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Appetizers that impress?

Last post Feb 22, 2008 5:34 PM by Watkins_361217 . 15 replies.

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  • Appetizers that impress?

    Hi, everyone -- I'm having a hard time searching on this new board, so please forgive this post!  I'm sure it's been asked before. 

    I am hosting a group of ladies next week, and need to serve a couple of appetizers that will get rave reviews!  Could you PLEASE share your best, favorite, hit recipes?  Thanks!!

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    enter appetizers in the blank box above....look below the box and click on community.....that brings up this section...also when you do that look at the word recipes, will show you how many entries are for each section....or put in the words you want, like a main ingredient appetizer....

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    1  can shrimp ( I use West Point Shrimp)
    1  8 oz. Cream cheese (softened)
    1/2 of a small onion (grated)
    1/3 to 1/2 bottle Heinz Chili Sauce
    couple of squirts of lemon juice
    couple of splashes of Worcestershire Sauce
    chopped up parsley

    Put softened cream cheese into bowl with grated onion,
     lemon juice & Worcestershire sauce.
     Mix all together.

    Put mixture into 8 inch pie plate or pan. I use a white corning tart plate.

    Put chili sauce on top of mixture.

    Then add shrimp. (I sometimes add 2 cans of shrimp, but one is plenty)

    Sprinkle top with chopped parsley.

    Serve with crackers. (I like Ritz or buttery crackers the best with this)

    This can be made with low fat cream cheese or fat free cream cheese. Because of the Chili Sauce it still tastes good.

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    Ham and Cheese Ribbons (kabobs)

    6 (1/2 ounce each) slices smoked deli ham
    24 (7-8") wooden party skewers
    1 (6 ounce) chunk Land-O-Lakes swiss cheese, cubed 3/4"
    1 pint (24) small cherry tomatoes
    8 baby dill pickles, sliced 1"
    Country style Dijon mustard

    Cut each slice ham into 4 (1") wide strips.

    Thread one end of ham onto wooden party skewer.
    Thread one cube cheese onto skewer.
    Bring loose end of ham over cheese cube and onto skewer.
    Add one cherry tomato; bring loose end of ham over tomato onto skewer.
    Add one piece of pickle; bring lose end of ham over pickle and onto skewer.
    Add one piece of cheese.
     Repeat with all remaining ingredients and party skewers.

    To serve, arrange kabobs on serving platter.

    Serve with mustard.
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    Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

    like using about 6" skewers for a combination of fruit
     and cheese and sometimes a ham cube.

    Pick out fruit that will contrast - put on a green grape,
     a whole strawberry, a triangle of fresh pineapple,
    a cube of cheese,
    may be a cube of ham, and I top it with
    a marachino cherry at the top end of the skewer.

    You can use a knife to make more of a hole in the stem
    end of the cherry and put the stem of a spring of mint in it.

    Lay all the skewers on a white plate with the points all pointing to the center of the plate.
     It's really pretty and easy for the guests to eat.
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    BLT Cukes

    3 slices crisp-cooked bacon, chopped
    1/2 cup finely chopped lettuce
    1/2 cup finely chopped baby spinach
    1/4 cup diced tomato
    1-1/2 tablespoons nonfat mayonnaise
    Pinch salt
    1/4 teaspoon black pepper
    1 large cucumber
    Minced parsley or green onion (optional)

    Preparation: 1.Combine bacon, lettuce, spinach, tomato and mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper; set aside.

    2.Peel cucumber. Trim off ends and slice in half lengthwise. Use spoon to scoop out seeds; discard seeds.
    Divide BLT mixture between cucumber halves, mounding in hollowed areas. Garnish with parsley. Cut into 2-inch pieces.

    Note: Make these snacks when cucumbers are plentiful and large enough to easily hollow out with a spoon. You may make these up to 12 hours ahead of time and chill until serving
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I made them for lunch, minus the spinach (cause I didn't have any) and they are delicious.
    That is something I will be taking to the pot lucks. Thanks again.

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    Barb's Shrimp/Party Rye Appetizer

    Mix 1 cup Hellman's real mayonnaise
    Add 8 oz. Romano cheese or Parmesan cheese (or Shredded Swiss)
    3 green onions chopped
    Dash Worchestershire sauce
    Dash Soy sauce

    Mix together and then spread on each slice of cocktail rye bread. Top it with 1 large shrimp, (shell removed)

    Dash paprika..

    Broil until a little browned.

    Puffs up really nice and always a hit.

    Watch carefully so you do not burn..
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    Wow, thanks for all of the ideas!  I'll try the search again, too.  I'm not very good at figuring those features out!Stick out tongue

     Anyone else have great recipes?

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    Spinach Dip

    1 package (approximately 10oz.) frozen chopped spinach-thawed
    1 package Knorr's vegetable dip & soup mix
    3 green onions-chopped
    1 (8oz.) can sliced water chestnuts-chopped
    1 (160z) sour cream
    1 cup mayonnaise
    2 round loaves bread

    Squeeze and dry thawed spinach. Chop onions and water chestnuts. Combine all ingredients except bread. Mix well and chill for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight. Serve dip in a round bread bowl, hollowed out. Cut the removed bread into chunks and the second loaf. I like to use light rye, pumpernickel or Hawaiian sweet bread. Do not add dip to bread bowl until ready to serve.




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    This is a great appetizer and you won't have any leftover. To add a twist to these you can add thinly sliced salami before rolling up! Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't depending on my mood! LOL

    Jalapeno And Cream Cheese Pinwheels

    2 8oz. cream cheese-softened
    3-4 green onions-chopped
    small can green chilies
    1/4 jar jalapeno peppers-chopped (more or less to your taste)
    flour tortilla's

    Combine cream cheese, onion, chilies and peppers. Spread a thin to medium layer of cheese mixture on tortilla. Roll up tightly and slice into 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch circles. Chill. Repeat steps until cheese mixture is gone.



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    I just bumped up a thread titled "Wonderful lil Appys".

    There's alot of wonderful recipes on there.



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    Here's the lnik for the post Nancy bumped- in case they get separated:


    It is a wonderful thread- one you must keep in your favorites!


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    Thank you all so much!  The recipes sound great, and I will definitely check out the bumped thread.  Thanks again!

  • Re: Appetizers that impress?

    I have a couple recommendations:


    Olive Bites

    Tzatziki Dip

    Blue Cheese Spread with Spiced Walnuts

    Hot Sherry Shrimp Dip

    Savory Fresh Apricot Bites

    Thick Onion Tart