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06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

Last post Jun 12, 2012 11:25 PM by noudder . 23 replies.

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  • 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning:


    Bob and I went to Mobile today.  Office Max had a 2 day sale on the computer desk I wanted.  The one I have now was a really cheap desk when I got it about 8 years ago and is just simply falling apart now.  I got a new chair to go with it that I really like too.  Found a Tempur-Pedic chair that I really really loved but not $279 worth of love.  I didn't pay that much for both the new desk and the new chair.


    Then we went to the "Shed" for BBQ.  It was great.  The "Shed" is about as glamorous as a storage shed and kinda decorated like a shed but they do serve the most wonderful BBQ.  Bob is going to the fly fishing meeting in Mobile Tuesday night and he will have more BBQ there.  The poor man is going to turn in to a BBQed rib if he has anymore this week.


    We only got .01 inches of rain today.  That is a good thing maybe now we will have a chance to dry out.


    Thought of the Day-"Once you begin to acknowledge random acts of kindness--both the ones you have received and the ones you have given--you can no longer believe that what you do does not matter."-Dawna Markova Ph.D.

    Today is Red Rose Day.  This day is a time to enjoy and appreciate America's favorite flower.....the red rose. A red rose signifies love. A June setting for Red Rose Day is very appropriate, as this is by far the most popular month for weddings. And, they are in bloom in the gardens across America this month.

    In addition to being the most popular cut flower, roses are also the most popular flower in flower beds and around foundation of houses, garages and sheds. They are easy to grow, producing a bounty of sweet scented flowers from June up to the first frost.


    Waving to Lesia!!

    Special hugs and prayers for Anne, Betty, Merle, Sherry and Odell, Cilla, Cats, and Sally and Colleen.

    And Don’t Forget the basket!! Keep it full of extra hugs and prayers for all that need them!!

    Remember the group prayer! “Heavenly Father, we ask that you watch over and care for all Cookin’ Seniors and those they love as they go about their day!!




    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


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    Sandy posted a picture of our sweet Miss A and her beautiful Mommy yesterday.  Love her new glasses.  Maybe she will see so much better she will leave them alone.


    Egee-I told Short and Grem about Sweet Pea.  They agreed to start the tunnel to NC next week.  With all the rain we have gotten the tunnel is flooded in their end.  Shorty says to tell his friends that want to come help digging or just for a visit to either bring the water wings or wait till next week.


    Rosie-What did Scott do with all the sour cream it sounded like you had?  Bet it was good!!


    Tippy- Seems like we saw that movie some years ago on one of the movie channels.  Maybe we should find a DVD and see the whole thing un cut and un interrupted.  Hope Pounce does well on the new food and never has any more problems.  We are all sending prayers for him.


    Mel-Here's some more prayers for Miss J's knee.  I do hope nothing will prevent your trip to St. Louis.


    Brenda-Did the Gamecocks get the game in and if they did, did they win?  Lol yes our furbabies are all brilliant.  LOL anybody just starting to read the post would think we had some really smart kids.


    Sandy-Hope the ultra sound goes well!!


    Tinkerbell-good to see you pop in!


    NancyZ-Enjoy your time away!!


    Ann-Prayers for your test.  Hope it comes out well! Stress can make you tired and sleepy as most of us know!!


    AnnB-So happy VBS is going well.

    Hugs and prayers for all!!



    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning all, well not good weather wise.My foot feels good he said my feet are in good condition for my age.

    Jodie was good helpping with the leaflets but then had a paddy as we went to the shop for her nan and did not have enough money for the big chocolate bar,she was sent to her room when we got in.

    Our priminister is in the news he and his wife left thier daughter age 8 in the pub after a family meal. both thought she was with the other, am sure other familys do this the girl was fine, but the news have blown the story up.

    Zora enjoy your new dest and chair we need you to be comfy when opening for us each day, thank for doing it for us.

    Sandy thank you for posting miss A photo.

    Rosie do hope you can get some rest.

    Jp I still add the little man to my prayers everyday.

    Penny miss A looks lovely as we knew she would.I had shingles when I was 11 or 12 and can still remember the pain, as can my sister because I used to shout at her when it hurt.

