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ISO: Panda Express Lo Mein

Last post Aug 29, 2006 8:20 PM by sougospel . 3 replies.

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  • ISO: Panda Express Lo Mein
    Was wondering if anyone has a recipe for the Lo Mein Panda Express serves?
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    Bump for help!




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    I love lo Mein...Here is one recipe...Never been to a Panda Express..
    Lo Mein - Shrimp, Chicken, Pork and/or Beef

    4 T. peanut oil
    1 lg. carrot, shredded
    1/2 lb. flank steak, chicken, shrimp, or pork
    2 stalks celery, shredded
    2 slices minced ginger
    1 c. thin sliced cabbage
    1 scallion, minced
    2 t. cornstarch
    1/2 lb. thin spaghetti
    1/2 t. sugar
    1 T. light soy
    1/2 t. salt, opt.
    1 T. light soy

    Cook spaghetti as directed on package, al dente, drain, rinse in cold water, add a few drops oil. and mix to keep from sticking. Set aside.

    Slice steak or other meat*, very thin against grain, in 2" pieces. Mix together steak, ginger, scallion, cornstarch, sugar, 1 T. light soy; set aside to marinate.

    Heat wok to smoking, add 2 T. oil. Stir fry the meat mixture 2 mins. - do not overcook; reserve.

    Add 2 T. oil, heat and stir fry carrots and cabbage 2 mins - add spaghetti and stir well. Cook for a few mins. Add meat mixture, 1 T. light soy and salt. Stir a minute to heat and serve.

    *If using shrimp, depending on size, leave whole or cut up. Shrimp cooks much quicker than meat so be careful pieces aren't too small.
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    Thank you for your help, sounds great!