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03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

Last post Mar 31, 2012 9:07 PM by Pbrown1 . 17 replies.

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  • 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good Morning:


    OK which one of you won the Mega-Million jackpot?  Please let me know if you did cause I have some swamp land for sale!  Really Cheap!


    I don’t have to go fishing Sunday after all! His friend that wrote the piece for “Mobile Bay Monthly” on Bob, Bass Tracker and fishing is going with him if the weather holds.  BTW Bob is going to be in Bass Tracker’s article.  It will be published in the next few months.  I will be sure to let you know when it is!   


    Thought of the Day-Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?


    Today is "Take a Walk in the Park Day". It is an opportunity for exercise and relaxation. Are you stressed out? A walk in the park is just what the doctor ordered. Its calming and therapeutic. Taken after a busy work day, it helps clear your mind and re-energize you. Or, take the walk during lunch and you will find the afternoon of work goes by quicker and easier.


    A walk in the park will likely be the most enjoyable part of your day. However, make sure to do so with a clear mind and with your eyes open. In addition to avoiding a fall, open eyes will allow you to take in the beauty of nature's wonders: flowers, and trees, birds, and wildlife.



    Waving to Lesia!!


    Special hugs and prayers for Anne, Betty, Merle, Sherry and Odell, Cilla, Cats, and Sally and Colleen.

    And Don’t Forget the basket!! Keep it full of extra hugs and prayers for all that need them!!

    Remember the group prayer! “Heavenly Father, we ask that you watch over and care for all Cookin’ Seniors and those they love as they go about their day!!




    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Tippy-Have a wonderful time with Rosie! But remember this, be careful if she decides that all of you need to go to the beach.  Before you get back in the car be sure to count heads.

    Rosie-I know you have everything planned out, now relax and enjoy your company.  Marti has Shar-pei  in her?  But not a wrinkle in sight.

    Egee-Glad Jenny’s test turn out good!

    Pat-Prayers continue.

    Brenda-Tell Marc Happy Birthday from the Cookin’ Seniors!

    Cilla- Spaghetti sounds wonderful.  I know they enjoyed it!

     Margaret-I do hope the gas strike doesn’t last too long.

    Ann-A book is about the extent of it.  Noise such as a radio scares the fish and hopefully we are not there long enough for lunch.

    Doreen-Glad you enjoyed the gar!!

    Willie-Senior Center meals are usually great!

    AnnB-Be careful what you eat with the early diabeties.


    Hugs and prayers for all



    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat
    Just to let you know, Tippy and Rich arrived safely. Nite nite.
  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Zora glad to hear you dont have to go fishing,that would bore me,a friend I worked with,her and her dh used to go on fishing holidays,he would fish she would sit and x stitch.


    Rosie have fun with dear Tippy,am sure you will.


    Brenda wish Marc a happy birthday from over the big pond.


    Willie sounds like you had a nice day.


    Cilla spaghetti was yummy.


    Zora it does not look like walking weather here today after a week of nice weather it as gone dull and cold,just as the children have broken up for the Easter holidays.We live near a park so might justgo there later if the sun shows its face.


    Have a nice weekend everyone.


    Margaret Travel

  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Just ttransferring Nancy B's Post to today!

    Ann, I never heard of black rice.  I love wild rice except for the price.  It is actually a grass which I find interesting - wish I could grow it on my lawn!  Only American indians are allowed to raise it, I believe, so that lets me out!  Weight Watcher recipes are about the same as diabetic ones and there are some good cookbooks if you get bored - and prob'ly at your library.

         My son's eye still isn't normal and the doc put some stitches in it yesterday - something about the iris is too big.  He'll wait to do the other eye but sez color is much better.  I have one friend who was so bothered by the white fridge that the dr. put him on tranquilizers!  I would have told him to stay out of the kitchen!

         I play cards tonite but do nothing b4 that.  Nancy B


    On the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast!


