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Manic Monday

Last post Mar 20, 2012 12:00 AM by oeg1kallee . 7 replies.

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  • Manic Monday

    Hi all. Here is a pic of my new friend Liberty Bell.

    She is the size of my little finger.

    Had a great weekend, relaxing Not ready for the real world yet.

    Went to a girls get together last night and some guy let the air oout of all my tires cause he didn't like where I parked. It was in a public spot on a public street. Luckily friends had an air tank and it didn't hold us up much. The sheriff made a report and was going to talk to the guy. The gas station workers across the street saw him and knew who he was.

  • Re: Manic Monday

    Hi Leora, pie, Kay, Kallee, Rox, and the others that drop in ...

    So sorry to hear there are idiots in this world that "don't use their words".  I'm very glad that the witnesses across the street know who the vandal is.  I hope he is charged with vandalism. Glad God put a hero in your evening!! Love Liberty Bell. Esp her colors. 

    Kallee, How was your weekend?  I hope you relaxed on Sunday. I'm fighting a flare. I knew I would probably have one. We did a lot on Fri and Saturday. Woke up Sunday and felt like someone beat me with a pound of wet noodles. 

    Bubba is off today. We are meeting a pastor from a church @ Starbucks today. My denomination doesn't work for Bubba so I guess I'll be changing churches. I really don't want to but I don't want to sit alone in church either.


  • Re: Manic Monday

    Hi all. Spent my morning outside with my kids and the pups I am sitting for. Luckily my kids and the pups dont bother eachother. Have a second interview for activity director at a nursing facility tomorrow. Then to court for my stroke friends disability case. Then a Big Brother Big Sister event for "Bigs" only. Glad to have a busy day, keeps me out of trouble.


    StarDon't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. -John wooden

  • Re: Manic Monday

    I'm Lutheran. LCMS Lutheran. They require that new members go through adult confirmation. Bubba doesn't want to take the classes. I can understand that. We're going to Christ Community Church.  They belong to The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Christ Community is inter-denominational. 

    Still fighting a flare. This too shall pass. Someday. lol

    I'm sorry that you have information overload. I had been in a situation like that for most of my life. Don't let it consume you. I hope you have someone that you can vent to. Praying.

    I'm tired and I have to cook dinner.


  • Re: Manic Monday

    Having an anxiety attack. Hope it goes away soon.

  • Re: Manic Monday

    I'm praying for you, Leora. God will get you through it.