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Freezing eggnog?

Last post Nov 14, 2011 6:06 AM by Alliea . 5 replies.

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  • Freezing eggnog?

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success with freezing eggnog?


  • Re: Freezing eggnog?

    YES!!! And it tastes fab ice cold  in the middle of july ! I like to mix mine 1/2  minute maid orange juice & 1/2 eggnog. YUM!!!!!

  • Re: Freezing eggnog?

    Thank you! I like picking it up on clearance but did not want to freeze extra if it did not hold together well.

  • Re: Freezing eggnog?

    Good to know. By Christmas it's gone never to reapear until next Oct.

    Have you tried the Safeway brand of eggnog ice cream? I'm addicted!

  • Re: Freezing eggnog?

    I buy a couple extra every year just so I can freeze it! It's awfully refreshing on a hot summer day!! lol I love it best when it's mostly thawed but still has some of the ice crystals in it!! Oh my! Think I'll have to freeze an extra this year!! Just thinking about how good it is has my mouth watering! lol


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  • Re: Freezing eggnog?

    Many people would like to enjoy egg
    at times other than during the winter holidays. The question for
    many is whether or not egg nog can be frozen for use at other times of the year.
    Depending on the circumstances, it may in fact be possible to freeze egg nog and
    enjoy this sweet and creamy beverage. One of the main factors in the success of
    freezing egg nog is whether it is commercially
    made or prepared at home.

    From Wisegeek site- I have frozen unopened
    Commercial Eggnog successfully~A

    Store bought egg nog is generally available in two forms. Displays of canned
    egg nog usually begin to appear in supermarkets during the month of November,
    and require no refrigeration. Preservatives in this type of egg nog make it
    possible to store the beverage in a cool dark place for several months. In this
    instance there is no need to freeze egg nog. The contents of the can will keep
    well through the date stamped onto the can.

    Along with canned versions of egg nog, there
    are also the containers of the beverage that are found in the dairy case.
    Purchased in cardboard or plastic containers, this form of egg nog is intended
    for use over a short period of time. However, it is possible to freeze an
    unopened container of this type of egg nog successfully. Depending on the
    recommendations of the manufacturer, it may be possible to freeze egg nog in
    paper and plastic containers for anywhere from two to six months. Check with the
    producer of the specific product for guidelines on how long the beverage can be
    preserved in the freezer.

    Generally, it is not a good idea to freeze egg nog that is prepared at home.
    The reason for this is that there are relatively few preservatives in the
    mixture, so the rate of deterioration is faster than commercially prepared egg
    nog beverages. Even if the beverage is frozen, there is a definite chance of
    bacteria setting up during the storage period. The raw eggs used in most
    homemade recipes are one of the main factors that can make freezing fresh egg nog a risky business.

    When it comes to the decision to freeze egg nog, feel free to freeze
    commercially produced items, but don’t waste time trying to freeze your own
    homemade recipe. Also, remember to thaw frozen egg nog in the refrigerator
    overnight, and shake well before opening the container. Even during freezing, the ingredients are likely to undergo some


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