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01/25/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

Last post Jan 25, 2012 8:24 PM by atvgranny_WI . 28 replies.

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  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning, CS.

    Will be out and about to get errands done on another nice day.

    ZORA, safe travels for you and Bob.

    CILLA, my SU lady is very creative. She has found some of her ideas on the web. We all like www.splitcoaststampers.com . I do run out of cardstock sometimes, but as for stamps, ink, etc., I know I have more than I need. I bought my IL DD a big Cricut and she makes things for me. I think if you buy Forever Stamps now it will be at the new increase.

    Have a good walk, MARGARET, and watch the mud and puddles.

    ROSIE, saw the national radar and that's one heck of a storm you're having.

    LOIS, there is an addy to send your problems to. I will post it later when I get it copied. Also a thread going on KC for posters with problems of the site being slow.

    MABEL, they say "turn about is fair play". You give help and happiness to the VA and they in turn give you joy and good friends. Enjoy the meal and fellowship.

    NANCY B, not sure you've seen the Prez come in more times than I. I am "mature", too.

    YF, a good day wishes to you, too. Don't forget a prayer for the CS.

    BRENDA, we're getting a pie in the mail? Sounds good to me. LOL Chinese will be a good way to end your grocery trip.

    ANN B, you sure endure many trials. Truthfully, it would not be for me.

    CHERI, speaking of trials, yours are quite trying, too. BTW, we've had more Brozilian seminarians visiting our church.


    TIPPY, we all see the good you are doing for the student.

    Heading out for my errands.

    Hugs and prayers for all CS.

    Nancy Z.


  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    LOIS, the addy I had for help leads you to the thread on Kitchen Chat. Check it out, maybe some help will come from all those that post with problems.

    Nancy Z.

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Zora: I do feel for you! My little childhood home is no longer there. It has been torn down and the only thing left is the barn that I helped my Dad to build. It jerks my heartstrings and I don't even like to go there anymore. There is just something about our first home that always has a special place in our hearts.........DD and I eat a lot of P.B. I love it with a slice of cheese on my sandwich.

    For all of those who asked: I do feel much better this morning, no headache. Brenda, I hope you can get a nap and maybe feel better too..........Yesterday, I was so glad I canceled my P.T. as it took DD 2 hours and 40 min. to get the 82 miles to work! The snow plows hadn't even started on the 20 miles of highway in our area and had just begun on the main 62 mi.  that she had to travel. She said there was just one skinny lane there. Last night, I skipped the fire meeting and was glad because the Secretary said the road was a muddy mess when she went to it. I certainly hope it dries out today as I am supposed to have my last (I think) P.T. appt. tomorrow.

    Margaret: Wow! You were certainly an ambitious cook yesterday! I will certainly look for that virtual platter.

    Rose: I guess you have been getting the storm that left us with the 4" of snow yesterday morning. Stay safe! Is TX recovering any from the drought we both had last year?

    Lois: I am curious. How long does it usually take you to make a quilt? It sure doesn't sound as if it takes you very long.

    Mabel: If I wasn't almost 4 hours from the VA that my DH went to, I would certainly volunteer also. I would really enjoy it and it is something very worthwhile to be doing......You know, years and years ago (we had not been married long) I mentioned to my DH that it seemed the old women were always the drivers for the old men. When I had to start doing the driving, he remembered what I had said and mentioned it. Does this show something about the "inner strength" we women have?

    NanB: We listened to the State of the Union address too, also heard Biden this morning. Same ol', same ol', I thought. They are honoring Gifford this morning as she is resigning. I do admire her. She really has courage, doesn't she? I am so gald you has recovered as well as she has. It was nice to see her at the address last night. She sure looked pretty. I loved that blue that the First Lady wore.

    YF: I liked the first judges they had on American Idol better than I do these.

    Brenda: Hope you can get a nap and get to feeling better!

    Cheri: I was happy to see that you were able to get the car repaired on your shopping trip. I know what you mean about no room in the freezer! When I got to go shopping after my two months of not being able to go, I had the same problem.

    Sandy: I am no good with computers either. They can be such a headache - and aspirin doesn't fix that!

    Mel: Your Dad's French Onion Soup sounds so good. I do love that soup but never get it because DD simply won't eat it. I have to sneak minced onions into my dishes or she will pick them out!

