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PCH ...........Nov. 19th- Nov.25th Thanksgiving Week

Last post Nov 25, 2007 3:48 PM by Deery . 37 replies.

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  • PCH ...........Nov. 19th- Nov.25th Thanksgiving Week

    Hello all, so good to see you. We hope you'll find the warmth and the friendship here that we have been privileged to enjoy. We have a common bond. We are physically challenged homemakers.

    We share affection for one another through compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for one another and one another's situations.

    We gather here to share information on ways to make our lives easier, to offer support to each other and to share humor and laughter, sometimes tears and always good food.

    There is always room in the kitchen for all who would like to join in...So help yourself to a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or fruit juice. There are always fresh fruit , muffins, coffee cake and cookies....pull up a chair at the old country table and visit awhile.....and remember to tell a friend.

    For our old friends that have not been by for awhile, we hope you will drop in and let us know how you are doing.

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    Posted by: Deery Posted on: 11/17/2007 8:19:48 PM
    Today, I Give Thanks
    by Grace Barnette Lucas

    The one sturdy rose bloom left alone
    In a garden where scarlet leaves have blown.
    The crisp freshness of the morning air,
    The bright gold of mums so fair.
    The warm fireside that glows
    As outside the north wind blows.
    The aroma of turkey, yams, and cakes;
    The spicy pumpkin pie that bakes.
    The love of family, friends so dear,
    The laughter of my children near.
    The church's steeple rising high,
    The songs we sing, the prayers we sigh.
    For all the little things in life,
    The love that overcomes all strife,
    These are the things for which I say,
    "I thank You" to my Lord today.
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    : Sande1941 Posted on: 11/18/2007
    Seems as if I'm the one who posts more at night time, almost 10:30pm here in Indiana, but I seem to get my second wind about now.
    Elizabeth: I hope the blockage your DH has will not be too serious, hopefully medication will take care of it. I have a 60% & 20% blockage & didn't have to have a stint, just put me on Zocore.
    Hoping Susan is healing soon because of her fall, sounded like it has been very painfull for her.
    Ruth: Take care of your eyes, follow doctor's orders :)
    Connie: Thank you for telling me about yourself. I keep making notes, trying to get more familiar with everyone :) Is Lisa,who has the new baby, a poster here or maybe someones Daughter?
    I seen you said Dee & Carol are from Indiana also. I live in Hagerstown, East Central, Indiana. Small (2,000) As I said before, we do have a lot of history here. Some of your DH's might like to know this is where the *Piston Ring* was invented. The factory was called, Perfect Circle Piston Ring Plant. We also used to have a Distribution Center here. Also, the *Cruise Control*, then known as the Speedostat was invented here. Both the Rings & Cruise Control came to be by a Man...Ralph Teeter. The amazing thing was, he was totally blinded as a child by sissors but a brilliant person. His driver could let him out at the plant door & he could walk in & run every machine there was. The first Speedostat was put on my Dad's car to be tested. We made a trip to Florida to visit my Grandparents. I guess I was too young then to know the importance of it all. Most off the Teeter family are deceased now but made this town what it is. We have a very nice park & Library thanks to their generosity.
    Forgot who ask, but yes, I will still sub in our cafeteria whenever needed, which seems quite often...lol. I keep telling my boss, Kris, "Remember, I retired" and she keeps telling me "You can't, I need you"...lol Crossing my fingers she dosn't need me this week, I have toooo much to do for Thursday!

