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05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

Last post May 10, 2012 9:12 PM by Pbrown1 . 22 replies.

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  • 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning:


    I have spent the day planning our tour of Route 66.  But it’s on in my mind so far.  But I did find one very interesting fact for Bob at least, one of his best friends lives in Arkansas.  We can get on Rt 66 not really far from there in Oklahoma and head west for a few weeks then head home on the Old Spanish Trail (US90).  Then a few months later decide to go further west or head north. But for now it is only in the dreaming and discussion stage.  At least it is out of the distant future stage.


    Bob did good fishing today 2 speckled trout about 19 inches long and bunches of white trout.  Bob will clean the specks for us to eat and then he will give the white trout to the girls at work.


    I tried the Penzey’s Ruth Ann Chicken and Fish seasoning I got free with my order.  I fixed some chicken and coated it with the seasoning and flour.  It was great.  Bob really enjoyed it and so did I. 



    Thought of the Day-You might be a Southerner if: You carry hot sauce with you wherever you go.


    Today is Clean Up Your Room Day, a day parents eagerly await........... and kids dread!


    If you've got kids, it is very possible that their rooms are a vast wasteland, completely filled with "good stuff". "Messy" is too kind of an adjective to describe the conditions. It’s impossible to walk through the room. Every dresser and shelf (and under the bed), is packed with everything imaginable. Dust has been piling up as long as your child has been around. Comfy, cozy, and quite livable to the child, it’s an everyday source of frustration for the "folks".


    To mom and dad's delight, and every child's chagrin, Clean Up Your Room Day arrives every May 10th. Get out the shovels. Call in an industrial sized dumpster. It’s time for everyone to clean your rooms!



    Waving to Lesia!!


    Special hugs and prayers for Anne, Betty, Merle, Sherry and Odell, Cilla, Cats, and Sally and Colleen.

    And Don’t Forget the basket!! Keep it full of extra hugs and prayers for all that need them!!

    Remember the group prayer! “Heavenly Father, we ask that you watch over and care for all Cookin’ Seniors and those they love as they go about their day!!




    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Ann-Who does the light housekeeping and shopping for $12.40 a month if you don’t do it?

    Brenda-Gertie’s babies look like a nest of feathers.

    Pat-Congratulations to the new great great Grand Baby.

    Cilla-Hope your face gets better soon.

    Penny-I get Bob one style sock in White and in Black.  I just wash and throw them in the drawer and hope the numbers come out fairly even.  As you can tell there is nothing OCD about me.  Know you enjoyed the massage!

    Tippy-Love the pages you show of your trip to Texas! LOL when I go on RT 66 I will send you the pictures and you can make me a scrapbook.  I might do a blog like Rosie’s but no scrapbooking for me.  That little black and tan dog on the last picture was at the Strawberry Festival in Foley too.

    Rosie-Glad Doreen felt good enough to go out for supper!!

    Hugs and prayers for all



    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning, well its a wet one yet again.

    We had a nice walk yesterday and it kept dry, so hope it stops today for todays walk.

    Tippy lovely pictures thanks for sharing them.

    NanB prayers for a safe trip to your other home.

    Ann $12.40 thats a laugh to pay someone, I know your db will be happy for your help.

    Brenda does not look like Gertie as much room in her nest.

    Nan hope you goyt the pc you wanted.

    Pat glad you found your phone once when on Holiday we stopped for the night and I could not find my phone,I had used it a while before to ring the lady to ask the way from the village,dh tried to ring it but no signal,so we had to drive a mile down the road and he tried again it had fallen in the rubbish bag we had in the car.

    Congratulations on the new gggb

    Cilla hugs hope you soon feel better((((((((((CILLA))))))))))))0


    Penny glad you enjoyed your massage.What sort of books does penny vincenzi write.

