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Old fashion chicken and noodles

Last post Jan 11, 2010 9:24 PM by retteacher . 5 replies.

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  • Old fashion chicken and noodles

    I am looking for a good ole chicken and noodles recipe.  Like the ones our grandmas use to make. Everything I find is for soup and that is not what I am looking for.  Can anyone please help??


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    I found this link on the board and found one  recipe that I use. It really is just cook and debone the kitchen and add the meat and noodles back to stock and then thicken. The others have more of a common form for a recipe and they sound good; and recipe for homemade noodles. Good Luck. Deannie


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    Thanks Deannie..I am checking it out now...

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    Serves:  6

    Source:  LaDonna

    Effort:  average

    Comments:    I love making up a huge batch of these and taking to family get togethers.  It's one of those good comfort foods.

    I also like making these using my wheat blend flour.  The ratio for making the wheat blend flour is 4 c. white all purpose flour to 3 c. whole wheat bread flour.  Mix well, store in airtight container in the fridge



    1 chicken, boiled, skinned, deboned & diced (save broth)




    season salt




    2 eggs, beaten

    4 tablespoon milk  (1% milk)

    2 teaspoon salt

    2 cup flour-add more if needed to make stiff dough

    Roll out very thin on floured surface

    Let dry 30 min.

    Roll up-cut thin strips

    Spread out in thin layer.

    Let dry several hrs.

    Refrigerate or freeze



    Bring broth & chicken to a boil.  Add seasonings and noodles. Bring to boil. Let cook about 20 min.  Taste & season to taste.


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     I cook chicken, cook the noodles in the broth and drain. Then I add an undiluted can of Cream of Chicken or Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup and reheat. It isn't soupy, and it makes nice quick "sauce". I do not like chicken and noodles in broth. It's too much like soup for my preference.