    It is supposed to get up to about 40 here today so maybe some more of this snow will melt and the surface dry out some. So much for the predictions that said we were in for a dry winter! Well, we sure need the moisture as we were about 4.55" below normal at the end of the summer. I think I will make some Cowboy Biscuit dough today as we haven't had any of those lately. Also JP has made me hungry to make some homemade bread so I am planning to do that - but not today. I am working hard on the crocheted Baby Blanket for my DGD. I would like to mail it so she can have it for her shower but don't know if I will have it ready in time. Ranger is behind me snoring away and I still need to get myself showered and dressed for the day so better get busy. Waving at all of you. Like Rosie says, you are all loved!




  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning Zora...and everyone ! I have been reading the posts here...but i never posted myself.. Zora..i enjoy reading your daily threads....and what national holiday it is daily...like today is national peanut butter day.!!!  I hope i can join in once in awhile.!!!! helen in chicago

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Welcome Helen! So glad you posted, we love new people to join the CS family. Hope to see you around~ Coffee joining you for a cup at coffee time~



    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

    Psalm 46:1

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good afternoon, kind of cold & cloudy today, don't know what weatherman said last night as I fell asleep.


    Zora.....safe travels my friend.  Oh, I soooo understand about your Mamas house, they tore down the one I grew up in several years ago, I won't even drive that way if I can avoid it....makes my heart hurt.


    Cilla.....sending a big wave your way, was wondering about you yesterday, always so glad to know my friends are ok.  Talked to DD this morning, little Katie is on a round of antibiotics, hates the taste of the stuff, but will make her feel better, she's a little character.


    Margaret.....OH WOW....all that baking you did yesterday, made my mouth water, just love my sweets.


    Rosie....you were up at 2:00am this morning?  Gads....hope you were able to go back to sleep.


    Lois....now don't forget.....blue is my favorite color....LOL!  Oh & French toast is among one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.


    Mabel....I certainly agree....the VA is lucky to have you...


    NancyB....LOL....you never fail to bring a smile to my face.


    YF....yikes....computer problems, hate it when that happens.


    Brenda.....if you can just wait until tomorrow I'll gladly get your groceries, gotta make my run tomorrow, almost out of milk.


    Cheri....Katie is feeling better today, bless those antibiotics, thank you for asking.  Ha....yep, I know I'm picky....LOL....green things & raisins don't get a good ranking from me.  Now my DH is just the opposite, haven't found a thing in 43 yrs. the man won't eat, so easy to cook for.


    Sandy....there you are, was going to ask about you today, missed seeing you.  Oh, it's terrible not being able to munch away on sweets, always had a basket of candy bars sitting around, not any more, haven't bought any since Sept....choc, sure do miss it.


    Mel....awww....loved the poem.  Reading about all the energy that Miss J has makes me tired....don't know how you keep up....LOL!


    Nancy Z...sending you a big wave.


    AnnB....hmmmm, French onion soup, that's one thing I've never had, does sound good though.


    Helen....Hello....so glad to have you join us, please drop in any time, always enjoy seeing new faces here.


    Have to go take an early shower, going to that funeral today, will be visiting with my sister, haven't seen her in a while, but do keep in touch via text, E-mail etc.  Don't know when we'll be home so may not be back this evening.  Hope everyone has a good day.




  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hey, Benda, go back and read your post and tell me if you think there is any difference between what you and I watched last night.  LOL.  Nancy B.



  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Your funny, NANCY B. I actually thought along the same lines when I read it.

    DH had his own addition since I was upset the Biggest Looser was cut down to 1 hour and said, "I missed an hour of Biggest Looser for the speech."  You fill in the blanks that he came up with.


    I just got back from the trip to deliver the kiddo and had my prayer partner over, swallowed lunch in a hurry and now I'm racing off to go pick him up.

    The annual business meeting for our church is tonight so I'll be getting back just in time to heat up leftovers and scoot out the door again.


    I'll catch up tomorrow but I really want to throw a BIG WELCOME out to our new friend.

    Pull a chair up and tell us all about yourself. Do you have any furbabies? 



  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Zora, Travel Prayers. Is this the house that Roy lived in? I wish you would hurry up and move up here so we could meet and have lunch at least.

    Rosie: The paper said that storm was heading our way. Hope it looses some steam.

    Mel: Beautiful Poem

    Well, I have had an agrivating day. Floyd and Louise came over this AM. He was going to help DH do drywall and I promised a long time ago to cook Sonoran style Mexican for them. So they got here and the phone rang and a neighboring FD called to ask for help with a controlled burn. At noon!!!! Since I had made homemade tortillias and enchiladas and done all the chopping and shredding and prep work I had steam coming out my ears. As it worked out no one else could help until two so they put the burn off till then. They got some of the drywall up, and my lunch was not ruined and now they are off to burn down a house. They think that is fun!

