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Peach Peel Jelly/Jam

Last post Sep 08, 2008 2:30 PM by SugarsugarAR . 3 replies.

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  • Peach Peel Jelly/Jam
    Back in the 40s, my mother used to make this from the peelings after canning the peaches. Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone have a recipe for it? I would love to have the recipe if you do. Thanks.............Smile


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     WOW, talk about tugging at the memory....I remember this form forever ago, but never made it. I think anyone I knew who did make it, discontinued wasy before I would have been helping them.

    Okay, your comment piqued my interest, so I did a Google search. They all seem to be similar, so I'll post 2. The second is a blog entry that remarks on the volume of peels needed. The first remarks on the health and safety of peach products.






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    Hi, I've been making this jelly for several years; when I was selling it by the 1-cup size jar, I couldn't keep enough made till I reached the end of my ability to keep up.  If you search in My Blueridge Favorites, I posted it there some time ago.  I have the link but am due at the doctor in 30 minutes, so will post it here for you.  There are many old-time recipes in my cookbook I've posted  Hope the link works.



    lin_65 or blueridge_va   Some of my older posts were as homebody in '02 and had 2-3 other forgotten names; there were so many problems with the old BB. I had to log out each time and using a dial-up ISP; trying to log in again, would be denied entry; until I got another name. Does not seem possible that so many years have passed. And now I'm wireless, have an android tablet and a 2006 Dell. That's an upgrade and is very fast. Makes me happy when I'm looking for recipes.

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    I grind peach peelings, add sugar and spices, cook until tender and make fried pies.  They are my favorite.