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Can you Freeze Pumpkin Pie

Last post Nov 17, 2008 3:02 PM by cooking71 . 4 replies.

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  • Can you Freeze Pumpkin Pie

    I made to many pumpkin pies and am wondering if I can put them in the freezer.  If so, how would you thraw them out again?

    Any tips or hints will be appreciated.


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    NYTimes just had a food/recipe article about frozen desserts for T-giving, and advised against freezing homemade pumpkin pies (or other custard-based pies). They said there is a big difference between the flash freezing that commercial pies are given, and the home freezing we all do. Difficult to keep the pies from weeping and getting soggy when they are thawed, etc.   You might go on their site and read that.   They said that high-sugar pies such as apple or pecan do OK in freezing, and high-butter cakes do OK (but not low-fat cakes like angel food cake, etc.).  Very interesting! Worth a read.




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    DD and I made Libby's pumpkin pies this wknd and the label said not to freeze them as the pie will separate from the crust.



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  • Re: Can you Freeze Pumpkin Pie

    Are they saying not to freeze them "unbaked" or baked - or not at all?

       What about the frozen ones you buy and bake.   A couple of years ago I actually froze one I made and baked that was not eaten on Thanksgiving Day.   We ate it a few weeks later and it was fine.

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     Well if the choice is toss them or freeze them I say freeze them. If you do wrap them tight with Searne wrap. Then double bag them or use a food saver bag. The longer they are in the freezer the more damge will occure so if it is just a few weeks they might make it. 


    Another option is to give them away as early Thanksgiving gifts. Tell them you wanted to ease them into the holidays. They never have to know you goofed up. lol