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    justyouandme20002001 Posted on: 11/18/2007

    Sande...I couldnt drive without my speed control...it makes it so much easier on my leg if I have to drive across state. And I asked my daughter about putting the vanilla in the paint and she had not heard of it. She said it might compromise the paint somehow.
    Boy, did we ever have a bad night last night or I should say this (Sunday) morning! At 2 a.m. I was going to head for the potty room and noticed the motion light on the patio was on but sometimes the neighbor across the street's cat comes over but I always check it out anyway. Well, it was not cat, that's for sure because cats don't carry flashlights! Saw the beam and a man so quickly called 911. The dispatcher called backand said it wasn't a prowler but asheriff deputy trying to find somebody. We live on a acre out in the semi-boonies so if someone wanted to hide out he could easily do it in the dark here. They told me the deputy would talk to me at the door so of course I went right back to the back door and spoke to him. It seems they indeed were after someone and their canine unit had made several hits in our back yard so the guy must have passed through our place at some time or other. Beyond the yard the property drops off into what I call The Pit and that is wet land. The deputy had already been down there and was pretty wet below the knees...I felt sorry for him. He had also checked out our garage which we had forgotten to close up and when I saw the flashlight in there I was sure it was a burgler looking for something to steal. We also saw two or three lights down at the neighbors looking around but never did see the dog. At 3:30 the deputy called me and asked if we had seen or heard anything prior to seeing his flashlight but we hadn't and then asked if anyone else lived with us like a nephew...why a nephew, I don't know. Can those dogs differenciate between male and female? I thought they just gave them a scent and off they went. He said the dog really liked our b
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    Posted by: justyouandme20002001 Posted on: 11/18/2007 11:24:11 PM
    We were gone all day today and when we came down our street about 4:30 this afternoon we passed a sheriff car going the other way. Wondering if this thing has been resolved. All doors including the shop are definately locked tonight. I don't think he'd be dumb enough to come back. Kinda curious as to why they were after him. Must have been serious to go gadding around in the dark in the middle of the night. Those law enforcement people don't get paid near enough in my estimation.
    Thanks for the poem, Deery. It's a good one.
    Thirteen for dinner Thurs. Glad this didn't happen next weekend when DD and family will be here.
    I think I'll be looking outthe window a lot tonight.....just in case! LOL
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    Hope you all don't mind, yesterday was very slow going till later, so I moved up the later ladies and also posted Deery's wonderful poem here for this week.Deery how do you make cornbread shortcake? And pears also, sounds good, I have been eating a fresh pear in with my salad, delicious.Hope everyone had a good weekend and were away because of being busy and not because of illness. Ruth hope the eyes and headaches are better. Sande your question about Lisa and baby, this is her new grandson. Your town sounds really interesting for a small town and the connections with your family history as well, good to see you coming back to visit and share with us, always nice to have new family members isn't it ladies. Elizabeth you had better keep that garage door locked!!!! Not wise for the police to be searching your property and not notifying you or having another dispatch not call or come to your door, it is a good way for someone to get shot by a good citizen and we don't need less police. I would be like you, watching outside as well, I have been known to stand with my lights off to see what was outside, can't be to careful these days. Well ladies I need to get my hands busy and try to make myself get some things done. Have a good day, prayers for all those in need and their families. God Bless our Troops and emergency workers. Hugs, Connie
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    Hi everyone... one of my infrequent flying visits. I know it is your US thanksgiving this week so I was particularly thinking of you all. As you know I am such a turkey lover and you will probably want to bid on just which one of you will have me for turkey dinner this year? I am particularly fond of stuffing and gravy (hold the cranberry sauce for me) but not the cornbread kind so that might help the decision as to which airline ticket I need to get.
    Oh, I also don't like brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes, but that just leaves more for all of you. Just put me in a corner of the table with turkey, stuffing gravy and roast potatoes and I'll be fine!
    I could bring Butter Tarts?

    I am trying to decide if I am going to do cards and butter tart baskets this year. I don't have much in the way of 'help' and cannot manage that on my own. I also don't think its fair to the twins (turned 2 last month) to decorate (tree, etc.) yet. Don't want to have to keep stopping them 'touching' which of course they would want to do. And they wouldn't understand christmas and why we take all the pretty things away after. So maybe not till next year.

    We still have them every Sunday for 6 hours and love it. Michael has been sick for 6 weeks with 'runs' and has been taken off all dairy products and caffeine and it is very hard to cook meals now. Amazing just how much dairy I seem to use without realizing it (I cook everything in butter). Neither of us have cholesterol problems and we love sour cream (the real one, not the lite one)and cheese.

