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how to prevent a soggy pie crust?

Last post Nov 19, 2007 11:29 AM by dimpsIN . 5 replies.

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  • how to prevent a soggy pie crust?
    I made a peach pie. The problem I had with is that the bottom crust was soggy. I believe this is because the juices of the peaches were released as the pie

    I have heard of a couple of ways to prevent this, which are:

    *brush bottom crust with melted jelly
    *brush bottom crust with beaten egg

    *sprinkle bread crumbs on bottom crust (which absorbs moisture)

    I have also heard the recommendation of baking the pie crust partially
    or completely before adding the filling. I also heard if you do this and use a double crust, the top crust will be difficult to get on, because
    it won't seal. This is because the bottom crust is baked.

    When you brush a pie crust with beaten egg white is it necessary to cook the pie crust prior to adding the filling?
    Could I just brush the bottom
    crust with the egg white and not have to bake it without it being an issue?
    Also why do you poke the bottom of a pie crust with tines of a fork?
  • RE: how to prevent a soggy pie crust?
    I don't poke my pie crust, but if you are getting soggy crusts, maybe add some tapioca? That helps with rhubarb anyway! lol
    Good luck!
  • RE: how to prevent a soggy pie crust?
    My original recipe called for 1/3-1/2 cup of all-purpose flour. I am wondering if I should use cornstarch in place of it? Is the amount with the thickening agent called for too much? The amount of peaches in the recipe is 5 cups.

    Also should I chill the shortening and dry ingredients before preparing the dough for the pie crust? If so for how long and should I chill the ingredients in the freezer or the refrigerator.
  • RE: how to prevent a soggy pie crust?
    I was taught to place a cookie sheet in the oven when you preheat, and place the pie on the hot sheet to bake and it will brown up.

    Cherie - IN †
  • RE: how to prevent a soggy pie crust?

    If your pie is only going to have a bottom crust, you can blind-bake the crust and then moisture-proof it. You can brush it with a bit of egg white two or three minutes after it comes out of the oven. The white will set and the dough will be impervious to moisture.

    A boiled and strained apricot or raspberry preserve can also be brushed on the crust to seal it, as can a thin layer of melted white or dark chocolate, or even clarified butter. Once the crust has been sealed, add the filling and bake until the filling has set.

    The use of a preheated baking stone on the oven rack at the lowest possible position will transfer more heat to the bottom of the crust. The use of a dark pie pan, a glass pie pan, or a ceramic pie pan will also help the crust bake before it absorbs more and more liquid.
  • RE: how to prevent a soggy pie crust?
    When I have a baked crust for my cream pies I sprinkle ,really good with powdered sugar. Then fill with my pudding. My cream pies never get soggy.