  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat
     Spring scene at Westonbirt Arboretum
     Climate change tree test begins <click to read article.
    Grackles have moved back to my Pine tree. Their shrill whistles and clacks fill the morning with sound. Iridescent feathers glistens from sunlight bathing their feathers. Gawd, I wish there was someway to permanently get rid of them.
     Zora - how are you going to spend your time since your not going out on the boat?
    Rosie - DNA test on the dog?! OK. Uh, out of nosy curiosity, why and how much does something like that cost?
  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hi & good morning to everyone....I'm telling you, I was covered up yesterday, was finally able to read you guys last night about 9:00, but didn't even bother to post at that time, just too darn tired.


    Zora....Ha, I can see you're broken hearted about not going in the kayak with Bob, about as upset as I'd be not going to a farm sale with Jim.


    Margaret....sending you a big wave, am sitting here waiting on my son-in-law & Miss A to get here, they have to pick up a lawn mower DH fixed for him, DD's weekend to work so he's taking care of Miss A all weekend, she won't be fit to be around for a couple of days, he doesn't do a real good job of correcting her.


    Spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out our huge walk-in closet, still a bunch to do, also made a run to Goodwill, 4 huge plastic bags full of stuff plus about 8 boxes of shoes I haven't worn in years, DH had been making noises about me cleaning it out....lucky for him he didn't come in the house while I was in the process....like Rosie, may have had to hide the body....LOL!  He's just not been in the best of sorts lately due to all the nasty shoulder stuff, still waiting on results of the MRI on Wed.


    #2 DD came out yesterday & hung with me, her day off as she's the one working this weekend, she & I got a lot accomplished, plus it was just she & I, which is something both of us have missed since she had Miss A.  She's my buddy.


    Soooo glad to know Tippy & Rich got to TX safe & sound, I just know the reports are going to be wonderful, although I just know Rosie is going to be a bad influence on Tippy....LOL!!


    Brenda....big Happy Birthday to your Marc.....hope the cookout was fun.


    Ok, better go get the jeans out of the dryer.  Have no idea where we're going for dinner this evening, DD, Miss A & I went to Applebee's last night....yummy.


    See you later.



  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hi all, just wanted to let you know that they are discharging Katelyn this afternoon.   After the bout of pain she had late yesterday afternoon I wasn't so sure.  We were just sitting there talking when all of sudden the pain hit and she was shaking all over.  Took awhile for the pain meds to take affect, but guess she was ok over nite so home she goes.


    Picked Matt up awhile ago and he's now mowing the lawn.  Had to empty out the oil and gas and restock it for this year.  Sounds like it's going good.  Said he's got a couple other things to do while here today before his mother picks him up later.  I sure miss him when he's not around.


    Better get some things done before he gets in the house, like lunch for him.  Take care all.  Pat

  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Hi Everyone!

    Been busy this morning, and will be running all afternoon.  Lots to do today.

    Have checked in with Rosie and Tippy, all well there and lots of plans with out me.(pout)

    We are going to check out an OLD General Store in the swamp.  The skeeters have about carried me off already, I am spraying good.

    Made an appointment at Petsmart for a dumb dog who rolled in something to get a bath tomorrow.

    Brenda~ Happy Birthday to Marc!

    Boss says it is time to go.

    Love and Hugs,


  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Reason for being a little AWOL- ate at a new Mexican Resturaunt the other day.Took one bite of the beans and told DH not to eat them-they had turned. He didn't believe me and he took one bite. Montezuma has been exacting his revenge. R.

  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Penny....excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me???  Who is a bad influence on whom?????

    This was at 10:30 this morning when we went to the lake. 


    Here is uthe gang at the dam after we sobered Tippy up....


    Before anyone has a cow....she picked up litter on our walk.  LOL.

  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Well, we haven't heard from Rosie yet so guess she and Tippy are having too big a blast to sit at computer!

