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03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

Last post Mar 17, 2012 8:57 PM by katz0556 . 30 replies.

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  • 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning:


    This is also our Dear Irish Sandy's Birthday!! Sandy, I hope you have a great one.  I do know the best present you could get is John's feeling better.  However you spend it have a wonderful special day.


    I cooked Bob's fish tonight with Kraft Fresh Takes Cheddar Jack and Bacon.  I will not buy it again. Directions were very badly written. I had to read it 3 times to find the bake temp. I always soak fish in a little egg wash and milk before I coat them.  Nothing in the directions about dipping the fish in water or anything. If you didn't the bread crumbs and cheese would have no change of staying on the fish.  I know it had cheese in the bread crumbs cause I put it in there but I couldn't taste it.  And it definitely needed more seasoning.  It was such a shame to waste good fresh trout like that.  I would really be upset if we had bought them.  


    Thought of the Day- Southerners know what it means to be “full as a tick on a hound dog”.

    Today is Saint Patrick's Day,  in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland, who brought Christianity to the Emerald Isles, as Ireland is known. It is truly a day of celebrating Irish history, ancestry, traditions and customs.

    Are you Irish perchance!?! Well, the saying goes everyone is a little Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

    Roots of Tradition: Saint Patrick's day is held in honor of Saint Patrick, the missionary who brought Christianity to the Irish people in the 400's AD.

    Erin Go Braugh is perhaps the most common Irish term you will hear. It means "Ireland Forever"

    Did You Know? Over 34 million Americans are of Irish descent. That's almost nine times the population of Ireland!


     Waving to Lesia!!

    Special hugs and prayers for Anne, Betty, Merle, Sherry and Odell, Cilla, Cats, and Sally and Colleen.


    And Don’t Forget the basket!! Keep it full of extra hugs and prayers for all that need them!!


    Remember the group prayer! “Heavenly Father, we ask that you watch over and care for all Cookin’ Seniors and those they love as they go about their day!!”






    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


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    NancyB-That is about the biggest speck he has caught but he has caught bigger Redfish.

    Sandy-Hugs and prayers for both of you.

    Mabel-Hope the eye gets better soon.

    AnnB-Nope that are usually smaller.  Ones that big are not really good eating.

    Cheri-Loved the pictures you sent. I knew everybody else would too.  It sure was nice to see you and the CP in person.

    Doreen-LOL just wait till you find out about all the fly fishing meetings Bob has planned.  We can go to the one in Mobile.  They meet at Dreamland BBQ and have a buffet for all before the meeting.  We can go fool around in Mobile during their meeting. 

    Tippy-WOW!! I do hope the students dream does come true.

    Ann-Hope your DM HA work better now.  Glad DB is out of ICU anyway.

    Brenda-Bob was in his boat.  The other guy that was fishing was in BassTrackers.

    Penny-Do a restart on the computer to see if that helps with the toolbar.  Also it is possible to download a program that changes your homepage.  Just change it back to MSN.  Hope Jacob is good for you.  Holding him back may be the best thing for him.

    Hugs and prayers for all!!





    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


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    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Happy birthday Sandy,have a lovely day.




    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning friends,it was a long day yesterday but all went well and Sophie was so good bless her.


    Zora thank you for posting Cheri photos,and thank you for being here for us all.

    Cheri lovely photos,thanks for sharing them.


    Penny the same thing as happened to my tool bar,I will give Zoras idea a go,I found favorites on the right hand side itsa little star.

    Zora a nice photo of Bob and his boat.

    Sandy prayers for dh,hope the pain soon easys for him.

    Mabel hugs and prayers for you.

    Mel loved missJ kids stuff.

    Doreen keep safe on your travels.


    Penny hope Jacorb and Katie are good for you and you can have a nice day.


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I have been away from the computer for a few days again. We are fine just got involved with projects and lost track of time. Jim can tell you I have to be reminded sometimes to stop to fix a meal. But we don't seem to be starving.Smile

    Happy Birthday Sandy! Have a good day as you do the 'nurse' thing. I do hope John heals fast so he is soon without pain.

