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***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006

Last post Sep 12, 2006 10:36 PM by CajunGirl_LA . 25 replies.

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  • ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006

    Good morning, so good to see you. We hope you'll find the warmth and the friendship here that we have been privileged to enjoy. We have a common bond. We are physically challenged homemakers.

    We share affection for one another through compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for one another and one another's situations.

    We gather here to share information on ways to make our lives easier, to offer support to each other and to share humor and laughter, sometimes tears and always good food.

    There is always room in the kitchen for all who would like to join in...So help yourself to a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or fruit juice. There is always fresh fruit, muffins, coffee cake and cookies....pull up a chair at the old country table and visit awhile.....and remember to tell a friend.

    For our old friends that have not been by for awhile, we hope you will drop in and let us know how you are doing.

  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Good Morning ladies, I hope everyone wakes to a beautiful day and had a pain free night, or as pain free as possible. Deery that was a beautiful poem you posted as usual yesterday, thank you, I for one miss them. Lisa was being her silly self last night, I read it this morning and was laughing, what a way to start the day, with friends and laughter.*smile* Where is Helen, is she on her way to pick up her boyfriend?*grin* Ohhhh Lisafaye, I am sure your HRH parents just loved you last night sending home a non-decaf child.*giggles* Today I am going through more boxes packed with papers and putting into the filing cabinet where they belong, any helpers? Penny how about you, you know you just love doing paper work and filing right? Just pack yourself right on up and bring it down here girl and we will get you busy right away! Pronto woman!LOL. DH is working on income taxes, ughhhh, we had extra time because he was deployed. Ohhh fun, fun. Today I am going to throw a pork roast in the PC, yep, cooking in my personal computer again aren't I?*grin* And going to cook some green beans and fix some mashed potatoes. What is everyone else's menu agenda today. Will be lurking for a bit with my tea and digging in the paper boxes. Connie
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    Good morning Connie and all who follow.

    I was on here earlier and was going to open the door when all of a sudden we had a thunderstorm with lightning. I shut down and read for awhile.

    I need to go get my hair cut for the highlight of the day. I get so bushy when it is humid outside and it's been about 6 weeks so really need one.

    Our dinner isn't planned yet, we had talked of going out tonight but not sure. No dh yet for the day. He always sleeps til 8.

    Must go find something to eat now, I've been up long enought to get hungry.

  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Good morning Beth, wait for me and I will run to the beauty shop with you, I need a cut and shape badly, hair starting to get on the nerves. LOL. If you would have gotten around just a bit earlier I would have fried you a sausage patty as well and thrown in another slice of bread to toast. Ooops, it was good though, just not enough of it.*grin* Don't blame you for not opening the door with thunderstorms lady, might rain in the PCH room door if it were raining and the door was open right? Dangggg, these boxes are not going away by themselves.Laters..... hugs, Connie
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Good morning everyone! Another grey,drizzely day here. Perfect weather to just curl up and nap to all day. Just got home from eye doc, everything healing up good so pretty soon we'll start working on the cataracts...fun, fun! Dave just called and said he wants either beef or chicken and noodles for dinner so I got to go see what we have. Not going to attempt the store by myself just yet. I feel for you Connie, I have soooo much filing and paperwork to do I just look at it and turn away! Of course the pile just gets bigger and bigger! WEll going to go make a cup of tea and figure out what to make for dinner. Hope everyone has a great day today!

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    Ohhhh, hugs,hugs,hugs d, soooo good to see you girl!! So glad to see you broke out of jail ok!*grin* Good to hear that the eye appt. has gone good, next the cataracts huh?*:( Well if you are *feeling* for me d, just come on and *feel* with those lil fingers and reach for this and that pile of papers!*giggles* Guess I will let you off since you are just recently out of another hospital visit. Well need to take a box out and burn before it maybe starts raining here,*hope,hope* Curl up d and stay well hon, SYAL, Connie
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Good morning all, did get a little better sleep last night,only woke up 3 times that is good for me. I will be going into Rolla this morning, a good friend is having knee surgery this morning and I told her I would go sit with her husband, (hay that is what friends are for right?)
    really her son and daughter-n-law- will be there to. not sure if Rose is going or not have not talked to her yet this morning, sure hope they got through with the pastors house last night. I need to find yesterdays post I missed that last one from Lisa.
    Well Connie have fun doing the paper work I would come help but really I am not good with papers(just sitting with friends husbands, now if you need me for that just yell. lol) I think I had better slip out the door after that one,
    have a great day all. leaving some carmel cake on the plater for ya all this morning
    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal Love leaves precious Memories no one can steal God Bless our Troops and emergency workers.
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    GOOD MORNING in the Kitchen!

