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How many cups is 500g- ...

Last post Apr 17, 2009 10:36 AM by Running_Diva44 . 5 replies.

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  • How many cups is 500g- ...

    500g strong bread flour

    1.5 tsp salt

    0.5 tsp fast action / easy blend yeast

    Approx 450ml water


    ---------------------------can anyone help me to translate this recipe.



    How many cups is 500 g of flour?


    how much is the 0.5 tsp fast action yeast?  I thought 1/2 tsp, but surely a recipe for bread

    would take more than 1/2 tsp of yeast.


     how much is 450 ml water


    I read this bread recipe and it sounded great, then I noticed I didn't know what the measure was.


  • Re: How many cups is 500g- ...

    500 g of flour is about 4.5 cups.


    .5 tsp is 1/2 tsp


    450 ml water is just over 1 3/4 cups (probably about 1/2 way between 1/34 and 2)

    Hope this helps... 

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    There is a hand dandy little converter you can down load from t his site  

    Just down load it for free and it will convsert anything from or to any thing else. It's really simple to use and very handy. Wink You just choose what measurment you want, type in the ammount and what you want itconverted to and it gives you the answer.

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    Deonia,thanks for the converter.I have a scale at home,but here at my DS I don't,so it comes in handy. Renate

    In the 60 they talked here in the US of changing to the metric system,but nothing happened. People,who work in a lab must know the metric system anyway. I wished they would change,but it does not look like it.

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    Thanks everyone!!

     I still can't believe half a teaspoon is enough yeast to make bread. I am afraid to try it with half a teaspoon.

    I will try the converter to save, thanks!--bug

  • Re: How many cups is 500g- ...

    It doesn't seem like enough yeast to me either.  I would probably just use one pkg.