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Good Morning My BB Friends

Last post Dec 27, 2012 8:04 PM by plumcrazy__Alta . 18 replies.

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  • Good Morning My BB Friends

    Good very cold morning, I actually slept good last night but had a frost covered car when I left. I need to hit the road so I can get back and wait for the repair guy. Stay warm and make the day great. Depo!!!

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    Good mornng~ Dennis hope the repair guy gets there and fixes you all up today. What else could go wrong? It is a chilly 9* here this morning. I need to go warm up my car as I left it out last night. So means I better get my duds on shortly and do that.

    Took a pill last night and stopped me from running to bathroom. So hope I will be fine today. I slept with ice pak on last night until 12 so did help. Need to quit being so stubborn and do that at night. My leg was so swelled and tight last night that made it hurt. Oh, you young gals and guys don't know what this old age is ! Live while you can!!! Sorry to say this is not fun.


    Marlene Johnson
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    Good morning was up early and had breakfast and ready to go on our Everglades tour. I see there is bad weather on the east coast. We had rain overnight so I am wearing long pants today. Dh and I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday. Darn lol. Depo I hope u get ur furnace fixed. I think I would have gone out and found me a fuse and put it in myself. But I am kinda handy that way We have our transfer booked for the ship already. Have a good day. Karen
    To everything there is a Time, Season and Purpose
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    Good morning Depo and all....We are sitting at 10 degrees this morning....BRRRR!


    Depo...Here's hoping the repairman gets there early this morning. I hope you day at work is a good one.

    Marlene.....Sorry to hear of the leg pain. What do you think i causing it? Sounds as if sleeping with the ice pack for awhile every night is a good idea. Work today?

    Karen...Enjoy your time away.

    Paulette...Lately, I have been bringing work home with me more than I care to, but I just fell so far behind. I am glad to hear your holiday's were spot on!


    Rosa....I ended up with work on my lap most of the night. Tonight we go to one of my sister's house for a get together with her daughter, husband, and kids....kind of a late Christmas get together.


    Heidi...I hope your DH was able to get a flight out to see his dad. How is he doing? Btter yet, how are they both doing....your DH and FIL?











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    Good Morning Depo & Everybody!

    Well I think that I'm going to survive today - I got a good night's sleep and now feel nearly "normal", whatever that is.  LOL  Just got a bit of laundry to do this morning so that DS can take it home with him when he leaves about noon.

    DD should be home from work in a couple of hours and will most likely sleep the day away as she worked all night.  Who KNOWS what DH & Joe will be doing today as they'll be home all week.  UGH!

    It's a whopping one degree here right now, heading up to 21 with snow moving in around rush hour tonight.  UGH!  Thankfully we're on the extreme northern edge of the system, so we should get very little of it.  Notice I did say SHOULD.  LOL

    Depo - I hope that you can get it all done quick today and that you'll be warm-as-toast sitting in your chair later on. 

    Marlene - Well thank goodness you got ONE problem taken care of last night, now let's hope that your knee feels good all day today for you. 

    Karen - It sounds like you're enjoying your time away, good for you!  Too bad that you'll be ending it before summer!  LOL

    Sharon - I hope that you have a great day at work today and a wonderful time tonight!

    Wishing everyone a good day today - may it go quickly............unless you're having fun, then may it last forever!  LOL


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    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks Marlene for adding my email to the board.

    This virus hit me hard. I haven't had a cold in years and the one year that Gregory is finally home for Christmas I was sick in bed. I'm glad I baked early, Dh dropped all the cookies off.

    It's 33 this morning but getting into the 60's today.

    I found this recipe for sore throat and cough and made it-


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    Good morning BB friends from very snowy Vermont I might add! LOL WE are really getting it. I came into work but no one else is and I called them to tell them it is so slippery out even my 4 wheel drive skidded! So I am going back home in  few!

    Depo- I hope you are getting fixed right up by now! Those fuses are so hard to find and I bet they had to get it from a F W Webb or some place like that! Hang in there!

    Marlene- I can so relate! Getting older stinks for sure! Mine is my hand! I wish some days to just cut it off but know that is not the answer. Just keep plugging away and swallowing some pills! I iced my hand and it gets better then I do stuff to make it hurt real bad again! Duh!!

    Karen- So glad you are enjopying your time in the sun! And glad you are not rubbing it in to the rest of us! Bwhahaha! A sun burn!!! I have a snow burn!! Does that count? LOL  Have a great time in the Everglades! I love them!

    Sharon- I found your recipe for the coaco in a jar and I am going to make some for my Nieces as they love hot chocolate~! Thanks, Have a good day working but not too hard.  And you can keep your temps!! LOL WE area t 27 right now but supposed to go up to 35 so this will become freezeing rain and sleet. I hope to be going home before that starts!

    Have a good day all, Chris  ( The Eskimo drinking her second mocha of the day, with no cookies in sight dang it)


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    Good morning Miss P- I see we are typing at the same time! Glad you are almost back to normal! And you too can keep that temp! LOL I do hope "the" all find something quiet to do today but do we want to take bets on that?? I think Not!! LOL Have a good one anyway!

    Linda- I see you are now back among the living! Wow that sure hit you hard. I have a scratchy throat today and so I think I am going to be under the weather by tomorrow! I was so hoping to avoid it! Just too many clients I have seen that are sick and they do not tell me or call me until I am there! I "run" out! LOL Have a good restful day!

