contest.
    Hold a contest for kids before hand to enter a t-shirt design--winner's art gets put on t-shirts with logo for special day.
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    Our town has a little celebration every September. The biggest thing is food. All of the local churches have booths and the food is awesome.

    They always have the following:

    Greased pig contest. (They grease a pig and let the kids try to catch it.) It's hilarious to watch.

    Greased Pole for the adults.

    Cow Patty Bingo - A fenced-in field is marked off in squares and numbered. People can purchase the squares. A cow is put in the fence and the first square he does his business on wins half the money that was collected. The other half goes towards the community funds.

    Pet Show - awards for ugliest, cutest, biggest, smallest, etc.

    Cross dressing fashion contest (Guys dress as women, women dress as men.) The hilarious part is trying to guess who the person is.

    Karoake, Cake walks, Bingo.

    I would suggest that the town arrange for plenty of seating and garbage cans. Most people like to sit and visit with people they haven't seen in a while.

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    All these ideas seem like so much fun!

    We have a street dance in the summer like someone else mentioned and actually it goes for a whole weekend, with different bands, vendors, craft sales, bake sales indoors.

    What about a dunking booth for like the town officials: mayor, police chief, principal, superintendent...etc?

    Pet shows are always fun for the kids.

    There could be also different booths set up that you could buy tickets for the kids that are reasonable to do little games like ring tosses, ball tosses, balloon darts etc. There must be vendors out there that do small gatherings because we've had things like that at our company picnics even.

    You could also contact those vendors that rent those big hot air jumping things/slides for the kids. Those are always a big hit.

    I like the pie contests too.

    Have fun planning Renee! What role do you play in the organization of this?
  • RE: Ideas for Town Celebration? far as MY "role" in this, I am on the "planning committee" but I'd better watch out or I'm sure someone would like to see ME on that dunking booth you suggested!

    Thanks to everyone for the great ideas! I'm all ears to even more!


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    A parade!!! Our town did a sidewalk kids parade w/ an American theme. All the kids rode their bicycles/tricycles decorated up w/ red, white & blue crepe paper, tinsel, whatever. They wore Uncle Sam hats, etc. It was so cute. Some were in wagons pulled by their dad with lawn tractors. It was fun. Everyone got a chuckle or 2 out of it. Maybe do a pie eating contest, or some kind of bake off? A local bar/restaurant just had a lasagna cook off & that was a lot of fun. Maybe you could do a "mini Indy" where kids get on their big wheels & race, um...I'm trying to think what we all do at our local picnic. is the link to it..maybe it will give you some ideas...
    Let me know if you have any questions about any of the activities. Town functions can be so fun!
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    Thanks for all the ideas!

    (bumping for the afternoon crowd)
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    Renee, how about you fly me in and let me take care of all of this for you??? I guarantee a good time. Sausage fry, beer drinking contest. Woohoo

    Could you plan some kind of cook off. Chili????

    Anybody there make homemade wine? We have wine tasting contests here.

    Camrose has an event called founders day where people walk main street in period costumes, decorate the stores with bunting, have 25 cent ice cream, lemonade, petting zoo. They also display old machinery etc.
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    beer drinking contest reminded me of "beer tray relay" those are funny to watch!