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king size sheet question

Last post May 12, 2011 1:49 PM by Motorhomegal . 5 replies.

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  • king size sheet question

    Since a king size bed is almost square, how do you decide which way the sheets goes. I get tirred putting it on and moving it and trying to figure which way seems to fit best.


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     The tag on the inside corner always goes @ the bottom right side or the top left side for reverse wear...........

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    Also, the wider hem goes at the top.



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  • Re: king size sheet question
    • Flat and fitted sheet to fit your mattress

    Fitted sheets  have elastic at the corners, along opposite sides, or all the way around the hem. The fitted sheet is designed to cling to the mattress. Stripe sheets most generally go on with the stripes lengthwise on the bed. For solids and prints, here are a couple of tips to help you figure out which direction the sheet fits the bed.

      • If you are at least five feet tall, you can reach the opposite corners of the narrow end (head and foot) of the bed up to a queen size. Slip your hand into one corner pocket of the fitted sheet, and then run your hand along the pocket, toward the next corner. If you can reach the next corner with your outstretched arms, then the side of the sheet between your hands is the narrow part of the sheet that goes on the head/foot end of the bed. If you cannot reach the next corner with your outstretched arms, then you have found the side of the sheet that fits the longest side of the bed.


      • With a king size sheet, it is more difficult to find corners because the bed is almost square. The best approach is to locate the label when you have the sheet properly on the bed. If the label is on the side, use a permanent marker to write an S on the label (for "side"); otherwise, mark FH (for foot-head). That will make it easier to apply the sheet the next time.

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        Apply diagonally


      Now that you have figured out what direction the sheet goes on the bed, it's time to put it on. The ragged seam of the corner goes against the mattress so you will see the nice seam on the outside. In some cases, applying a fitted sheet can be challenging because as you put one corner on, another pops off. This can be caused by trying to place a sheet directly onto the slippery, satiny mattress and/or because the pocket of the fitted sheet is too small for the thickness of the mattress. To avoid pop-off, after you put the first corner of the fitted sheet on, move to the diagonal corner of the bed and pull that corner down over the mattress (e.g., left side head and right side foot). You can then put on the other corners; doesn't matter which first. This approach also applies to fitted mattress covers. (See image, where a mattress cover is being placed).

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    Thanks so much for your help.  I was keeping the tag on the bottom right, cause thats where it was on stripes, (so i figured it goes there always)  but the plain sheet was just not fitting well, so i moved it and i thought it fit better.  Thanks anyway, this is wonderful information 


    By the way, a king-sized bed is one of our most appreciated expenditures.

  • Re: king size sheet question

     I've had the same issue with down comforters, duvets, etc., sooooo, when I have them on to my satisfaction, I discreetly place a tiny safety pin on the UNDERNEATH, BOTTOM LEFT CORNER and just remember that is where ALL safety pins go.  So simple, even for DH (if and when he feels inclined to change the linens himself.)  Same "safety pin" rule applied in the motorhome.  Make certain you use a good quality silver pin as the cheepo goldish colored ones might rust during laundering.