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FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

Last post Jan 04, 2013 5:37 PM by cooktocook . 13 replies.

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  • FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Good morning friends.


    Grilled rib eye steaks are on the menu for tonight.


    Ann, I'll post the chick savoy recipe later. You might be able to do a search on here as well.


    Need to catch up w/ everyone. Had friends over for dinner so been busy entertaining and cleaning up.


    Enjoy your day.




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  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Good morning friends. 

    Marlene, don't know if you saw it or not, but I posted the recipe you asked for late last night.  Let me know what you think of the dish should you decide to make it.

    If anyone is interested, on ustream, their is an eagle cam set up in North Ft. Myers, Fl.     I saw it mentioned on tv yesterday so I had to check it out--saw a little baby eagle in the nest and I think maybe another egg Mom had thereHope it opens fo you.

    Have you seen any advertisements for Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off?  It begins this coming Sunday, 9pm.  I'll probably be tuning in, how about you?  I heard there also some other new shows beginning on the Food Network, but only could find info. on Chef Wanted w/ Anne Burrell that begins the end of January.  Anyone know what the other shows might be and when they begin?

    It is clean out the refrigerator day, so no cooking here,  just reheating leftovers.  We have soup, bar-b-q pork, meatless spaghetti, creamed peas, cheese potatoes, apple sauce, and unstuffed cabbage roll casserole from yesterday.

    Had a light rain off and on all night, same expected for today, high around 67. 

    Talk with you later.  Need to go now and see what I must pick up at the Amish Market when it opens later this morning.



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    Good morning~ Lori I could not get on here last night to say I copied it. This site is something else! This morning I had to sign in again. My Norton picks up all kinds of things on this site and deletes them.

    Having my first cup of coffee this morning. Will get to work and get the day over with. Let the busy week-end begin.


    Marlene Johnson
  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Mmmmmm, your steaks sure sound good, Nancy.

    Let the busy week-end begin.

    Marlene, how true is that. So much to do when we're NOT working.Now that some of the painting is done, I need to get new towel racks, switch plates, etc. for the bathrooms so I'm sure that a good part of Saturday will be spent at Home Depot or Lowes. Need to make a stop at Sam's too.


    Lori, have to say, I wish I could try your recipe because I love cabbage, but unfortunately I'm the only one here who does. However, both boys did try the collard greens I cooked on Tuesday and admitted they were "not bad."


    We've got plenty of barbecue to feed us through the weekend, plus some leftover hamburgers from earlier in the week as well.

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    Dh is really feeling awful with his sinus infection - hopefully meds will kick in soon and have him on the mend.

    I am taking my car in for servicing today. I will do that while the cleaning lady is here performing her miracles. lol

    Last night I made Foodguy's Restaurant Style spaghetti sauce. I added browned ground beef, some jarred minced garlic, and a little Merlot. It was wonderful as usual. This has been my go-to spaghetti sauce for years now - ever since it was posted on the bb. Foodguy will always live on my heart thru this recipe and the oven fried chicken one.

    I have really been enjoying my retirement, and am going to miss the freedom when I return to work on Monday.

    I have been given an incredible opportunity to continue in my old job until I move to California. This will be a wonderful financial boon as I will get my retirement pay as well as pay for this job too. I will be able to put this money into savings for the move. yippee! 

    I got all of the Christmas decorations down last night, now dh needs to put them away when he feels up to it. At least the cleaning lady has a clean slate to work with again.

    I hope all of you have a great day!

    Nancy, bless you for always being so upbeat and starting this thread each day! It is so appreciated.


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    Good Morning,

    There's a light rain outside my window, light enough that I think I can sit on the semi-covered section of the lanai and not get wet.  I'm back to my books after a lull during the holidays.  We'll have to dash out later for a quick trip to the bank and Super Target but other than that, it'll be a quiet day.

    We're having pizza and a salad tonite for dinner.  Hubby will probably be watching one of the Bowls.

    Have a lovely Friday, friends.

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    Happy Friday!

    Lynn, I really hope the meds do kick in soon and your DH will start to feel better. That's wonderful that you can have your cake and eat it too! A job, and get your retirement check too!

    We are heading out in a few minutes, as I have to get some things back to the library. I think we will grab some lunch - just something light since Ray says we are eating out tonight.

    We had a 40% chance of rain today, but it is not raining at the moment, still very gray out there. We need the moisture badly, so I sure can't complain when the Lord blesses us with rain.

    Elza, let the fun begin! Isn't it fun to decorate? That is a few years away for me I think. I do look forward to having a "real" home again. I love the rv and love the travels, too. I guess I want it all, haha.

    DH just called about the rv, and they are working on it, trying hard to get it ready today for pick up. we'll see.  There was only about 3 items to repair and they have had it since December 17th! Those folks are slow as molasses. I am so thankful we have friends who are happy to let us stay with them.

    I'm looking forward to next Thursday when we will reach 67.

    Make it a great day.


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    Mornin' all (just).

    We have very strong winds which have had our internet down all morning.  Hopefully it is back to stay.

    Another day of leftovers for us as we continue to empty the fridge.  I know there is a cauliflower - not sure whatelse but I'll find something to feed us for sure.