    Tippy any news on sir Pounce? bunny sends her love to him.I wish you could come to the garden party, am sure you would have a good time.

    Mel glad miss J is home her did she get on at the clinic?loved your dittys.

    Ann hope mri goes well tomorrow.

    Nancy z sounds like you had a nice time with all the family.

    Annb take care


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning all.


    It is quiet and calm in the neighborhood right now.


    I’m sure the activity will pick up soon.


    Can hear sounds from almost a 1/2 mile away but later  in day lucky if I can hear two blocks.


    Sound travel so in the early morning.


    We had rain most of day but now feels rather muggy but no new rain.


    My Ultra sound went o.k.  The Dr said unless something drastic came up on my next years screening I am in clear.  Whew.


    Yes stress can make one tired and sleepy.


    That is all I have wanted to do for the last three days. Hopefully I will relax now

    .Glad you and Bob were able to celebrate Bob’s birthday.  BBQ sounds good. 


    Hugs to all.  Sandy

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    When I was a litle girl, one of my  first memories of our  yard was Dad's ferns he had growing there.


    My Sis managed to transplant some to her  place when Dad had to go to Nursing home and  also gave me a start. 


    Each summer when I see them I think of my very carefree summers. Not a care  in the world. I also have then around the corner by fireplace wall  too  



  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    We were to get rain yesterday but didn't.  I wish we had so I didn't have to water.    Maybe if I do, it will rain - or I could wash the car and then it will rain.

         Margaret, you have the best siggies.  I look forward to them.  You'll never top the picture you posted  of me.  I burst out laughing at that one.  Hope I'll see it again occasionally, maybe on my birthday when I have to give up my present age for an unknown one.

         I should think it would be very difficult to test the eyes of a 2 year old.  I didn't think of testing my kids' eyes until they were in school - one still has perfect vision and the other is very near-sifgted.  I didn't get glasses until 42, the usual age, the dr. said.  I knew I needed to when I tried to thread the needle upside down.  I still have just readers.  Reminds me of my father-in-law: I told him to eat his carrots so he could see well, and he replied, "I can see more now than I can take care of."  NanB




  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning!

    Ahhh back to reality today.  Genealogy Club at 1:00 and I treat myself to lunch before hand.  So it isn’t too bad.  Then I need to clean the fridge and work up a grocery list for tomorrow.  It will include chocolate chips…grandson and borrowed granddaughter coming this weekend.

    Please keep good thoughts for Trish.  Her cabin in Ruidosa is less than3 miles from the fire.  Her heart can’t take another crack right now after losing her beloved Mocha, kicking the last baby out of the nest, sending #1 son across the US on a bicycle, and the usual chaos of summer topped off with putting in an underground pool.  As we say they are all first world problems, but hey she lives in a first world so they are stress inducers.  The cabin is a real worry.

    Zora, the Shed sounds like my kind of place.  As Mark says, they have paper napkins.   Grin.  Sour cream is still in the fridge, had to find the recipe for him and then didn’t feel like hearing him bang around.  He can make it while I’m at the club meeting.

    Margaret, I had not heard about the PM’s daughter, how sad that it has become such an issue.  They may be in the public eye but they are human after all.  Does your PM not have secret service type protection? 

    Sandy, doing the happy dance on the ultra sound…such a worry leading up to it.  Do love your ferns and the story behind them.  We got some of Grandma’s iris but they have all bitten the dust now.

    NanB, love your FIL’s comment.  Sadly it is so true.

    Tippy, I am assuming they got the fire out, scary indeed.  I haven’t gotten to loading stuff in Dora yet, but it is getting close (photos, back upped pictures, quilts my grandmother made, etc. – medicines, phones, etc. on the breakfast room table).   What was the tea?  Central Market might carry it, I’ll check the next time I go (which will be soon).  Hoping Sir Pounce makes it home today.  Bet he misses his mommy as much as she misses him. 

    Beverly, interesting facts on the witches of the world. 

    Sweed pee, sowwy bout da name mix up.  Shortstuff, Grem and I will be der suun.  All we haf tu du is bwanzh off ob Abbie’s tunnul , bud firzz we gotta wate fer it tu git dwy. 

    Mel, glad Miss J is home safe and sound.  Did see the picture of her cooking on Facebook.  Sounds like Dallas is winning over St. Louis! 