    No particular plans for today. I did quilt two quilts this week and will work on the binding for them today. May not get it sewed on but at least get it prepared.

    I know I have missed a lot on here by being away for a few days. I hope everyone is doing well and ready for spring as it seems to be popping out all over.

    Jim is in the shower so I need to get the coffee going and make us some breakfast of some kind.

    Filling the baskets as I pass by them this morning. Wishing Everyone a Happy St.Patrick's Day!



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    Thank you for the birthday wishes.


      DD and crew be over today to help me celebrate.


      John feeling some better.  Following my advice and using the walker to get around with. 


    He was somewhat off balance before.    Sandy

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    Top of the morning to you. Happy St. Patrick's Day!



    SANDY~~HaPpY  BiRtHdAy  Wishes being sent to you. I hope your day is wonderful.


    Be back as soon as I grab coffee.


  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Bringing Bison Back to the Northern Great Plains <click to read article and look at slides.
    Predicted thunderstorms did not strike last night. Thats OK by me as we did not need high winds and rainless clouds hovering overhead full of false promises.
    I am not caring one little bit for the time change as I, impatiently, wait for light to glaze the sky.
    Tonight DD will don yet another costume for the holiday and to wear to work this evening. Below is a flyer of the event that will be held at the bar she works at on weekends.
         Happy Birthday Sandy
  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat



    Grab your cup of coffee/tea/juice and take a little trip with me this glorious day!

    I could listen to this stuff all day, and sometimes do.



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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


    Happy Birthday,Sandy!  Hope you have a great time today.  Glad John is feeling some better.

    Cheri~ Your pictures were wonderful! What a beautiful area you are living in. 

    Penny~ Good luck with the kids today.  Take them to a park and run their little tails off.  LOL

    Zora~ I will beg not to sit through a fly fishing meeting.  LOL  I'm all for exploring while the guys sit. LOL

    Whiskey went nuts this morning when all the birds in the swamp started their noise at 6:30.  He about pulled the leash out of my hand trying to get to them.  He finally settled down and did his business then we took a walk of the whole park so he could mark every tree and bush.  He is now up in the front window looking for birds.  LOL  they are still pretty noisy,

    Plans to go to Walmart today and probably Mary Ann's Cafe for breakfast.  Will take the shaggy beast to John Houston Jones park later to see the turtles.

    Thanks for all the traveling prayers and wishes.

    Love and Hugs,


  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good morning!

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite ladies…I hope you have a fantastic wonderful day.  Glad he didn’t argue with you about the walker, it has to help relieve some of the pressure on the injuries. 

    Boy yesterday was a day right up to, and even after bedtime!  We did help the economy of our little town, narrowed our search down for Martha Stewart to furnish the deck (interesting enough it is a Martha set we are looking at), went to Hobby Lobby and chose mats and frames for my pictures, had a horrible lunch, went by Walgreens, and finally to Home Depot to look at their furniture and pick up some more plants.  Then the fun began planting those plants, touching up gnome hats, and fixing supper.  No time is it more apparent that opposites attract than when trying to choose something for the house.  This is the man who eats nothing but Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and takes 5-10 minutes to choose a gallon, I grab and go.  Sigh – of course my way is the right way – grin. 

    Penny, thinking about you as you have play day with your grands.  Sorry Jacob is having problems…sigh.  I am the driver in our family, or supposed to be, but he has to “help” with “you’re ok now” “that’s good” until I want to put him in the trunk, and then realize I don’t have a trunk.  This one is older than that one so therefore much more opinionated and more intolerant of anyone else’s opinion (like that should even have one).

    AnnB, how nice to have the refreshment table after services, it makes for a nice social time to speak to your neighbors.  I’m sure you are in the same situation as my grandparents, who were farmers, where most of the visiting is done at church on Sundays.  Saw this too late to suggest the pretzel things with the candy kiss and green M&M…maybe for Easter.  They are good and easy!