    Hope you all have a good day,


  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Good morning everyone,

    Light snow here this am.  Smoking ribs in the oven this morning, then will finish on the grill later.  I love smoker bags.




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    Good morning west coasters and afternoon the rest of the country.  It's a beautiful day here and I am sure much warmer outside than in here so I need to go hop in the shower to warm up.  I am running late today...had Darrin yesterday and he is a barrel of fun but I am feeling my age today and moving at a snails pace. That is the one good thing about living alone, I can do what I want when I want!

    Debbie, welcome to What's Cookin'. So nice to have you join us. I hope you post often. I bet your ribs will be lip smackin' goodStick out tongue. I love smoked and grilled ribs!Yes

    I came home yesterday with Darrin's car seat so will run it over to him today since I got a Kohls gift card for Christmas I need to see about using.

    Have a happy and much blessed day friends.


    EDITED TO ADD: Lori I went back to read what I missed yesterday after I left and no Taco Bell yesterday.   Little Mr. Darrin chose Rubio's, because of course that is OUR place! I love that little guy!!! Big Smile




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  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Welcome DHulling. I hope you come back and post often.

    My DH and I visited Alaska for the month of July in 2011. Of course we fell in love with it! Beautiful state.

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    Just popping back in to let you all know that we get the rv back tomorrow. They only got the cable repaired, NONE of the other things we asked. They told DH, next time, call ahead and schedule an appt and let us know what you want done......which is exactly what we did way back when before we ever took the rv in. So, what have they been doing from December 17th until today? Grrr!

    I also meant to tell you that my dessert latsnight was very good. Everyone liked it alot. I ended up calling it strawberry crumble, since the pie slices fell apart when I cut them, but the taste was very nice, especially with the real whipped cream. I used Splenda, so it was fine for the diabetics, and the taste was fine.

    Here is a link.


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    Hello, everyone!  It's another cold day, but, hey, it's winter in New England!!!  Made  the Cranberry cornbread form the Nov/Dec "Eating Well" today to go with our turkey chili!  It's posted on Cookin' Seniors January recipes if you are interested.  It's yummy...not too sweet...the way I like it.

    Busy day today!  So I'll just say hello and send hugs and waves.  Have a great Friday evening!


    TOH Volunteer Field Editor 

  • Re: FRIDAY: What's Cookin'? 1/4/2012

    Hello once again friends. 

    First, Debbie welcome to What's Cookin'.  It was so nice to have you join us today.  .  My name is Lori and I am a kindergarten teacher living on the gulf coast of south Florida.  I read that you were once active on the BB, but have been away for awhile.  Glad you returned and I sure hope we'll see you post here often.  BTW, your dinner sounds good!

    Elza, what a nice accomplishment to get both of your boys to try collard greens.  I've tried them a few times and I find them just okay, but DH, oh my gosh, is wild about them!  Not sure where you DS#1 is in Florida or what he's doing while down here, but sadly, he isn't getting the best weather that most people wish for when visiting down here.  This morning the sea fog rolled in again in my area, and our high struggled to reach 64.  Weather guessers claim this is what we'll have for the next few days.  

    Lynne, I hope your DH will find some relief for his sinus infection, they are no fun!  What a simply fabulous offer to collect your retirement pay, then get another paycheck doing your former job until you leave for California-WOW!!  Have you put your home up for sale yet?  If I remember correctly, you aren't leaving until June ot July, correct?

    Tammy, have you and DH thought about where will your "real" home will be when the time comes to get off the road?  Back in Houston, or maybe closer to one of your DS's?  Hope you got the fifth wheel back today.  Where will you be heading next?

    Jan, glad you and Darrin had a lovely time together while out for your lunch date at your favorite resturant.  Is he getting use to you not having "vanilla hair"?  LOL.  Glad he did so well on skates the other day.  I think that is great and bet that must make Daddy very happy too.

    I ran into some good deals at the Amish Farm Market, so even though I did not plan to cook anything today, I did.  I got two huge heads of cauliflower for $1 each.  With one, I began making the PW's caulifower soup, but made some changes to it to cut some fat out of it.  Then with the 2nd head, I made a Twice Baked Cauliflower again trying to cut some of the fat out of the recipe.  The soup was very comforting on the cool, gray day.  Had a quick taste of the Twice Baked as I pulled it from the oven-good-saving that for tomorrow.

    I also found a good deal on apples, so added them to what I had already in the refrigerator and made another batch of applesauce.

    DH and I didn't chip away at the leftovers as much as I had hope due to the fresh, hot soup I made, so already planning another go around with them tomorrow.

    Spoke to DD this afternoon after 4 days at her new job.  She said it's alittle over whelming and alot to learn, but she thinks it's going to be okay once she gets the hang of everything.  She was also telling me that they had a water spout that came in off the Atlantic today, but it never touched down.

    Time to empty the dishwasher.  Take care friends.


     *Tammy I see you posted, as well as Anne, while I was typing.  Tammy, I'm sorry about your rv.  Plan to check out both of your recipes girls.  Have a nice evening.