    Chris (who found a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies in the kitchen here at work! Geneva's) Big Smile


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    Good morning,

    We're cold but not as bitter as it was.  There is a skiff of fresh snow so that helps the warming trend.  We still have wind chills in the minus twenty range.  We are about 2.5 hours NE of Minot.  This is typical winter weather and will likely be with us for months. 

    I got all the bedding washed up for the guest bedroom.  It will be a few days project to get things to where I want them.  I will spend a day on each wall and its 'stuff'.DH is heading to town--I'll go and get more storage totes but shorter than what is up there now.

    So far, we're both staying mostly healthy.  I had a raw throat before Christmas but it left quickly.  Sending healing thoughts for those in need.

    Stay warm and safe as you go about your day.

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    Good morning Pat- Glad to see you are "warming" up! Glad you did not come down with a cold! I am hoping minewill just go away! I too have a room to get at! Unless you want to come do it when you finish yours as you will be experienced at it by then! (wink wink)


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    Good Morning Depo and Everybody,

    I didn't have a good night at all last night - chills and coughing came back - it seems during the day I feel pretty good.....just stuffed up like I have a cold, but at night I get the chills, etc. and feel worse.  I know often we feel worse at night when our bodies are tired but it's kinda weird that I feel like I'm getting over this one minute and then the next, I'm feeling punk again so badly at night.  I'm just resting - doing totally nothing as I want to get over this as quickly as I can!!!  I'm finishing up the meds the doctor gave me today but I'm still taking tylenol/advil and something for the coughing until I'm over this. Just looking forward to having this a thing of the past and guess what?  Next year I am getting a flu shot!!!

    DH got a flight to San Francisco this morning - he will rent a car & drive to outside of Sacramento (about 2 hrs) to visit w/ his Dad.  DH has what I have, so he doesn't feel good either, but he pushed himself to go because his Dad doesn't have long - his Dad had his 2nd heart attack in less than a couple of might have even been a week and a half..... I can't really remember right now.....since I've been sick a week today & with Christmas, I've lost track of the days!  Anyway DFIL body is reacting to the cancer all over his body.....Sharon might be able to explain it better, but from what i understand, the cancer and the treatment (radiation) is putting stress on his organs and has led to the heart attacks - DFIL doesn't want to be resuscitated so he won't be taken to the hospital if he has another heart attack (his wishes).  

    I will see you all later after I catch up and read what all I have missed.  I am planning on just sitting on the couch today with my computer.  Thanks for all your good wishes that I'm feeling better and for DH's Dad - you guys are a great bunch!


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    I'm home and patiently (?) waiting for the heater repair guy to show up.It's sooooo cold in here,wish I had stopped and bought a small space heater.Heidi, thinking of you and DH,I know it's a hard time for you both. Depo!!!

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    Good morning everyone ~ We woke to a dusting of snow; mostly on the cars and such. We are suppose to get up to the lower 40s today. Breakfast was sausage, egg and cheese biscuits and bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, fruit, pastries, juice and coffee. I am dancing with the washer and dryer today. LOL

    Depo ~ Sure hope they get the fuse soon and get your furnace up and running. Isn't this the one you had installed just a few months back? Glad you were able to sleep well last night. Be safe today.

    Marlene ~ Glad the ice pack eased the leg so you could sleep. DH always says getting old isn't for the faint of heart. He says he seems to wake with a new ache or pain each day. Of course, being in EMS he does do heavy lifting and such. Hope your day will be a good one.

    Karen ~ Happy you are having such a wonderful time. How are you feeling? Have a blast!

    Sharon ~ Bundle up! Have a great time at your get together tonight. Are you making something to take with?

    Paulette ~ Love your quote at the bottom. Glad to hear things are returning to some sense of normalcy around your place. Hope your day will be a great one.

    Linda ~ So good to have you back. I am glad you are on the mend. Sorry that you were sick during Gregory's time home. When will he have to head back? I saw that sore throat/cough mixture on Pinterest as well. I pinned it in case I ever needed it.

    Chris (aka Cookie Monster) ~ What's up with your hand? I think you should head on home before it gets worse. Travel safely.

    Pat ~ I would imagine that is typical weather for your area. I see you are making progress on the guest room. Once you finish yours, and get done at Chris' place I'd be happy for you to come help me. I am a pretty good cook I'm told. Wink

    Heidi ~ I am glad DH got a flight. My heart goes out to him. It is never easy to be faced with this. Still praying for his Dad as well. Sorry you can't seem to shake this mess. A day of doing nothing will probably be good.  My DH said you explained it perfectly well. He did want me to ask you if DFIL has the DNR paperwork? Medical workers will ask for it.  Big hugs and prayers for you all. Have you spoken to your parents lately? How are they doing?

    Elaine ~ Was good to see you popped in last night. How was your trip and are you feeling better?

    I have been typing this forever it seems. Several interruptions and tending to the laundry also.




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    I HAVE HEAT!!!!!!!!  It will take a while to warm the house back up but I'm sure glad it's fixed and cleaned.Rosa, it was my A/C that I had to replace last summer.Need to figure out what's for lunch. Depo!!!

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    Came home and had lunch with DH and decided I am not going back out. It is snowing and inch an hour right now! And sleet mixed in. Very nasty! So I am going to make some calls from here and that will be that!