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~~~ PCHK ~~~June 21,06 ~~~

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  • ~~~ PCHK ~~~June 21,06 ~~~

    Good morning, so good to see you. We hope you'll find the warmth and the friendship here that we have been privileged to enjoy. We have a common bond. We are physically challenged homemakers.

    We share affection for one another through compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for one another and one another's situations.

    We gather here to share information on ways to make our lives easier, to offer support to each other and to share humor and laughter, sometimes tears and always good food.

    There is always room in the kitchen for all who would like to join in...So help yourself to a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or fruit juice. There are always fresh fruit , muffins, coffee cake and cookies....pull up a chair at the old country table and visit awhile.....and remember to tell a friend.

    For our old friends that have not been by for awhile, we hope you will drop in and let us know how you are doing.

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    New Age Grandma

    Grandma's on the net again, the kitchen's not her home.
    She used to make us cherry pies, and call us on the phone.
    She would talk to us for hours; now she leaves us alone.
    We miss her homemade biscuits, and I'll make this little bet,
    If you want to contact Grandma, you'll have to surf the net.

    Grandma's surfing on the net, you bet, she is surfing on the net.
    We've been calling her all morning, and we haven't got her yet.
    She's on the E-mail network, with her electronic friends...
    If you want to talk to Grandma, you'll have to surf the net.

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    New Age Grandma (cont.)

    She's never surfed at Malibu, or caught a wave at Waikiki,
    She's never seen a surfboard: hang ten doesn't mean a thing.
    She's never met a beachbum --Moon Doggie is just a pup.
    But when she heads for her computer, you know the surf is up.

    Grandma's getting older and her eyes are getting dim,
    Her random access memory, is half of what it's been.
    When Grandpa comes to call on her, she'll say I can't go yet.
    He'll have to wait for Grandma, cause she's surfing on the net.

    Grandkids unknown
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    Good Morning BlueRidge_VA & PCH Kitchen! :O)

    «´¨`·.Have A Great Day*.·´¨`»

    ¸..·* ´¨) -:¦:-
    ¸.*·´ GOD.·´ ¨¨))
    ((¸* Bless .·*´ ..·´
    -:¦:-PCH Kitchen (¸¸.·´*
    ·* ´¨-:-* ·* ´¨-:-*

    ¸...¸ __/ /\____ ____
    ,·´º o`·,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
    ```)¨(´´´ | | | | | | | || |
    l±±±± |PCH Kitchen ±±±±1
    ¸,.-·²°´ ¸,.-·~·~·-.,¸ `°²·-. :º°



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    Good Morning Lin,Holly and to all of our PCH Kitchen and guests.

    Do hope that you all slept well last night and woke up rested and fresh as little daiseys. This daisey woke up a little wilted but with a couple of cups of coffee has perked up considerably. *grin*

    Well our flood warnings for our area was not needed unless they ment the humidity. Not one drop of rain here.*sigh*

    Lin that is such a cute poem . My daughter and the grandchildren now call me cyber grandma. *giggle* One of the grandaughters said I know more what is going on with my friends on the internet then her and had to agree....Told her at least I hear from them. Thought that was a well placed dig. *grin*...I just quite calling, got tired of talking to a anwering maching that doesn't talk back.**sigh**

    Today will be clean the master bedroom day. Try to do one room at a time well and then just pick up round the rest of the house. Makes it much easier than trying to do it all at once.

    Wishing you all a good day. Sending prayers for Dee and the rest of our ladies that are in need of them. Do hope that you are feeling better today Ruth and Connie sure hope "bert" is doing well today after the procedure yesterday.

    Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

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    Good morning all! : D

    Nancy, drowning in humidity already?...Ugh...not fun! You be careful so you won't have problems with the breather. *G*
    I am so patiently awaiting pictures of the weekend.....I just know you guys had the BEST time! And what a sweetie Kerry and Connie were to bring you that lovely scarf. Did you say purple? I can't remember...I bet you look so purdy in it...PICTURES. I want pictures. : D

    Holly, I just love seeing your sweet happy cheerful greetings in the mornings. : ) Thank you so much, how do you do these things!?! I really like the "Have a great day one".....

    Cute poem, Lin. It applies to several of us for sure, doesn't it?

    Connie...how is the ole bert today?? : D I hope you are having a take-it-easy day.

    Ruth, hope you are feeling better today. If you feel up to it, why don't you give me a call and we can chat for a minute...but only if you feel up to it. I just want to check up on you and don't want to tire you out more. : )

    Penny, and all, check out this website for the "Alexander's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day" story I was telling you about yesterday, it is really cute.

    Lynn...I waited and waited for chinese delivery last night.....STILL waiting...........!

    Where's TC??

    Deery, I sure hope you warm up today, Nancy and Beth ought to share some of their hot weather with you and you your rain with them.

    Charli finally got rain this morning after 2 days of t'boomers.

    Helen...oh Helen...I wish you'd come out to play! : )

    Marie, is the computer better?