    Brenda your siggie is beautiful, wish it applied here…if the trio shows up with shovels today send them home, Sweet Pea can wait and you don’t need 12 muddy paw prints in your house.  Yay for the Gamecocks, see where they are going to Omaha.  Have you sent your cheerleading outfit to the cleaners?  I talk to everyone including the idiot driver that cuts me off…Daddy and I solve many world problems, Daisy and I discuss meadows and running room we pass, Doodie, my daughter, and I wonder what life would have held for her, and then I talk to myself when everyone else quits listening.  Love the Grammy Grilled Cheese. 

    Lois, love that picture of the iced tea…just nothing like it  in the summer.  Saw the pictures of the quilts the other day but think it was when I was racing through on the iPad.  They are lovely and I’m sure they will be so appreciated.  I remember ordering iced tea in Maryland in the winter XX years ago.  Finally I gave up and ordered a cup of tea and a glass of ice…how things have changed.

    Nan, sorry missed the G in DGS, but happy birthday to your DS whenever it is.  Hope your’s eases into the teen years, Critter jumped in with both feet and sassy mouth.  I keep telling Sandi he will come out of it in about 10 years.  LOL.  Never had a DQ cake but bet I do next time I buy a cake for an occasion.  I was going to do an apple pie next Sunday but having a chocolate raspberry cake with hot chocolate icing

    instead…lots easier too.  Still laughing at your Grammy Beans!  Will you pass that recipe down to your grandchildren or take it to the grave with you?  I have always sworn I could buy the same can of corn, heat it in the same pan, on the same stove, serve it in the same bowl and Mom’s would taste better.  Probably the same with Grammy Beans….and guess what Bush’s Beans will be called around here from now on.   LOL.  Thank you for the kind words on the blog, it is a place I can blab all I want and share places I have loved with a bit of their story.

    Wow, Sandy, lots of info on the royalty.  I have loved them since watching the coronation of Elizabeth on television.  Not sure if it was the pageantry or the fact I was watching on a box (new concept way back then) but loved it.  Have followed the fairy tales since, even if some had trolls in them  - grin.

    Penny, I do have to disagree with you on birthdays, I want all that I can to pile up, it is sad when they quit!  Your Jim is a keeper for sure, if you can just overlook those danged green beans.  Maybe Miss A can see a lot better, and that could be a bit of the two year old temper too…frustration.  Keep the compliments piling on.  Don’t gripe about the treadmill I wish I could walk on mine.  Tempted to try a few minutes at a time, I do love the times I have spent on there, come out feeling so much better.

    Nancy, glad you are home safe, and sending more safe travel prayers as you head to the trailer.

    Ann, want to just hug you and make it all ok.  Will eagerly await the doctors report from the MRI.

    AnnB, stop, breathe, continue.  I am afraid a group of young’uns would require many rolls of duct tape for me to handle.  Nerves just can’t take that much confusion any more.  You are a blessing to so many.  Well not sure if we will get that lunch or not…really worried about Trish’s cabin.  They showed some diagram that shows the fire area and it is 2.7 miles from her little patch of Heaven.  We will still hope. 

    Donuts have arrived for breakfast…perfect timing!  Hugs and prayers to each of you because YOU are loved!

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hello from well soaked with rain mel's house. It really rained a lot last night starting when H got off work at 9:30 he drove in hard rain and wind all the way home. It was starting to hale at 10:15 when he arrived home so he pulled my car over in the carport to get at least the front half of pickup under. We do have a double carport with closed in west and east sides but he has his mower and stuff parked in there. Need another garage I guess.

    Miss J. had her appointment yesterday at Bone and Joint Clinic---Doc says that knee looks god except there is still way too much fliud on her knee for her to be so young and active. There is no tear that they can see but there is a thing called a Plica Band in knee that is rubbing over and catching on the bone that will never  go away unless we take it out. So we scheduled scope surgery for the 29th of june. He says as long as there is nothing else in there they can't see it will only take 15 minutes and 3 tiny cuts. If we don't take care of it now it can  be a constant problem for any dancer or athlete.