    .....*she says all cheerfully hoping to fake it till she makes it* 6 hrs. sleep is just NOT enough and that with 2 sleeping pills. : (
    I also did the middle of the night eating anything that wasn't nailed down thang. *double frowny face*
    : ( : (
    I won't EVEN begin to complain about how I feel today...LOL. OK...I guess I DID begin to complain...but I won't finish. *snicker*
    I made myself get out of bed because I could tell that I was getting a headache and feeling really awful and it would have, oddly enough, just gotten worse, not better, by staying in bed. If I need to take a little nap latter on I will lay on the couch for a bit this afternoon but will NOT go back to bed to wallow in that barrel of the neitherworld of sleep-unconciousness. You know what I mean, the one where you are so tired you just can't wake up from it?
    *whew* Last time I let Wayne get coffee...LOL. Hmmm...maybe that was his point??
    HELEN...get this man under control, I'm tellin you!! : D

    I'm scared to call DD this morning...*giggle*

    Connie, when you get done there, Hon, I have a whole pile of papers just ready to collapse right here beside my desk of recipes I have copied off, mostly.....since you'll still be in that mode and SO good at filing.......I bet Dee would even come and help, course, if it'd been this weekend past it'd have helped being as how it WAS race weekend in Richmond.....
    SOMEDAY Dee and Dave ARE gonna come to my house for race weekend.....I mean it, they ARE!

    Beth, count me in for the beauty shop. :D I can barely see thru my bangs...LOL. I have been wearing my hair in 3 ponies pulled thru each other to look like a french braid.
    You pull the top and front sides in one, then above the band, split it and pull the hair thru it, next grab the middle back into a pony including the top pony, then do the split pull thru. LAst all the same with remaining hair. Well, if you have thick hair like COnnie's you'd prolly have to do quite a few more ponies
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Who me have thick hair? Not no more gals! Lisa why don't you just do the reallllll French braid girl? I do mine sometimes, but I tell ya what, old Arthur does not like me holding my arms up.I use deodorant also pray tell!!*grin* Lisa you are so full of it this morning, you and your NON decaf coffee, pooooor Wayne.......Helen you had better go rescue your boyfriend. Ruth you are one a roll as well this morning, husband sitting indeed! LOL. Can you tell I am really getting paper work done? I truly am going to get this room de-papered today, honest I am. Still waiting for my door bell to ring you know........ Connie
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    LOL...did the hairdo make any sense at all? You pull the ponies back thru themselves. It is really quite cute and can very very elegant and festive if a lil flower or jewel of some sort is placed in the "V" shape made when the pony is turned in on itself. And like I said, just alone, it looks like a french braid but much much easier! :)
    *AHEM*.....anyone notice that I HAVE ENOUGH HAIR TO WEAR IN THREE PONIES????? LOL.

    Why Ruth, you are the most generous soul volunteering to sit with our "D"hubbies for us. I just happen to have one that needs to be sat on...I mean...uh.....uh.....Well...darnit, just read my other post and last night's and you'll know what I mean. Just DON'T drink anything he brings you late at night if you need to sleep!!! *snicker*

    Dee sure is good to see you back in the Kitchen, Girl! : D
    So did you get to see any of the race this weekend? I must say that it was much quieter this time around after the fact than last time, no racing around town and in the neighborhoods from the fans showing their "stuff" at 2:00 in the morning. LOL. What a relief. I love hearing the flyovers beforehand though...man, what a rush I get from hearing and seeing those planes! We are always in the flight plan where we live...I love it!
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Mornin' Connie, Beth, Dee, Ruth, Lisa and the rest of the PCH Kitchen!

    Oh Connie! Want me to help with your filing? I've got a wonderful system ... open a desk drawer and toss the papers into the drawer! On second thought, you prolly don't want me around with my "deal with it later" system!! LOL Take it easy, today!

