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DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

Last post Mar 16, 2012 5:42 PM by atvgranny_WI . 7 replies.

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  • DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Welcome to the Diabetic Connection or as we call it - the DC!!!!

    Our "DC" -   A place to connect with other BBer's who have diabetes and those who know or care for someone who has it.

    Our Purpose -    To share our stories, thoughts, questions, concerns, victories, and problems regarding the challenge of living with diabetes.

    Our Goal -   To learn together and to support one another.

    Our Community -   be sure to stop in our DC Meet and Greet Room - that's where we've introduced ourselves and tell you about ourselves.  Please feel free to use that post to introduce yourself as well.  The post is called DC Meet and Greet Family Room and this is the link to that post -


    Our Daily Conversations  -  We start a new post every day... and one on the weekend... so come on into our daily dated chats and join the conversation.  That's also the best place to ask questions as we're always checking in there. 

    Our Diabetic Recipe Collection  -   We have accumulated a variety of recipes that usually work for diabetics.  We welcome you to check out the recipes and add your favorites.  It's part of the Diabetic Connection and the post is called DC Recipes for Diabetics Collection  and here is the link to it.


    We've also created an Recipe Index to all our recipes and that's in a post called Index to Diabetic Connection Recipe Collection and here is the link to that post -


    Our DC Library & Resource Center  -   We've created a list of our favorite books about diabetes, health, or just whatever as well as a resource center of articles and websites about diabetes and health issues.  We consider it our knowledge center - specifically sharing knowledge of Health and Diabetes.  It's part of the Diabetic Connection and the post is called DC Library & Resource Center for Diabetics  and here is the link to it.


    Bookmark the DC so you can find us tomorrow

    If you want to know how to find us tomorrow, then click on the link that follows and add it to your Favorites or Bookmark it and that will bring you into the main entry of the Diabetic Connection.  That will make it easy to catch up with our chats and what's new at the DC.  Here's the link to bookmark -   http://community.tasteofhome.com/forums/62.aspx 

    Come on in and chat!  The DC is open to everyone and we welcome you all!


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    Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    It's Friday!  

    Happy TFIG!    Can't believe it's time for the "green celebration"!!!

    TGIF #11


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    Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Good Morning Everyone!!

    Really cute TGIF, Hauke...We already had our corned beef and cabbage this week.. I was so hungry for it and it was fairly low in calories, so I ate it...LOL Congrats to you too for walking 2 miles...Wow!! That is so awesome.. I am so proud of you....I think Wyanita is quite proud of you too... I am going to try the treadmill at the low pace, at some point too...I am just glad I finally took a little control here and got myself back to the center to exercise.. The getting out of the house, helps me with stress...

    Rosie, sorry your kids are so sick.. I know what strep is and how fast it spreads through a family...My daughter, Beth used to get one infection after another, so bad the doctor treated her for rhumatic fever...(sp) She didn't have rhumatic fever, but the strep still caused lots of health problems for her...I am glad to hear that you are losing weigh and exercising too... If I used one of those balls, it would be an "I Love Lucy" event or something..LOL I do have weights, which I use and like and there are some weights at the center, I use...Some girls bring those big balls into the center and use them on the gym floor at the center...A lot of the machines at the center are for your upper arms and back...The one machine I use a lot for my back seems to help my back a lot and after I use the machine, my back doesn't hurt...I do those wall pushups daily too...They are easy to do and you can feel the pull in your back and arms...

    I have some work to do today as I want to catch up so I am not so behind for next week..Yesterday, Ron cleaned the back porch for me and trimmed the ivy that grows like crazy.. I went out the back door downstairs and the Ivy was almost half way across the back porch...I did a lot of cleaning yesterday morning and did a lot of up and down the stairs doing laundry...So that was my exercise for the day...LOL I will go exercise sometime today...


  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Hi, Again, Everyone,

    I thought we needed a St. Patrick's Day Cake to celebrate our Irish blessings...So enjoy. There are not carbs, fat grams or calories in the cake, so we can indulge...LOL


  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    TGIF  (doing the happy dance)

    Deb - I saw on the news that there were tornados near Detroit.  I sure hope they weren't close to you and that you are all safe and sound.

    Nancy – We have "Whoo-Hoo" weather, too.  It has been so nice.  I actually have two tulips that have bloomed and my cherry tree has buds on it.  Spring is here!  I hope you had a good time at the St. Patrick's luncheon yesterday.