    Ok must make a move filing the asket with prayers and hugs help your selves any one that needs them


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat
    well, guess I slept too much yesterday...I've been up...  The birds are chirping and loudly, too!! Here I sit, playing on the 'puter and hurting. My face looks terrible. I might cover this mess and see if I can make it  in Cades Cove. We will see.

    We opened the camper up yesterday...it was 70!! Then had to shut the windows as the sun went down as it got cool!! We had taken the blankets off the bed and had to get one out. Supposed to be cool at night...mid 70s during the day. Ahhhhh!!! Much better than the high 80s at home.

    Hope everyone has a great day....waving to all....


                       cilla / NW FL                                   

  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    The system that worked for me with the 2 sons was to gather everything "loose" in their rooms once a week, put it in the garbage can downstairs (only paper in that one) and invite them to go thru it to take what they wanted.  It was amazing how much junk they didnt take!

         Tippy, I will never get to see the places you photographed so filled my eyes with your pics.  They are lovely.

         My son comes in tonite and I am excited, of course .  I have a long list of stuff for him to do so I know he won't have time to get bored.

         Am I the only one who thinks MARRIAGE is part of religion and not part of government?  So let same-sex couples have legal rights but marriage is down the block at their churches.  Well, that's my opinion.  I also think abortions are in the same category - i.e. a religious matter.  So there.

         Gotta get dressed for my last day at exercise.  I'm down to wearing clothes I am not taking home!  NancyB



  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hi everyone!  Quick stop in before school and taking day off to go to Senior Breakfast with mom and Dad.  If I don't get here later I want to wish all of you a ~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from Me and Jonte'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Oh and unless I add a note to any E-mails that is like this DO IT WITH GUSTO delete it. Thanks guys Love you all. See you soon or in the funny papers.Wink Left Hug


    mel'skitchen DO IT WITH GUSTO

  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Howdy all,

    Sneezing my head off


    This has been me for about a week or more.  Doesn’t want to stop........


    On my third type of allergy control medicine starting this last moth




    DH doing great.  Back to driving the car now ha.


    Eating much better and actually has an appetite. Still only little bites but I am so encouraged.


    So many to talk to but not enough time right now


    Rosie love the pics.  Sigh; wish I could have been there.


    RT 66 Oh sounds great.  Is there much of that left anymore with expressway taking over.


    I love the back roads to cruise along on but so hard to find anymore.


    Oh Cilla, my jar hurts for you. Did you say what caused it?


    I had something similar once.  It was the blocked gland.


    Believe it or not the Dr besides giving me antibiotics, I had to suck on sour things.  It broke it loose the blockage on salivary. I went through a bag and a half of sour lemon balls.


    Wasn’t red but just slightly swollen.


    Monday was the date of my Mom’s birthday. She has been gone since 1998 and I always get so weepy when it’s close to Mothers Day.


    Oh Penny sure hope your DH follows Dr’s instructions good. good.


    Especially not trying to lift anything heavy.  With all the extra work he does on machinery to help his friends out. Going to be a no no.  Hugs for (((( YOU))) 


    Sure want to put flowers out but can’t do the bending over so guess it will be all in pots  this year except for my elephant ears have to be  planted.


    Love Love to all and sorry for those I missed.


    Thank goodness my computer is still plugging along. 








  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Quick stop for now before running off to deliver student.

    ZORA~~What seasoning blend was in that chicken/fish packett? I'll look for it when I get to Penzys.


    NANCY B~~Are you leaving this weekend?


    MABEL!!! Where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are...Home free.


    NANCY Z~~It sounds like it's been a tad busy at your house lately. Are you all set to do the Mother's Day bell choir? Wished I could hear that.


    SANDY~~I'm glad to hear that your hubby is doing better but I'm thinkin' that you could use a boost yourself. Stand firm friend!


    A big ol' wave to the rest for now. I'll catch up later. No ladies bible study today because so many are gone this week. I'm heading to the flower gardens today or the weeds will take over. We have all but plants done in the vegetable garden. Told hubby I thought we were going to "cut down". ha! 




