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ISO easy homemade substitute for beef consomme.

Last post Jul 20, 2006 1:47 PM by Tink___OH . 1 replies.

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  • ISO easy homemade substitute for beef consomme.
    What is beef consomme anyway? how does it compare to beef broth, just thicker? Could I just thicken beef broth with cornstarch or am I missing some key flavor? My recipe calls for 10.5 oz can beef consomme. Condedsed, Campbells I assume. Thanks for your help!

  • RE: ISO easy homemade substitute for beef consomme.
    I just looked up on the internet and it says to substitute a good beef stock if you have to. (that is what I would do.) But I thought the following was interesting too. Its a clip of a recipe I was looking up.


    So, what's this consume, eh? Some brands of packaged beef broth claim it is a direct substitute, but it isn't. Consomme is correctly a seasoned, reduced, clarified beef broth. You could start by cracking the bones from some roast beef, and simmering and skimming and adding tomato paste and a couple of bay leaves and simmering some more and straining and simmering and skimming but you probably won't. You could start with the boughten beef stock and add a beef boullion cube and maybe a vegetable boullion cube, but you would do well to look for low-sodium broth, as those boullion cubes are pretty much flavored salt. The most likely solution is four cans of Campbell's condensed beef consomme. If you add the full four cans of water you will be a tad over two quarts; you could measure out enough water to make it exact if you want. In any case, adding a scant teaspoon of instant coffee to the liquid will bring out the beefiness, but more than that will make it bitter
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