    Peggy – When I was driving home from work last night, I could see lightning in the distance, but it never got here.  You got some good deals at the stores.

    Doris – I've heard of some companies where everybody sits on those exercise balls.  I don't think I'd ever get any work done because I would be too worried about falling off the ball!

    Mary – All of the meals at your dinner out last night sounded so good.   I have ivy on one side of my house and I agree, it goes crazy.  The St. Patrick's cake looks yummy.  I meant to make a green pistachio cake to bring to work, but it totally slipped my mind.  So I will make it this weekend for my family.

    Rosey – I hope all the kids are feeling better soon and they don't spread it back around again.

    Hauke – You walked two miles?  That's great!  You are doing such a good job.

    I'm going to have a kind of busy weekend.  Tomorrow I'm going with my niece to the Flower and Patio Show.  Then I need to do more cleaning.  I'm having my brother and his family and Maycee over for dinner Sunday evening.  I told my niece that she and her BF are welcome to come, but I said since I will have Maycee, they might want to have some time to themselves.
    There is a guy at the grocery store that I thought was interested in me.  I saw him this morning and he asked what I usually do on the weekends.  I told him just piddling around home.  He said when I have some free time to let me him know because he wants to take me to dinner.  I really am not interested in him and I've been trying to gently let him know.  I guess I will have to tell him outright.

  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Good afternoon.    Joyce the bad tornado's were about 20 miles away.  We didn't have any severe weather here.  I guess the damage is quite bad where the tornado did touch down.  Mary I used to use those exercise balls where I used to work out.  They really are alot of fun and a good workout!!  Hauke, good for you on your walking.  You are really on your way.  Waving to everyone, with wishes for a good day.  Sorry there are no paragraphs, but I figure out how to make them on this tablet!!!!      Deb

  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Thought I'd check in and say  Happy Friday!

    I just finished balancing the accounts and paying some bills.  That's always a great feeling!  It was a bit of a challenge as I kept loosing my internet.  I had to go to the cable company yesterday and get a switch replaced ... but it's not doing the trick.  So it looks like I might have to choose whether it's the TV or internet as the splitter, when it's there, really causes the internet signals to waver or vanish.  I'll call them later and see if there are other options, as I really like being able to watch the TV while surfing the net.... or visa versa.  But for today, I'm choosing internet.  Especially when dealing with paying bills - I want to know it all went through and did the right thing and so I  disconnected the TV while paying bills.

    That's about all that happening here.  Have to do my Moving in March exercising this afternoon and I might even get energetic and clean my kitchen.  LOL  We'll see how I feel after my walking.

    So what are everyone's plans for the day of the Irish?  Are you eating green tomorrow?  what's on your menu?

    Since I'm very German Canadian I'm not into the green beer thing (well, that's probably more because I'm not into beer at all - not even the OctoberFest)  but I need to make another pot of soup so I'll be sure to add cabbage this time.

    That's all for now.  SYAL


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    Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

  • Re: DC Conversation, Friday, March 16

    Hi, everyone.

    Been out and about with Russell all morning, again. That takes time out of my straightening up. Then, I get tired and need a short nap. My walk was short today, also.

    MARY, getting things cleaned up outside and on the porch is because we have that springtime feeling. Lots of green poking thru in our yard and I see daffodils getting ready to flower. If there aren't too many machines for legs at the center, you can always do squatting exercises. Did you notice your cake leaves are just big hearts all fit together. Guess I'll nibble on the stem. LOL

    JOYCE, your cherry tree will be so pretty when it's in blossom. We have one tree that blossoms, a flowering crab tree. Dinner should be fun with Maycee there. As for the guy at the store, maybe dinner with him as just a friend may be a good thing once in a while.

    DEB, thought about you when I heard about the tornadoes. Another friend here on the BB said the tornado was in Dexter. Did you just sit on the ball or do movements with it?

    HAUKE, cute Irish bear. Not too much green here tomorrow. I am making a cabbage casserole, but planned that a while ago. And, we like beer, but it doesn't have to be green. We enjoy a nice Riesling Mosel more than the beer.

    ROSEY, hope the kids are feeling better and not passing that stuff on to others. Good for the weight loss. I know it goes slowly, so we just have to keep plugging away.

    Hugs and prayers for all.

    Nancy Z. Big Smile