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Good Morning My BB Friends

Last post Nov 16, 2012 4:15 PM by HeidiCaliforniaGirl . 14 replies.

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  • Good Morning My BB Friends

    Good TGIF morning, a little nip in the air so it was hard getting  out of that warm bed. Now if I just had a warm body...............NAH.Make your day all it can be. Depo!!!

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    Good Morning Depo & Everybody!

    It's a whopping 16 degrees here right now, but it's heading up to 40 today, so it definitely COULD be worse............but I still wish that it was heading up to 85 today.  *grin*

    I managed to get everything done for this morning's meeting, then I'll come home and start in cleaning again.  UGH!   We're heading to the casino at some point before 9:00 tonight to pick up turkeys & pies, so at least that's something to look forward to!  Hopefully I can do some major damage to the casino's finances before I leave. 

    Depo - Big grins coming from my way after reading your post.   They usually turn out to be more trouble than they're worth - just ask my DH.   LOL

    Have a great day everybody and safe travels to those of you out-and-about today.


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    Depo- Oh, I know that feeling well! Another drizzle day,guess the fire ants are on a diet since I haven't been able to work outside.

    Paulette- I needed to get that realtor healthy so she can show us that huge houseWink I'll need it when you and Chris and whoever else wants to get out of the cold weather! What kind of pies are you getting? How nice that they are giving you turkey and pie!

    We picked up the ham yesterday and a few other sale items.I had another small rack of ribs and Janie sent me a recipe that I had to try. I also made Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding and Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. Max was close by waiting for me to drop something good!

    I want to share the story of Endal with you-

    Now that I have everything organized guess I'll have to catch up on my korean dramasYes


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    Good morning~ Oh  Linda you are going to need a big house for all of us! Enjoyed reading the article on Endal. It is so amazing how smart our animals are. Red was looking at the cage on deep freeze that I had DH bring in so I opened door to it and he sniffed all over it. Thought he would crawl in it but nope he didn't.

    Good luck to you Paulette with the dumpster dude and at the Casino. Sounds like a full day with cleaning. Sounds better than working! Its Friday so that is a good thing.

    Enjoy the day!


    Marlene Johnson
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    G-kids and I will be heading out the door in a couple of minutes to wait for the school bus.

     Linda - great story about Endal.  Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding??

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    Good morning Depo and friends.

    Depo enjoy your day! I know it can be hard crawling out of a bed when you're nice and cozy and warm.

    Paulette that is nice that the casino is giving you turkey and pies. I have never heard of that before. Try to put a dent in their financial status and wins some money.

    I woke up at 5 am with so much pain in my hip, leg with siatica and discs I got up and took some pills to get rid of the pain. I have to go back to bed and sleep some more. 

    Later on this morning I take Lucky to the groomers to get his hair cut short and make him look neater and ready for christmas. Then I go to see my doctor for more pill refills that I need and I guess clean the house or as mych as I can get done today with how I am feeling.

    Have a good Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend.


    Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Leave The Rest To God. Anita
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    Good Morning Everyone......


    Depo,  Those warm bodies are so expensive.....not to mention they have an opinion.  LOL.


    Paulette,  I wish you luck this morning with your "Dumpster Dude."  Tell it like it is.....the way I see it you go way beyond the call of duty.  Good luck tonight....I'm beginning to think I may never see the boat, again.


    Linda,  Those Pumpkin Snickerdoodles sound so good.  I am missing my oven, acutally, much more than the stove.  LOL.  I've always preferred baking to cooking.  Your blog today was so touching.  Have you been able to see DS yet? 


    Marlene,   Hope your day goes quickly and you'll be home before you know it.  We have our Thanksgiving potluck at church this Sunday, too.  DH is going to smoke a ham and I will make cole slaw....not a lot of choices as to what we can prepare.


    Beverly,  I saw your last nights awful for your town.  It has been our news along with some of the human interest stories.  What a tragedy.  Makes you wonder sometimes, doesn't it?  Are your little darlings off school all next week?  Such a cute rabbit.


    Sharon,  The pantry is done in black, gray and white.....the kitchen is gray and white.....two walls are brick and the cabinets are a deep burgundy.  The appliances are black......I think it will come together nicely...the brick is perfect with the cabinet color.  Nothing found yet for the windows......



    I started this long ago......I need to check and see if anyone else has come to visit.  Same thing today.....I'm upstairs working and DH is doing his turn in the kitchen.  We picked the sink and faucets last night and had dinner with DS as he was coming through town at the time we were in there.  That was a great break....we planned on going to a church dinner, however, since DS was in the town where we already were....we were easily persuaded.  LOL.

    Have a great day all.



    Marriage is like a deck of cards.  In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond.  By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade.

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    Anita,  Nice to see you this morning.  I feel so bad for your pain.....I have suffered with that and I know the depth of misery it causes.  I had a nerve entrapment and they did thing that ever happened to me.  When I woke up in the recovery room....the pain was gone.   Thinking of you.



    Marriage is like a deck of cards.  In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond.  By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade.

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    Now THIS is what I like to see on a day like today..........too bad that there's no recourse when it doesn't happen!  *pout*


    The period between November 17 and December 26 will be a reasonably profitable one

    Details for your card... 

    Ace of Pentacles 

    Briefly: You will be surprised to learn that one of your greatest financial wishes is about to come true.