    Beth - good luck with the haircut! After you go pick up Connie to join, this Nebraska "sheepdog" needs to go with you too and then we can go get Lisa! Doesn't that sound like a wonderful excursion ... Texas to Louisiana to Nebraska to Virginia ... and we'll end up beautiful at the end of the day!
    Anyone else want to join in?

    Miz D! - glad you had a good eye doc appt but that's enuff for the day - you sit and rest!!! (nag nag nag)

    Ruth - you have been entirely too buy lately! You are such a good person to help so many others!

    Lisa - get some sleep today!!! .... Sleep deprived HRH? Uh oh, I'm thinking your DH needs to be the designated babysitter today! LOL

    Deery - wonderful poem yesterday. Just what we needed!!

    Helen - Miz Lisa is talking 'bout her halo .... are you going to polish it for her?

    Nancy - try to get that tooth taken care of today!

    Penny - getting rested up from baby day and all your accounting?

    Where is TC? Merle? Lin?

    Sorry if I missed anyone ... stopped at computer on the way to kitchen for caffeine so brain isn't fully engaged yet ...

    Laters, hugs and prayers!
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Alas Connie...I don't speak French...*giggle*...I also don't have thick enough or long enough hair for a French braid *pout* because I do love them. I also cannot keep my arms raised up long enough to do it. And my hair is so fine, it'd have to be redone everyday because it would just slide right out of the braid. This "do" I can handle because it is fast and easy and I can redo it without any trouble at all if it slides out but really since it is being held in 3 pony holders it lasts longer.

    YOU DON'T HAVE ANY HAIR? Connie, did you cut your hair short? Oh no...you AND Lynn have cut your beautiful hair?
    .....*mourning all that lost hair*
    *Lisa melted into a pile of goo under the desk sobbing over the loss of all that lovely hair in Louisianna, keening into the wind.....Can you hear that mournful sound rustling thru the trees.....It is Lisa's grieving spirit......Throw a kiss her way as she passes.......*
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Good morning Mizzzz Charli, how are ya doing girl?!! Hey, Beth can head to Nebraska first, up over the states to Virginia and then on to Lousisiana, just making a round sweepppp for anyone needing cuts right? Sure sounds good to me! Charli I love your filing system, it has worked for me so well many a times, these boxes were just taking up much needed space though, for other stacks of things right?*grin* No Lisa I haven't cut my hair YET, but it is going to get trimmed by ME if I don't get to the shop soon...... And my hair is fine as well, does not hold the French well unless I have it wet and twisting and pulling to get it in then, ouch, ouch, I have a tender head lately with migraines, so noooo Frenchies for me now. My migraines happen to be in the upper back portion on my head lately, then after the migraines my hair even hurts.LOL. Anyone else have sore hair after a headache, or is it just me? Gotta go and fix me something else to drink, my orange juice this morning ended up to be one of those carry packets of peach tea instead. Nowwww, I want my juice, the Crystal Light kind. Connie
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    Hi Charli :) Come to my house to play?? We'll watch pandas. LOL.
    I won't even ask you to file. (I don't have any drawer space available.....) *snicker*

    Connie, when I have a migraine, I beg people to PULL my hair, honestly. There is a ceratin way, if they slide their fingers thru under the hair and grab it at the roots and gently but firmly tug, that will bring the bloodflow back to the top of the head and, I guess, the brain, that will bring instant relief to me as long as they will do it. Sometimes it will make the headache go completely away if they will be patient enough to pull long enough. But it DOES have to be the right kind of pull.
    When the kids were little and I'd have a migraine, I'd actually PAY them to sit and pull my hair...lol. I'd actually go to sleep because they would do it so long and their little hands were so gentle.
  • RE: ***PCH Kitchen*** .... Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2006
    I finally broke down and took a migraine pill Lisa and think I will quit stressing about this room and taxes.*smile* And I just tried calling Lynn, but she is not answering her cell right now, hope she and Bobby are both doing ok, maybe she will post something soon, hope so. Lisa did or does something just set off your migraines? I have no idea what it is that is making my head hurt so bad, maybe something I have eaten? Caffeine? I have nooooo clue. Stress? If it is stress, well guess I will have to live with it right? I think I will take a nap today or just play at being lazy...... Has anyone heard from TC or how her SIL is doing? Connie