    I like the idea of your weekly spot so we can catch up on everyone's news. And of course, Deery's wonderful knack for finding poems (and song lyrics).

    I will try to pop back closer to the time but meanwhile wanted to make sure that you all (especially if you are going to be away) receive my very best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!


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    Good day Penny, how good to see you at last, I believe it was last week I had posted wondering where or have you were. Sounds like the twins are growing and life has kept you busy. How is your dear Father doing? Hope he is doing well and you self? How are your diabetes? In check? Sorry to hear that Michael has been sick for so long, seems like many here have been as well. Yes Deery does post the most wonderful poems, in fact over in Mary's Tea Room she has a post that contains her poems and some others, I go there quite often to read them. I was going to Lake Charles today to SAM's but changed my mind in case Kerry were to call and per chance got a flight. He will be arriving late this evening so I will go early to Alexandria to shop at SAM's there and make the time go faster. Hope you have a Happy Holiday season as well Penny, best wishes to you and yours. Connie
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    Hello, Friends :)

    Taking a break, Fybro is acting up again :(
    Anyone else begin preping for Thursday? I cooked a chicken in the crock pot overnight, got it off the bone & in the frig for noodles Thurs. Cleaned Celery & Brocoflower so that would be out of the way. Is Brocoflower available to any of you in your area? Mostly around holiday time here. Cleaned the upstares & working on the basement later today, as that's where my larger kitchen is & more room for everyone to eat. The Men always seem to wander upstaires later for the football games :)
    Nice to meet you, Penny. Do you live in Canada, and have your thanksgiving October 10th? Your welcome here for Thanksgiving....lol..no cornbread stuffing here either, I use plain bread. No roasted potatoes, sweet & mashed. Cranberry sause, no, but I make a jelled Cranberry salad with Cranberry Jello, Oranges, Cranberrys & Pecans. Expecting at least 25 so you would fit right in...lol. We go way overboard on the food!
    Elizabeth: How frightening that must have been for you. Probably a good thing though that you needed to use the pottie, who knows what the person would have done had you stayed asleep. Hopefully, they will catch whoever it was, not easy to sleep soundly after something like that happens.
    Penny, would you tell me what Butter Tarts are please?
    Connie: Bet you are counting the minutes untill Kerry arives home, enjoy every minute :)
    Blabbed too much again, think I will go take a short nap. ~Sande~

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    Just a roll thru before ATWT.

    Penny, I am so happy to see you. (teary eyed) It has been way way too long, dear one. Do not push yourself to do butter tarts. Enjoy your wonderful family.
    Happy Holidays to You and Michail. So nice that you are thinking of us on Our Thanksgiving Holiday.

    Connie, what an exciting day for you and Clea waiting for your honey. Teary eyed day it seems.

    Hi Sande. What a large group you are having for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

    Elizabeth, what a scary night for sure and will keep you uneasy rest of time. Hope they will find the person so some of the unease can be put to rest.

    Hugs all around.

    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

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    Connie, regarding shortbread. lol I just cut up some canned peaches and some canned pears and put them and some of juice on top of cornbread. Very good. *smile*

    Nancy, is breathing still bad in your area? Hope it will warm up for you.


    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

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    Heard from both the primary care dr. and the cardiologist today about my stress tests and everything is fine. Made an appointment with the surgeon for next Tues. so will be getting closer to being given a surgery date. Yeah! It's been a long hassle.
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    Just stopping in for a minute....Elizabeth, great news!! So glad your tests came out fine. did I read somewhere your having shoulder surgery?
    Worked hard today, getting started for Thanksgiving, think I better hit the sack! :) Will check in again tomorrow....~Sande~
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    We got home about 20 mins ago from the airport, delayed in Atlanta and the heavy fog coming home. Kerry has hit the shower and this gal is heading for bed, we are both beat. Night, Connie
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    Wonderful news Connie! Glad Kerry made it home in time for Thanksgiving. I know he'll be anticipating your home cooking.