    Zora---New desk sounds great. Will it be delivered or do you have to hope tghey included the directions and hopefully in English. And a chair, WOW. You wouldn't believe my set up. My flat screen monitor sits on a shelf on an old chippendale desk that was my Great GF. To the right of that there is a small cubby hole shelf that I found somewhere with just my stuff poked in here and there. To the left of the deck is a TV tray that holds the computer so between that and the desk is just enough room to hold books, notebooks. On the other side of TV tray is a black plastic 3 drawer file that holds up my printer.LOL. Big Smile Hey, don't laugh!!!! I know it is  funny but it works somehow.

    Brenda---If it is raining watering can flowers....I want some of those. We had a lot of rain last night. Not complaining though, Beats burning up, in more ways than one.

    Margaret---That probably happens more than anyone knows. Accidentally leaving kid some where. In fact my Sister and heer H. were on vacation years ago with Lisa, she was a teenager. They had stopped for gas and asked her if she needed to go the bathroom and she said no. Later when Sis and H were out of the car Lisa changed her mind and got out to go. Somehow they all missed each other and when she came out of the bathroom they were driving off so she was chasing them and yelling. I know it really isn't funny but now to hear the story from them is hilarious. They did not notice she wasn't in the back of the van until miles down the road when they asked her what she wanted for lunch and got no answer. She has never let them live that down..... So Funny.

    Sandy---So glad ultra sound test good. Don't you love handed down plants!!!!! Mine are peonee's that were my GM that has been gone since 1975. My sister went and dug them up before the house was sold and then we all have some of them.

    Well almost time for H to get up. I think I will take a great cup od coffee out on the porch and watch the birds and bunnies for a while. Coffee So sad about I'll Have Another race horse. Just knew there was a Triple Crown there. Do Love Union Rags and back story.

    LITTLE DITTY from mel'skitchen

    Nostalgia.....The ability to remember yesterday's prices while forgetting yesterday's wages.


    If......your joints buckle and your buckles won't, you resort to slip-on shoes, the pucker marks around your mouth are not from puckering up, you buy bras that fasten in the front, and you discover an entirely new meaning ti the word "unbending," then you have just found the definition of getting old!!!!!!!!!

    COMMENTS from Miss J.

    Hi to all of my CS Grannies! Thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes and I am thinking positive that when the great Doc. and my Grammy and Papa get my wing fixed I will be flying again.  Thanks and be careful out there.    JONTE


    mel'skitchen DO IT WITH GUSTO

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning ladies,  Still rainy in my neighborhood. Should clear up by the end of the week. By then we will be water logged, almost that way now.


    Zora - Love the sound of the "Shed". That is what a BBQ place is suppose to be. I love good BBQ, I am just very peculiar about where I get it. Sorta like Chinese don't eat it just anywhere. My favorite color of rose is yellow. I can still celebrate today because I just love roses. That is a very good movie. Yes mam, the Gamecocks did win and are on the road to Omaha for the College World Series. That will start Friday. Can't wait. 


    Margaret - The media makes a big issue out of anything. My Uncle and Aunt did the same thing. Chuck was asleep on the back bench in church and each thought he was with the other. When they got home they realized he wasn't with either one of them.


    Sandy - Glad the ultra sound was okay. We always worry and get stressed out waiting on something like that. Love the ferns. I have never had any outside like that other than in pots or hanging baskets.


    NancyB - I can just picture you trying to thread that needle.


    Rosie - Prayers for Trish and family. That is really scary about the cabin. Hope all will be okay. She had posted some pictures on FB it is a beautiful place. I am keeping up with Josh. Loving his pictures. Oh yes, I am ready for the games to begin. I think they will play Fla. first. The top 2 teams in the nation, should be a nail bitting game. Plans will work around the games for sure. 


    Wow, sunshine peeping out. Will do that off and on today. No plans for the day. Will be back later to check on everyone.

    Hugs, love, and prayers for all.



    Aunti Wrosie, Mama sez she willz senz dem homez if da showz up. I show hopez da tunail willz dwy outz soonz. Iz willz bez waitin for da gang tu finish da tunail. Iz lub da montainz. Iz knowz my wayz round up der soz yuz wontz hab to wurry bout Marti anz da west ob de gangz. Tellz Unka Valt and Bruver Scott dat I sez hewoe.  Waggiez and lickiez,  Ab'z   


  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Mel, hope I didn't step on your tootsies to hard. It must be raining everywhere. The thing here with the sun coming in and out and rain in between is it gets so muggy. Almost unbearable. Will keep Miss J in my prayers. I'm sure all will go well.