  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    HUGE hugs for CILLA and DOREEN too!!!


  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Wishing everyone a good morning!  Off to yoga; will be back later.  This was just on AOL...heartwarming.  http://www.aol.com/video/homepage-for-heroes-surprise-military-homecomings/517361402/?icid=maing-grid10%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl4%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D159279


    TOH Volunteer Field Editor 

  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Talking about clean up room day reminds me that last week I was looking for an old crochet pattern  for a small item and I ran across this packed away.


    It was made many years ago when grandson quite young.


    It is Ollie the Octopus.



    I guess I should re name it as I made a diferent  type hat and should call it Olivia



  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Tippy-Ruth Ann's
    Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning



    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    This is for everyone who is hurting!


    Thanks ZORA. I'll look for it. I love trying to spice up chicken and fish with something different.


    SANDY~~I love the octopus!! Adorable.


    I've gone to my mom's place for the first stop of the day and have about an hour to devout to pulling weeds, so that's where I'm heading now.

    Big waves and wishes for a happy heart


  • Re: 05/10/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    I have been trying to catch up with the last two days of postings since I wasn't on yesterday.

    Zora: I think the washing machines love to eat socks!........You know that old 66 runs through N.M. too, don't you??? The old one was called 'Bloody 66' because there were so many accidents on it. I am very glad they redid it!

    Ann: $12.40 a month figures out to $148.80 a year. Wow! That will put you into another tax bracket for sure! LOL!

    Tippy: Such beautiful scrapbooking! No wonder you fell in love with the big state of Texas! (Have fun pulling weeds. That is said tongue in cheek)

    Margaret: Yours, and Pat's stories, of your lost cell phones are funny. We don't get a signal out here so can't use them. That solves our problems about lost phones!

    Cilla: I missed reading what is wrong with your face but sure hope you get to feeling better soon. (((Hugs)))......I have not taken my comforter off my bed yet, because some of the nights still get down pretty low, but have thrown it off two or three nights. Wish it would make up its mind whether it is going to be cold or warm!

    NanB: It is my personal opinion that the govt. sticks its nose into too many of our personal affairs.

    Mel: Be sure to have breakfast with your folks with GUSTO!

    Sandy: If you find something that helps your allergies, please let me know. My nose and eyes have been streaming for days now and I have tried so many things.............That siggy of Old 66 looks like the old one here in N.M...........Little Ollie is so cute!

    Well, I am stuck again! Last night at choir practice, we were trying to find songs for Mother's Day and I asked if they knew "My Mother's Bible". Nobody did and the pianist asked me if I could sing it. I told her yes, thinking it would help the others learn it. Then, one of the men (I told him later he had a "big mouth!") spoke up and said, "Have her sing it for a Special!" I am NOT used to singing solos and, thankfully, a young man with a lot of enthusiasm offered to do a duet with me. That worked out really good because he added his own touch to it by echoing my words during part of the chorus. I loved his additions! So, maybe things will go okay....hope, hope, hope! So, now I am going around today singing the song and memorizing the words. I am glad that I know most of the words. 

    I was thinking of baking all the cookies I need today that I need for two events next week but decided to do it tomorrow. That way, I won't have to store them as long as I don't have much room in my freezer. BTW, I did post the diabetic cookie recipe, plus another from Betty Crocker that isn't diabetic. DD went to town today so, tomorrow, I can get her to water the garden while I bake. I will be hoping to see some little green shoots in a week or so, providing I can keep the chipmunks away. I think I will sprinkle that Critter Ridder around the outside bottoms of the beds since it says I can't use it for food plants. The beds are a couple of feet high so it should be okay that way.

    I watered the garden beds this morning, getting the legs of my jeans wet because there is a light breeze and the hose will insist on leaking! Luckily, I don't have to pull weeds yet like Tippy. We still need to plant the flower beds if we want pretty flowers this year.

    That is about all that is going on here today. Hope all is going well with all of your today.