    Full Meaning: This card shows a large pentacle in the middle which is symbolic of material wealth and abundance. If you should receive this card in your layout, and it is representative of a future event, then you will be surprised to learn that one of your greatest financial wishes is about to come true. This can bring financial stability to those who have never had it before in their life.



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    Linda - ANOTHER drizzly day today?  How depressing - and I'll bet that the fire ants are depressed as well!  LOL  Between all of us (DH, DD, Joe & myself), we'll be bringing home four Butterball turkeys and we can each pick either an apple or pumpkin pie!  Believe me, they're not just giving those things away to everyone that walks through the door - you have to have earned them through the money spent, money won, etc.  However, a person can get one today by "earning" 100 points.  The casino is more generous than most though when it comes to gifts.  Enjoy your programs today!

    Marlene - Yes, after the week I've had, cleaning sounds like a walk-in-the-park compared to working!  LOL  How's your knee holding up now?  Hopefully it's not as painful as it has been. 

    Beverly - Good Morning!  Are you hogging all the warm weather down there these days?  If so, give some up, will ya?  How's all the critters doing these days?  Did you get that last horse broke?

    Anita - So sorry that you're still dealing with pain, that's horrible!  Is there any end in sight?  When I had that, I went to get a deep tissue massage, followed by a chiro visit and that was the end of it - thank goodness!  I hope that you can get some relief from it soon!

    Diane - Good grief girl, how many clothes do you HAVE to still have to be working on them?  Maybe I should stop by and relieve you of some - my wardrobe can always use a little refreshing!  LOL  Good deal on finding the faucet............and getting to meet your son for supper last night, how fun!

    Well, I'm off to the shower and then I'll be on my way.  I'll check in when I get back!  Make it a good one everybody!


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    Good morning, DH was up and at em at 5 am, more grain to haul. I am just going to spend the day around the house getting a few things done. I am going to call insurance and get those rings insured. Did you see my rock appraised at more than double? I will never hesitate to order through this company again, if anybody is interested email me for the addy. Jenn got a custom made wedding band through them as well and it was half price. Just got it delivered yesterday.


    Anita, that is really bad with the pain you are having. If you have health benefit coverage at work perhaps you should try deep tissue massage and accupunture, we do have a lot of sciatica patients who get good relief. But it is expensive if you do not have it.


    Miss P, clean the freezer out!! That is a lot of turkeys. Good deal.


    Diane, exciting for your kitchen to be coming together, I know all too well about having to improvise while building/renovating. It is all worth it in the end but it does not seem like it when you are in the middle of it.


    Oh the spare bedroom downstairs is getting pretty full with pressies. Soon time to shut it down again. I always worry I will not know what to buy and end up with a ton. It is fun.


    Have a great day, Karen

    To everything there is a Time, Season and Purpose
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    Good morning BB friends

    Very cold here today too! Be prepared Linda!! We will be on our way soon!LOL

    Depo- A warm body.....hummmm a dog???? a cat?..... hum........ am armadillo????   LOL Hope today is a good one! (snicker snicker)

    Linda- You need to feed those poor fire ants! Think of their starving babies! You meanie you! LOL

    Marlene- Hope your day is going ood. I think it is funny that Red sniffed but walked away. Make it a paper bag and a different story! LOL

    Beverly- We saw the tragedy on the news this morning! So sad! I hope you too have a good day! And I wish I could take that rabbit! He is beautiful! (my weaknessis rabbits)

    Anita- Sorry you are hurting so again. I hope you can rest you hip off and on today!

    Diane- Good that you had supper with DS last night! And a good find on a faucet!

    Well I hope Heidi got off early and has safe travels today!

    I am so glad it is Friday! And then again this means working on the garage tomorrow! LOL  Chris


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    Miss P- Hope you get all you ask for today from the dumpster dude! May be the other one prepared the new guy! We can hope. Good deal ont eh Turkeys and pies!

    karen- Sounds like a good day for you! And a good deal on the "rock" I would love there addy! Thanks, Chris

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    Good afternoon,  beautiful day,getting up to 65 with no wind.Work was good so my feet are not hollerin' at me.Anita,sure wish they could give you something for your pain. Paulette,good luck at the casino.Need to start a load and figure out what's for dinner. Depo!!!

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    Hi Everybody.....

    Still on the road but the end is in sight!  We just entered North Carolina and Nag's Head is about another hour or so.  Called our friends (DS's GF's family) & told them we would be there soon - they have a restaurant all picked out for dinner! 

    It took us one hour just to get out of the area we live in this morning - (Chris - 22 was shut down due to a tractor trailer accident)....well, trying alternate routes that everybody else was taking made it a rough start).  We stopped at lunch time in Delaware at a restaurant that we know of there and like and DS called while we were eating and said Nina has a giant tick on her - the size of his pinkie finger - and I don't want to gross you all out but engorged and huge....GAG!  He was home alone and had to leave for work shortly -  he called other DS at his job (close by our house) and he came home on his lunch hour to help get the tick off with him - it's really a 2 person job - one holding the dog down & the other w/ matches and tweezers...they got the tick out including the head but Vet wants to still see her to get her meds just in case for lyme disease.  They can't make calls from work so they called DS#1 to make appointment and between the 3 of them and their work schedules, one of them will get her to the Vet.

    I hope you all are having a good day!  Hello to everybody!