    Hugs, Brenda

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat
    Australian jumping ant (c) Antweb
    Ants in 3D: project begins to image every known species <click to read article and view informative video.
     Last nights brilliant light show and the teasing scent of rain have left us with lots of clouds and dropped the temps to double digits. Predicted high is only 97° for today. For now, rain drops continue to be a figment of our imagination, so the saying goes.
    In a few more minutes, after I settle yet another squabble between the siblings, must go out and start tying up goats and horses. The veterinarian will be here soon to castrate my colt.
    Ordered the above cookie cutter last night. Sons boy scout troop wants a medieval themed party in 4 weeks and they requested dragon cookies. Dare I mention dragon shaped sandwiches as well.
  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good afternoon everyone, nice sunshine out there, but has really cooled off a ton, only about 76, love it, turned the AC off & opened the windows.  Still need rain, got a sprinkle yesterday, but nothing to brag about.


    Got the bathrooms cleaned, middle of the house swept & dusted, towels out on the line, think that's about all I want to do today, got a good John Grisham book going.


    Zora....oh boy, a new desk & chair, how great for you, now you'll have to get it all organized.  The Shed sounds good, I like BarBQ, but like Brenda am kind of picky where it comes from, I'm not fond of the real smokey taste, so don't eat much of it.


    Margaret....read that in the paper yesterday about your PM....good grief, news media just blows that stuff out of the water.


    Sandy....WHEW....soooo glad the ultra sound came back ok, always gives you such reason to worry.  Oh, loved the ferns....Mom used to have lots of them, we too transplanted some when we moved out here, DH has since gotten rid of them.


    NancyB....yep, DD had a time getting Miss A's eyes examined, had to take her to 3 different doctors, thought they were going to have to sedate her, but 3rd. one was able to get the job done.


    Rosie....hugs, hugs & more hugs going out to Trish....scary stuff those fires.  I agree with you, the reason Miss A is wearing her glasses so well is that she can see so much better.  Funny thing this morning, DD called on her way to work, she had taken Miss A to daycare....seems as if Miss A had to remind her Mom to get her glasses....Ha, new to everybody, but Miss A requested them.


    Mel....big Hello to you & so glad to hear Miss J & her knee are going to be ok, will keep sending good thoughts her way.  Awwww....such a sweetie to talk to her cyber aunties!!


    Brenda....you gotta send some of that rain this way, just soooo dry here.


    Beverly....how cute...dinosaur cookies, my DGS would love them.


    Stayed the same at WW last night, still want to lose 3 more pounds before I go on a grease & choc. binge.....LOL!


    Hope everyone has a good day, see you later.





  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    I'm running thru...I must be stressed as I slept til 11am!! Guess I needed the rest. Mr Arthur-ritis still giving me fits but what else is new. For the moment, it is not raining/sprinkling. Sun even came out for a couple of minutes but it's cloudy again.

    Waving to all....ya'll give me chuckles...I get mental pics from your comments and some just crack me up!! Well, need to get things in gear...Later....


                       cilla / NW FL                                   

  • Re: 06/12/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    I saw my first oriole of the season this morning.  It flew almost to the hummingbird feeder when the Hummer took off and chased it away.  Nobody is going to get his food! 

    Since I live out of town we can burn things outside here, so  this morning I raked up all the branches that blew off the neighbors trees onto my property and burnt them.  Sure looks better without them.

    The Elks gave me exercises to do for my balance, and I told them I didn't need the foam pad to use, but when I got home I found my foam pad was too squishey so have to go back tomorrow to get one of theirs.  It's a 20 mile drive to their office, so a bit inconvenient, but I've gotta do it.

    I hope Pounce is going to do okay now. I know having a sick dog is like having a sick child.  You worry about them just like your kids. When Tami was sick and had her  digestive problems I laid awake listening to make sure she was OK, and was so relieved when they found out what had happened and fixed it.




    Live your life so you don't have to hide your diary.