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HELP! How Do You Cook a Cow's Tongue????

Last post Feb 24, 2009 2:54 PM by CO_Dixie_chicken . 20 replies.

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  • HELP! How Do You Cook a Cow's Tongue????


       My DS just told me he bought a cow's tongue at the store and he wants me to cook it for him.  I have NO idea what to do with it.  Any ideas or suggestions??  I would appreciate any and all ideas. 





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    Ewwwww, we used to boil it for a long time, then peel it, slice it and put it in vinegar for pickled tongue.  It is very dense.

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    My Mom use to boil it kinda like a chicken, then slice and fry. Or you can slice for sandwiches. can't remenber what spices she used. Hope this helps.

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    Sandy; I cook Tongue quite often!! I simply put it in my 5 quart Crock-Pot & cover with water.I only add Whole peppercorns to it. Cook it on low for atleast 8 hours. When done, cool slightly..just so you can handle it..Then using a sharp knife make a slit in the skin & peel it ALL off...It comes off easly...Then slice & enjoy! I slice it starting @ the thick end going towards the tip. It is the best tasting beef you will ever it!! I don't by roasts anymore, just the tongue..Great Flavor...You can also eat it cold in sandwiches...YUMMY!!! It may look gross to you, but get over won't be disappointed!!!!!!

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    i always pressure cook mine. i add a little vinegar in the water with salt. then remove the skin and slice. my neighbor adds bay leaf to theirs.  my husband likes to make a sandwich with it.


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    My grandpa used to always pressur cook his, but you could do the same thing with just cooking it low for a long time....

    we would season ours with just salt and pepper. let it cool after cooking and peel the skin off.

    we would slice it and eat on bread with mustard! Yumm!


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    for Sandy,



    1 cow tongue
    1 large or 2 small leeks
    1/2 an onion
    3 carrots
    1/2 red bell pepper
    1 tomato
    2-3 eggs
    white wine (optional)
    Coarsely chop up all the veggies and place them in a pot with just enough water to cover them.
    Place tongue in pot (the cow’s, not yours). It’s not that important that it be completely covered by the water, because you can turn it a few times while its boiling.
    Add a few pinches of salt (2-3 teaspoons?)
    You can optionally add about a glass of white wine, as well
    Boil for 60-90 minutes, depending on the thickness of the tongue.
    Allow to cool
    While it’s still warm (it’s easier when warm), remove the skin from the tongue.
    Cut into thin cross-section slices. The thinner the better.
    Purée the vegetables in the pot. We use a handheld mixer (see photo below).
    Bread and fry each slice
    Heat oil in frying pan (we use sunflower oil)
    Pour some flour on a plate
    Beat 2 or 3 eggs in a bowl
    Cover each slice of tongue in flour
    Dip each slice in egg
    Place each slice in hot oil until golden brown
    Place each breaded and fried slice in the pot with the sauce
    Simmer on low heat for a few minutes to let the flavors mingle


    I have made many. A cow tongue is best without anything on it except for salt (and obviously the ingredients you will use on the taco). To prepare the tongue, wash it. Then submerge the whole thing in water in a pot big enough to fit it. (If you need to cut it in half then do that). Bring to boil then lower the temperature to keep it at a simmer. Salt the water. Here you can eyeball depending on the amount of water you had to use. Don't worry, you can adjust the salt later if you don't get enough. You can add more salt to the finished product. Anyway, put a lid and let simmer. Now you wait. And I mean hours. You want the tongue to get nice and soft so it will take a long time, depending on its size. My mother used to leave it on over-night. After about two hours, I would stick a knife in it and test to make sure that it is the softness you want. The consistency should be almost like butter. Once it is done, take it out and let it cool. Now you have to peel it. The tongue's outer layer is hard and inedible. You will be able to peel it off pretty easily--almost like the shell on a hard-boiled egg although not quite that hard. Anyway, once it is peeled, it is time to chop up. Check for salt and then eat. You can eat it as a taco with green salsa. Green salsa is traditional with the cow tongue. Some cilantro and chopped onion are great. Cow tongue is delicious and even though it takes a while to prep, people who like the taste will go crazy over it

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    i found this recipe in the woman's home companion cookbook from 1942:

    tongue is one of the least tender of meat sundries.  it is sold fresh, pickled, corned or smoked.  pork and lamb tongues are small and are usually sold ready to serve; calf and beef tongues are much larger and must be cooked by moist heat until they are thoroughly tender. 

    to prepare tongue for cooking, scrub thoroughly in warm water, using a small brush.  soak smoked or pickled tongue for several hoursw before cooking.  tongue is always cooked in water.  place tongue in pot and coer completely with water, allowing 1 tsp of salt for each quart of water if tongue is fresh,  omit salt for cured tongues.  cover and simmer until tongue is tender.  a large beef tongue will take 3-4 hours.  plunge tongue into cold water to loosen skin; remove and cut away roots.  if tongue is to be served cold, cool in the cooking water. serve with chili sauce or horseradish white sauce.

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    GrammaSandy, you sure brought back a lot of good eating memories for me. My Grandmother would boil hers with whole allspice wrapped in a cheesecloth bag. When the tongue was done she made gravy with vinegar. I guess it was cooked something like a sauerbraten as they were of German ancestry. She would slice the meat and serve it with the gravy, mashed potatoes and green peas. I still remember the flavor as oh so good. Alas, now no one in my family wants to even hear of eating cow's tongue. I think that if you can get by the idea of what it is, you will be pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Enjoy!! And thanks for the memories.

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    The last time we did butchering ourselves -- a long time ago -- my mil ground up the tongue and made spaghetti red with it.  Didn't tell anyone who was eating it at the time, but boy, they were furious when they did find out.


    I think it is one of those thingss a person might find difficult to get passed the idea of what they are eating. I don't care for it but I can eat brains & eggs.  Go figure. 

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    I have to agree,how good it is with everyone else. I serve it with red wine ,caper or horseradish sauce ,as I serve any other meat with boiled potatoes.Or of course you can serve it cold on sandwiches. One can buy a fresh tongue or a smoked one. I prefer the smoked one,if you can get it. Both are prepared the same way. Please let us know,how you liked it.


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    Sandy I have never made it but my youngest son would go over to our Mexican neighbors as he was getting ready to get on the bus for school and the Mom would always insist that her son bring Chris over and she would ply his mouth with the goodies she made. Fresh tortillas, refried beans and Gorditas but in the end she finally told him what the meat was, or her son translated what it was, it was beef tongue. He had always sworn he would never eat that, no way, no how, but he said that was the absolute best meat he had ever eaten. So apparently you can make it up with Mexican seasonings for the filling for Gorditas. Connie

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    Oh YUMMMMMMMMM Growing it we used to pickle it and keep it in the fridge.  Now my DH prefers it not pickled and we eat it like roast, or makes great sandwiches and I love using it for the filling in my beer rocks (cabbage, beef, onions in bread pastry) especially when people comment how awesome they are, what did I do different?  I just don't divulge it's beef tongue! DH and I do one of those private smiles. LOL

    Our local State University has alot of agriculture and have a store where I can buy both tongue and oxtail at a terrific price among alot of other great locally grown things both meats and produce.

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     well I would NOT...but according to my mom....her mother cooked theirs like a roast...and it tasted like one too....all this according to my mom....


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    The question should be "Why" instead of "How". Sorry, just had to say it. lol