    Oops...space is getting close!
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    Me Again: Seems as if we have two lines going this morning or I am just
    dreaming. I just posted on one with Beth.
    More later.
  • RE: ~~~ PCHK ~~~June 21,06 ~~~
    I screwed up again and opened another door. I somehow missed this opening.
    Went golfing this morning and am now trying to cool off. It was only in the 80's but the humidity was just terrible. Also the mosquitoes were maniacs today. We used spray and it didn't even faze them.
    The only thing going on today is an eat out at a pizza place tonite. I am not fond of the there pizza but love there salad bar.
    Loved the poem today. I agree, I think I know more people in cyberland than I do in person.
    Well off to the shower for me so I can dry off and get into some dry clothes.
    Have a good day all.
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    Tee Hee, see we have swinging doors this morning. **giggle** Well better two than none at all !!!
    Goodness Beth the humidity is trying to top the scales today isn't it. Same here and not a drop of rain. Guess we are getting this from the rain they had near us. Knock on wood we are not bothered with mosquitoes here even though we are very near the lake. Must be the lack of vegetation we keep away from the house. The little bugger do love to live in shrubs.

    Hello Merle, good to see you today. Did you see the post the other night where I was asking if you would like to share your birthday and anniversary with us? We always like to wish all of our ladies a special greeting in the kitchen on their special days.

    Lisa you are so sweet to be waiting patiently for the pictures. **grin** Will try to finish off the roll in the next day or two and get mine developed....Of course Connie we do want to see them before they are shared don't we?...*giggle*

    Just taking a short break, sprayed some good smelly in the bedroom and now need to let it air out. *grin* think it was overdone a mite and now can't breath in there. *sigh*

    Have a good day everyone and will see you on the next break.


    Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

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    Sorry to post and run...had company.Just wanted to share that old poem I found a few years ago.It is a sad tale of the present day family life compared to what we knew back when as kids, gathering at grandma's house for a big carry in meal with so many foods it was hard to know where to begin.Later in the day, playing in the hay mow with all the cousins, trying to catch those kittens hiding in holes in the hay.Some of the boys would drop them down through the holes in the floor to see if they landed on their feet-funny at the time.Another one or two would climb out to the rafters to catch the rope to slide down and the older ones would jump down into the big pile of hay they threw down from the loft.Oh what work we made for Grandpa and our uncles to clean up.Never saw a dead cat either.We always wondered who'd run to the house to tattle.We'd scatter out in the fields to chase cows so we wouldn't get caught out in the barn.Guess I was quite a tomboy daredevil, huh?Oh, to be that young again...
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  • RE: ~~~ PCHK ~~~June 21,06 ~~~
    Just so you don't think I didn't post, I posted on the 'other' thread and I did post a recipe for you there.
  • RE: ~~~ PCHK ~~~June 21,06 ~~~
    Good Morning all,
    I hope I haven't opened to many doors but I couldn't find this one until page 10 today.
    I've been golfing already and am now trying to cool off. It isn't so hot today but so humid. The mosquitoes were just terrible even spray on.
    Our club is having an eat out tonite at a pizza place. I'm not to fond of there pizza but love the salad bar so will go.
    Must head into the shower and get this bug spray smell off of me.
    Talk to you later.
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    RE: PCH Kitchen 6-21-06
    Posted by: blueribbon Posted on: 6/21/2006 10:37:07 AM
    Happy Day to everyone.
    Great news on Connie and Dee-let's hope its a trend in the kitchen.
    Before I forget, here's the recipe I promised - I made it again - its a BIG family favorite here.

    PENNY’S ONION PETALS (like Arby’s)

    Early in the day:
    Mix equal parts beer and flour
    (I use one cup of each)
    plus salt and pepper to your taste
    Let stand at room temperature, stir occasionally.

    While deep fryer fat is heating (375):
    Cut onion(s) into 6 wedges
    (I cut in half, holding half down, make two angles cuts 1/3 apart)
    Separate wedges into ‘petals’

    Dip each petal into batter
    Put all petals into batter bowl and swish around

    Drop petals one at a time into fat
    Don’t crowd
    They will puff up and float

    Cook until brown, drain on paper towels
    (I then sprinkle with salt and pepper)
    Place in warm oven on paper towels until all batches are done.

    I had a magical day yesterday - two of my raccoon mommies brought their babies to try solid food! In the late morning we got three babies, at 1:45 am (yes, am)I got 4 babies. Talk about terminal cuteness - it was pure Disney stuff. The 4 are very tiny, I don't think Mom has enough milk. Usually the new babies don't appear until 2nd week of July. Fortunately, after the 3 in the morning, M rushed out to get mini-marshmallow, grapes and animal crackers. They like soft food at first, just a few crunchy cat chow kibbles. We put out the white baby bath - its a human baby bath - which they all love to play in.

    I'm SO sorry I'm going to be away for a week and miss their early days. I also yesterday had a pair of woodpeckers come to my bird feeder for the first time. What a day - I think it was to make up to me for the horrible day before when I ended up shouting at everyone.

    I'll be back later.
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    RE: PCH Kitchen 6-21-06
    Posted by: Ruth_MO Posted on: 6/21/2006 10:39:35 AM
    Good morning all, I did not realize it was getting so late in the morning but I guess when you sleep till after 9 this is still early,right?. I am feeling some better today and was able to eat a little breakfast, I was feeling dizzy but thought that might be just from not eating much and having been sick for a few days. Well I have not heard yet,did our Lisa and anyone else slip in to be with Mac since I could not be there lol. just not sure who you can trust,(just kidding)not a lot going on here to day, I heard the weather and it will be anywhere from 90 to 95 today I think I will stay indoors, I did sit out side a little yeaterday and got a lot of insect bites so wiill have to becareful of that. hope everyone is doing ok, prayers and hugs for the ones that are not felling good . Hope Dee is still doing better. still waiting for pictures of Connie and Nancy, will try to get back later