    Cheri, beautiful photos, that was one of the things I did after I went to bed…ran through your pictures.  Thanks for sharing your world and yourselves with us (ladies I think we have an imposter…isn’t this group designed for those OVER 50?  No way this pretty lady qualifies).  Been meaning to ask you if it is Share – ree or Cher like the singer pronounces it – hope that made sense.  Sorry I didn’t see the email until too late to help you but glad you thought to send it to both of us.

    Tippy, two weeks!!!  Less than that now…well two weeks from now we’ll be scrambling for something for breakfast and drinking coffee on the old furniture on the deck (I didn’t say that out loud did I).  Doreen suggested a trip to Penzey’s and Central Market (the gourmet grocery store) while you are here…think about it.   Cracked up about Mama Tippy and the driving.  WHOOHOO Mama Tippy!  I can remember sitting at the breakfast bar at Mom’s, never heard a cross word between my parents until then, Daddy said something and Mom turned around and said “oh shut up, Beeve”  I almost needed Depends…like your Mom, she is quiet and very much the lady. 

    Brenda, meant to tell you that Abbie was a true lady Thursday, offered to help clean up, said her please and thank you’s and didn’t tattle even when she saw Charlie and Eddie chasing the bunny rabbit.  Still haven’t watched Marley and Me because Daisy headed to the Rainbow Bridge about the time it was released, still not ready and now my sweet grandlab recently joined her.  Guess that is going to be one I never see.  I told him last night that I liked this one if we are going for a seating arrangement, and liked that one if we were going for another table, and when he had it set up let me know and I would decorate it, reminded him that Tippy would be here in two weeks and might like somewhere to sit and left it at that.  She arrives Friday, he will be putting furniture together Friday afternoon…his way.

    Ann, great news about DB.  Hope he continues to improve and adjust.  The Ginger Chicken was not Walt’s favorite but chicken isn’t much anyway unless it is fried and dunked in cream gravy.  Great deals you got on that coupon.  From someone who doesn’t know the word “no” don’t let your brother’s situation  control your life, it isn’t fair to you or to your DH. 

    Beverly, saw that sign on Facebook and almost wet my plants.  Too funny!  Honey bees aren’t too sweet huh? 

    Cilla, haven’t checked out the pistachio bread recipe but thank you for it ahead of time.  I’m sure it is wonderful if it comes from you. 

    Doreen, darn me and darn me, Franks is well known for years for their burgers.  Hopefully, Mark ate one while you were chowing down on your catfish.  That was always our halfway stop when traveling between Houston and San Antonio.  Mom will be pleased that Whiskey is a good traveler, LOL.  Still haven’t figured out why she got hung up on that..wild thought I guess.  Give that sweetie some belly rubs from his Auntie Bec.  Marti think Whiskey should start his own blog about traveling the country.

    Mel, I’m waving in your general direction, I know you are off running and doing for everyone. 

    Mabel, dirty words over your eye, although I think you would be cute as a pirate lady…you can get one of those tight white blouses with the drop sleeves, a red and black skirt, some knee high boots and a cute little hat…can see you now.  LOL.  Seriously I am praying for you.

    Best get to work, I have already extended my play time….hugs and prayers to each of you because YOU are loved!

  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Well, the time I was going to sit and chat has been shortened. 

    I had invited a couple of the grand-kiddos to go out for lunch and to the movie "The Lorax" this afternoon.  Now it seems as I may have a housefull for lunch  and maybe several more going to the movie.

    It's okay. I work good under pressure. LOL


    ROSIE~~You know my thoughts on seeing CHERI were that it must be that living closer to the sunshine (in the high elevation) must be really good for you.

    I am so, so, so, sooooooooooo excited. Can you tell I'm excited? 

    Getting nervous too. The vacation gets lost in my mind when I start to think about leaving mom and Pounce. I refuse to even think about flying at this point. 

    Will try to focus on the coffee in hand with one of my favorite people, sitting on the deck in ANY kind of furniture. I could sit on the ground and be comfortable with you. 