    I am really confused! The Doctor's letter said "low fat diet", then she said "Low carbs". DD said "watch the sugar", and I have never been a 'sweets' eater anyway. So, what DOES one eat with pre-diabetes????? We have been on a low fat diet for years. I know that I need to watch my bread intake as I am a sucker for sandwiches. We eat lots of veggies and as much fruit as we can, only a palm sized piece of lean meat, or chicken, in the evenings and everything is low fat or sugar free. I use Mrs. Dash and Butter Buds for cooking. So, where and what do I change? Years ago, DH and I were on a Low Carb diet and lost weight but didn't like it. For instance, you could have all the butter you wanted but nothing to put it on. And, now, meat prices are just too, too high to go big on meat. So, we switched to the Low Fat diet, easier and cheaper too. Anyway, I am so confused I don't know where or what to cut or change!

    I kept DH's sugar between 80-120 but he took one pill a day. DD takes one pill a day. Is that what I am going to need to do, I wonder? Maybe that is all the help I need.

    I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Crumble Bars this morning for church. Think I will make a pasta salad for the potluck after church. I usually make a casserole though so may wind up doing something like that again.

    Sent DD out to cart off all the weed piles I had raked up. She not only did that but raked up a few more weeds herself. The place is looking pretty good now that the winter debris is gone. She has a sunburn on her face and smells like a pickle now with the home remedy on - cider vinegar. It does take the burn out though.

    It is Siesta time now so wishing all a good weekend.




  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    In May my gd will be part of a dance recital. Today they did photos in the costumes they will wear for the tap dance routine. They, also, will do a ballet and jazz routine and those costumes are in the closet waiting for final touches. Snaps on belts so they don't slip, hair ribbons glued to hair clips, that sort of stuff. the only thing I will do to the above costume on recital day is glue the yellow bows to the elastic strap of her tap shoes versus the saftey pins I have holding them for the picture taking.



  • Re: 03/31/2012 Cookin' Seniors Chat

    Good evening ladies,  Hope all is well with each of you. Marc is out of town so Sonja and I had lunch, went shopping, and goofed off. 

    The cook out last night for Marc was great. They were calling for rain but it held off until later in the night. He said to tell you all thank you for the birthday wishes.


    Zora - I did, I confess it was me who won. Yea right. Would be nice. I did not even buy a ticket. They showed somewhere on the news and people were lined around the building and down the street. 


    Rosie - So glad Tippy and Rich made it safely. Have fun.


    Margaret - We have rain in the area now also. Looks like it could rain here any minute. 


    NancyB - Hope thing get better for your son.


    Beverly - Your siggie sounds like the owl which has been hooting all afternoon from across the road.  I did not know you could do DNA on a dog also.


    Penny - You can come clean my closet out if you would like. Don't know how much you and I would get done. I've been doing some cleaning also. I am a member of an invitation only online yard sale. You take pictures, upload them to the site and if your are lucky they sell. You don't have to go to a house to pick them up. The girl who started it has a Consignment shop, "Shop & Drop".  You pay $10 for a month  if you want to post. I made around $150 off the last posting I did. I take something out, take the picture, then put it back up. If it sells get it out and take it to the shop.  I think all Daddy's are a little soft when it comes to their girls. 


    Pat - Glad Katelyn got to go home. Hope she will do good and not have a lot of pain once she is there. You sound like me with Drew. With his ball practice everyday I hardly see him anymore. Sure do miss him to.


    Doreen - If there is a skeeter within a hundred yards he will come find me. Guess I'm just that sweet. lol  Stop and think, that dumb dog may be smarter than you think.


    Randi - Hope you are feeling better. Revenge is no fun. 


    Rosie - Looks like a very "interesting" group of people. Abbie is having a fit because Marti is with you and she had to stay home today. There is no such thing as trying to explain things to her. 


    AnnB - Your carbs and the main thing to watch. They will turn to sugar in the body. Dr. Carr said I could have some sugar but only occasionally. I use Splenda anyway and buy sugar free ice cream and such. Also drink a lot of water and exercise. With all the work you do you exercise every day. I don't have that much to do here so I use my eliptical. I did tablets also, but when we found out about my kidney problems I had to go off it and do a low dose shot of insulin each day. You will make it.


    Beverly - She is precious. I just love the costume, so springy and colorful.  So sweet. I sure do miss them at that age. How is DGD in the Army? Hope all is going well with her.


    Take care all. May not be back tonight to chat but will be back to read. 

    Hugs, love, and prayers for all.