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What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?

Last post Jan 23, 2013 10:28 AM by LambRD . 40 replies.

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  • What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    I just got a new KitchenAid Artisan Mixer for Christmas. What is it good for? Got any favorite recipes?
  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    oh honey. I make cookies, cakes, yeast breads, and even grind deer with my Kitchen Aide Mixer. You can even get an attachement to make pasta with it. Love my Kitchen Aide Mixer.
  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    Yes, I have been told and told how wonderful these things are...but I just don't know where to begin! :o)
  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    My most favorite thing to make with my Kitchenaid stand mixer is pizza dough with the dough hook attachment. I've used several different recipes and the machine does a great job kneading the dough. I have a bread machine too, but for some reason I just find it simpler to throw the hook on the mixer, and pour in the ingredients and let the mixer knead. While the pizza stone is preheating in the oven, I have the mixer bowl (dough in it) covered with plastic wrap rising on top of the oven. Take out the dough, roll it out, top it and you have the best homemade pizza ever.

    There should be bread recipes that came in a recipe booklet with the mixer......I've tried some of those and they are all great!

    I also love the whisk attachment for whipping cream. I just chill the bowl and whisk and throw the cream in and it whips in no time.

    All simple stuff, but made even simpler with a great machine. You're going to love it.

  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    I have been blessed with a Kitchenaid mixer for about 5 years now and the possibilities are endless. It goes through stiff dough like melted butter, you will love it!!!
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    Posted by: plumcrazy__Alta Replies: 4 Posted on: 9/8/2005 10:48:54 AM

    I found a recipe to make whipped cream cheese icing in my kitchen aid mixer and that is the only way to go. So light and creamy

    Let 8oz. (500g) cream cheese and 1 c. margarine sit out to room temp. Put in your KA bowl and beat with the flat beater for 6 minutes at #2 speed. Switch to the steel whip and whip for 10 minutes at #6 speed. Add 2c. icing sugar and mix for 1 minute at #2 then add 1 1/2c. icing sugar and beat another minute. Add 2 tsp. vanilla then beat for 1 minute at highest speed.

    This makes a big batch that keeps in the fridge quite awhile. It will ice 2 9x13 cakes. Very good on cinnamon rolls or quick breads.


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    Subject: Recipe: Deep Dish Brownies (from scratch but only 8 ingredients)
    Posted by: AmyTT Replies: 3 Posted on: 1/29/2004 8:48:56 AM

    I made these last nite - took about 10 min. to prepare and sooooo good! From allrecipes.com cookbook. Over 140 reviews- 5 star recipe. Amy

    Deep-Dish Brownies

    ¾ cup melted butter
    ½ cup unsweetened Hershey cocoa powder
    1 ½ cups white sugar
    ½ teaspoon baking powder
    1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract
    ½ teaspoon salt
    3 eggs
    ¾ cup all-purpose flour

    1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 8x8 inch square pan.
    2) In a large bowl or Kitchen aid stand mixer, blend melted butter, sugar, and vanilla. Beat in eggs, one at a time. In another bowl, combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt.
    3) Gradually blend dry mixture into batter. When done, spread batter into prepared pan.
    4) Bake 30 minutes or until brownies pull away from sides of pan. Cool and cut into squares.


  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?

    This recipe had great reviews:


    Posted by: ssstuder_WI Replies: 8 Posted on: 6/30/2005 12:17:39 PM

    I made this bread yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!! It turned out perfect. The taste is fabulous and it is picture perfect.I'm not by any means a bread baker, and I'm so proud of myself!! This is the best bread I've ever made. I followed the instructions to the letter, also using my Kitchenaid mixer to do all the work! If you are intimidated by bread making, you must give this a try.
    Thank you so much Foodguy for sharing this recipe with us. I will be making this often

    Posted by: foodguyReplies: 17Posted on: 6/16/2005 3:30:20 PM#T530721

    Dutch Oven Bakery White Bread

    2 1/4 cups warm water
    2 Tablespoons yeast
    3 Tablespoons sugar
    2 Tablespoons Crisco
    2 teaspoons salt
    6-6 1/4 cup bread flour

    -- Add sugar and yeast to water. Stir and then let stand 5 minutes. When foamy, stir in remaining ingredients to form a dough.
    -- Knead about 10 minutes.
    -- Cover and let raise about 45 minutes, or until doubled.
    -- Divide dough in half and form loaves. Place in greased 9x5x3 pans. Pierce loaves all over with a sharp fork. Cover and let raise about 40-45 minutes, until doubled.
    -- Bake in preheated 350 degree oven 35 minutes. Remove immediately from pans onto a cooling rack. Spray tops of loaves with Pam or any vegetable non stick spray.
    -- Cool completely and store in sealed plastic bags.

    -- This is the bread recipe from the bakery where I worked, cut down to make just two loaves. We used to mix 36 loaves at a time It reminds me of my Pa. Dutch Grandma's big fluffy homemade loaves.

    I mix and knead it with the dough hook in my Kitchen Aid or Viking mixer.


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    Look at this great hint:

    Posted by: bagelbaker Posted on: 6/21/2005 1:44:25 PM

    you will never go back! lol
    Mine is HEAVILY used!


    When the free one year warranty is up (mark your calendar)on your new machine, call them and they will give you their warranty number. You can buy a 3 year year warranty. It is very reasonable. You just never know.

    I was SO glad I bought it because my first one's motor went after a year and a half. They said it was very unusual and of course, it was replaced immediately for free.

    Then, after that replacement one's one year warranty was up, I bought another 3 year warranty.

    Later, I called them because The head screw got loose and it was laying the beater too heavy on the bowl, therefore un-torque-ing the bowl. They immediately replaced it!

    Then, of course after that new one's warranty was up in one year, I bought another 3 year warranty. Ok, now you won't believe this one...

    I called them because I noticed my most used beater was corroding on one part of it. I asked if they could send me new beaters. They said since I had the warranty, they would send a whole new machine! I said, "Nothing is wrong with the machine, it is the beater I need replaced" and they said, well, if you have the warranty, we replace the whole machine that comes with all the accesories! I couldn't believe it! So, they sent me the new machine! haha, I've had 3 machines in the last 9 years! I just love them. Mine is the lift-head kind.


  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    tracileebear, What are the watts on your KA?

    Put On A Happy Face

  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?

    Check out this thread.

    Subject: ***KitchenAid Mixer--Recipes and Tips***
    Posted by: Crowfeather



  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    Oh Tracilee, am I glad you asked this. I got one for Christmas, too. I know I will put it to good use, but seems silly to open the box just to mix up instant pudding. I'll be watching this thread for some great recipes. Happy baking to us!

  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
    I love mine for making bread--all kinds. Takes about 7 minutes to have it rising.

    I, also, have the roller pasta attachment and I make a lot of pasta.

    Great for cakes.

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    Mine is great for lots of bundt cake and other sweet goodies, but my favorite thing to use my KA for is mashed potatoes. I always hated mashing potatoes by hand or even with a hand mixer. The KA works great. I boil peeled Yukon Gold potatoes until tender, drain, and put in KA mixing bowl. Depending on consistency of the potatoes I add fat free Half & Half, butter and salt to taste. So good. To keep them warm I just place a dinner plate over the mixer bowl. We eat home made mashed potatoes more now that we have the KA.
  • RE: What is your favorite KitchenAid Mixer recipe?
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