    I haven't watched Marley and Me either, and probably won't. 


    CHERI~~It really is good to see both of you. The scenery there is out of this world gorgeous. Cannot believe that they ATE those creatures. (shudder). All I can think about is seeing a plate of "Peanut" in front of me. That was DS's favorite llama.

    I guess when your hungry.....


    Oh.......There is so much more I want to catch up on but the 'gang' will be here any minute.

    Waving to each and every one of you. Wishing you a day of peace in your hearts and joy from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.


    Tippy O'Toes


  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

     Good Saturday Morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    I have been laughing and remembering the past with your comments about the back seat driving husbands and Martha Stewart.  Brings back many memories.  DH did not like for anyone else to drive and the last years he was the worst driver, scared me and others but would get terribly annoyed if anyone said anything.  As I back out of the car port I often think of how he would tell me 'watch that bush, watch that post'.  I have backed out of that spot forty-five years and so far have not hit the post, have clipped the bush a couple of times though.  And four miles from here is a cross roads that have to stop.  He would think I should start braking a quarter of a mile before got there and most of that was a small hill.  Also choosing furniture and appliances he would definately state his opinion. Miss him but Dang, it is good to make my own mistakes sometimes.

    Cheri, thanks for the pictures.  Always love to see other places.

    Happy Birthday, Sandy.

  • Re: 03/17/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Happy Birthday Sandy Cake Hope you have a wonderful day and your clan treats you to an extra special day!

    Zora, many thanks again for your help! I went to your photobucket, never saw so many handsome fowl in one place before, quite the cocks and hens! Love the boat, I bet it is nice to fish in, looks like it has all the bells and whistles necessary for the man day on the water.

    Tippy,top of the morning to you too~thanks for your offer to post the pics for me. All ways so sweet!

    Lois, good to see you! Seems there is always something to keep us away and busy. I guess it is much better than being bored. Have a good weekend.

    Margaret, glad you liked the pictures. I'm not good at taking pics but I do the best I can. The the biggest problem I seem to have is I see things while we are moving in the car and can't get the car stopped or not able to stop and get blurry photos. I bet the daffodils are coming up nicely over there now, or is it still to cold?

    Doreen, so glad you and Whiskey are enjoying your walks together. My one little dog Huilen hates the noisy birds, she loves to chase them out of our yard. She also keeps them away from the outside dogs food bowls. Happy travels~

    Penny, hope the babysitting goes well today! I don't know what I'd do with my grands. I keep a big batch of Mr. Potato heads and parts here for kids to play with and then when they have finished I take pictures of them with the collection. All the kids love that. Then I have a family of three my little ponies that the girls love to do their hair. And I know what you mean about washing new clothes first. I used to sew in a factory when I was 17 and I would never consider wearing anything without washing it first. Men~

    Ann, sorry about your brother. What happened? Sorry I missed hearing about him. Did he have a relapse? And, how did the cooking class go?

    Cilla, loving your Maxine posts and how are your hands doing? Feeling better I hope! I have never been to a Neighborhood Market but would love to go in one when we get back to the states. I wonder if they are just in certain states? Have a great weekend!

    AnnB, glad to hear the guy can use that gate and you don't have to return it. Guanaco is like a llama just wild and smaller, shorter hair too. I love to see them and the Avestruz which is Spanish for South American Ostrich when we are traveling in the desert areas. How is the well water thing going? I love how many different sweets you have been able to make sugar free! A real blessing to so many who can't have sugar.

    Beverly, I thought that nursery sign yesterday was cute! Love the buffalo today.

    Mel, Jonte is so blessed to have a grandma who makes and serves warm cookies and milk...you're the best!

    Brenda, don't know if I have seen the movie Marley and Me. What is it about? A dog? Hope you have a great weekend!  Well, that's about all she wrote for now I'd better get out of my night dress and get moving! Have a nice St. Patrick's Day!!

    Waves to NancyZ, NanB, Rosie, Mary, Pat,YF, Nan and so many other CS...love ya!



    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

    Psalm 46:1