I went to Lowes last night to buy some weather stripping for my doors and found they had marked down some of their weather stripping/weather proofing stuff.

I bought some MD V-Flex weatherstrip to go around some of my doors and I'm also going to put it around some of our closet doors (the closets that are on outside walls) to keep out drafts. It was $1.22 for each 17 foot roll, it's enough to do one door or 2 average size windows. It had been $4 something. They also had some other types of weather stripping products on clearance.

While I was there, they had several Gilmour Easy-Set electronic water timers on clearance for $20.00. They are digital and run on batteries. I had one that was old and someone had given it to me, but it quit working. You program it for when you want it to come on and it turns on your water hose. (Basically it just allows a valve to open so water can come through the hose at the times you program it for. Also shuts off the water when you want it to) It had been $34.00.