    Don't throw tomatoes at me but I like Joe Biden. I think he is a hoot and is a hard working man. I sure wouldn't want to be a Pres or VP with literally, the weight of the world on thier shoulders, day in day out year in year out. I suppose that is why the terms are limited as much as anything.

    Everyone is gone so gonna put up my feet and watch some senseless tv. R.

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good evening, everyone!  Just got back from the retirees' lunch about 30 minutes ago.  It is so much fun to go out with these people...the two retired males of the Middle School had to cancel so there were 8 gabby ladies.  The view from the panoramic windows facing the Atlantic was awesome.  Tide was in so it was flowing right under the building.  We had a delicious lunch and chatted for THREE hours...tide was half way out by the time we left!!!  That was even more beautiful to look at.  On the drive home there was sort of a rainbow...maybe from the solar flares???  Next meeting with the retirees is a cooking class that I and another avid cook will be giving in February. 

    Our weather is still balmy for January....I hope we are not going to get zapped in the next few months!!

    Zora - Safe trip!  Bill and I will probably move to NH in a few years.  Lawrence is just not a safe and desirable place to live if one is educated and solvent and needing peace, quiet, & security.  It will sadden me to sell "my grandfather's house", but he is probably rolling over in his grave with all of the negative changes that have happened here.

    Mel - Enjoyed your poem!

    Sending waves to all and hugs to those who need them.  Going to the movies tomorrow late morning (senior discount!!) to see either "Iron Lady" or "Red Tails".  I owe you all a long chat and will be back soon for that. 


    TOH Volunteer Field Editor 

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    I needed to slip back in and let you know what transpired in my life today.

    I got home and went to my mailbox. A car pulled up along side me. A man rolled down his window and called my name. Turns out he IS someone I know and he is also a sex offender and one who I have not trusted to be near me since I first met him many years ago (even before he was convicted). I was babysitting for a friend and I caught him peeping in the windows at that time.   

    As he leaned out his car window, he said, "Hey, looks like we are going to be neighbors. I bought that house right over there." (As he pointed straight across the field). "I think I'll be seeing a lot of you from now on."

    I stood motionless and creeped out. He laughed. 

    I'm getting heavier drapes on all my windows and extra locks on my doors. Egads. 

    So help me, I was already the victim of something many years ago and I'll be double dipped if it will happen again. 

    I am so creeped out right now I can't even think straight. 


    Sorry to dump on you but I needed to tell someone and then I need to think this through with a clearer head. 


    Talk to you all later.



  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    OMG, Tippy!  First, check out if he really is going to own property near you.  Second,  notify the local police and state your concerns; they can probably do nothing at the moment, but you have recorded your concern.  Third, keep a journal of any interaction with this creep...date, time, and brief description of contact.  Fourth, take pictures of anything unusual and catalog them.  Fifth, if he keeps "talking" to you get a restaining order.  Sixth, if he accosts you at, say, the grocery store, get someone to corroborate it...like the checkout clerk, if you can.  Sixth, get a permit for mace/pepper spray.  I used to carry a parrot beak can opener in my hand when I walked from my dorm to college functions at night....scratch his eyes out!!!  {Hugs and Prayers}...


    TOH Volunteer Field Editor 

  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    OMG Tippy....my skin is crawling just reading about this creep....please take the necessary precautions that Ann suggested.  Have you told Rich yet?  Good grief, I'd hate to hear what he has to say....the walls would be blue if it was my husband....he would erupt.  Hugs, hugs & more hugs.


    Home safe & sound from the funeral, kind of rough to get through, this was the funeral for my BIL's step father.... BIL is dad to the little gal we lost in Sept....sooo emotions were still pretty high & lots of raw feelings, know I had to fight to keep it together.  Was able to talk to my sister for a bit, they still had to drive back to Ft. Wayne tonight, about an hour & half from here.  Came home, got in my jammies & fixed me a frozen WW meal, called it dinner.  DH cuddled in his chair for the evening also.


    Talked to DD #1 uppn coming home, said Katie still not eating real well, came home from the sitters & laid down in her bed, unusual for this little gal, hope she gets to feeling more like herself pretty soon.


    Hope everyone has a good evening, see everyone tomorrow.



  • Re: 01/25-26/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    TIPPY, my reaction is the same as ANN's. And she sure covered the things you ought to do. Even had a couple more than I was going to say. But reporting him and documentation is important. Do you have motion lights around the house? We have them in front and the back of our house. So sad you will have to put up with that creep if he is telling the truth about the house.

    Nancy Z.