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Healthy Choices 10/19/2007

Last post Oct 19, 2007 8:30 PM by Pat1274 . 14 replies.

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  • Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Since I'm the first one to wake up, let me be first to wish Sue a very Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day. I hope your knee gets better soon. Sounds painful.
    And I wish everyone else a nice Friday, too! lusi
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Sue, here is one for you:

    Birthday wishes do come true
    That is why I am sending to you,
    A wish so grand your smile will stay
    It will keep you grinning all the long day.

    Across the miles it will come in a flash
    To help with your celebration bash.
    It did arrive late in the evening though,
    Which makes it good for another day, you know.

    So grin and be happy, we are thinking of you.
    And may all of your birthday wishes come true.

    Hope everyone else had a grand day
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Lusi, I posted on yesterday's post, probably should have done it on here.
    Have fun on your trip up north - I agree, it beats working.
    Hi, Jenny!
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Good morning all! It's one of those sleepless nights here. Slept well for 3 whole hours, now wide awake. Guess I could go strip wallpaper but it's not high on my list for this time of morning...

    Happy Birthday Sue! Do you get your birthday off from work? LOL I did share the train info with Dale & he's got the web site in his favorites now. Don't think he'll make it this weekend but he sure is interested in seeing it sometime... When we were first married, he was into trains. Think he gave his set up to his next brother down when we moved into our first house we bought. It was HO guage..

    Jenny, loved the poem. How is your back feeling?

    Maureen, glad to hear Kim's lawyer is so shrewd. It will be hard on Ava not to see her Dad for so long, may he come home ok. Where is he being deployed to? Sounds like this mediation is saving alot of headaches for the judge. Too bad there has to be a divorce anyway. How is DH doing with his tile job?

    Had WI last night and gained, again! I need to get myself undercontrol & write everything down. Start out the week ok but get out of control about a day down the road. Also need to do some walking or exercise bike riding.

    Guess I'll check the weather in Lynn's area. She called us last night from her car, was just getting home from a meeting, and there was a tornado watch in her area. Why is it when Chris is gone, they get bad storms?

    Till later! Pat
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Pat- The back is feeling better thank you. I am up bright and early, have to be to work at 5.

    I feel like baking, sewing, and exercising today.

    The good thing about me baking is I don't usually do it so I can eat anything, I just love to bake.

    Hello MOJAZZ. How are you today?
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Good morning and thanks for the b-day wishes. I'm sure work will be a food fest so no WW tonight, will shoot for next week and enjoy my day. DH and I are going out for dinner but he won;t tell me where, maybe Al Capone's, my favorite place.

    I wish all that are on trips now a safe and happy journey and come back soon!

    Thank you Jenny for the lovely poem. I'll have to remember that one. How is the weather where you are? Do you get a lot of snow? Glad your back is better. When I bake I ALWAYS eat it! LOL

    Pat, sure I get the day off...NOT!
    LOL. Glad Dale liked the train info. I am the opposite of you with WW, I let myself go after the weigh in then scramble the last few days, I really have to track next week.

    My knee is getting better, can walk without pain now and almost normal speed.

    Vammie, my son has a torn ACL and the dr told him he could repair it surgically but it would never be as strong as it was and he would always have to be careful so he opted not to have the surgery. That's why I never had mine repaired either. I don't know if mine is the ACL or not.

    Have a good one everyone and I think it's Mojazz anniversary? or is it Barb? I don't have my list handy.
    Whoever, happy anniversary! Sue


    Have a good day, Sue Big Smile


    "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Happy Birthday to Sue and Happy Anniversary to Maureen and Dick...and many more!

    Good morning all...had to get the wishes done before I forgot and had to look them up again. Brrr...46º out there now but will warm to the upper 80s today. Crazy weather. I'll be shivering and wearing a sweater when I leave this morning and sweating when I come back.

    Maureen, so very glad Kim has a shrewd lawyer. She needs to ask him about having Ava as the primary beneficiary on Rog's life be put in a trust or something for her college education.

    Lusi..good morning. Thanks for starting us. By now in your area, Friday is drawing to a close and you have a glorious "empty" week ahead of you. Enjoy your time off.

    Sue...hope you get to go to your favorite restaurant. Maybe it's a weekend getaway that's planned! Wouldn't that be romantic!!

    Where's Viny? I don't remember his getting permission to be off? LOL! Hope his neck and back are OK...moving is hard work!

    Good morning Jenny. I'll be you think I'm a wimp for being chilled this morning!

    OK...lots of things to do today and none of them here. And it's pimiento cheese day...the wonderful jalapeno pimiento cheese. We'll pick up a few pounds to share.

    Y'all have a great day.

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Good morning all and a big Happy Birthday to Sue and Happy Anniversary to Maureen and Dick...may you have many more celebrations of the day. Today is also the birthdate of my mom's best friend...she's no longer alive but this is always such a special day for me. I'll email her DS and DDIL to let them know I remembered.

    Chilly here this morning at 46º but predicted to get in the upper 80s. Typical weather here at this time of year. A sweater this morning and sleeveless by afternoon!!

    Will be out and about this morning doing errands etc and then have a memorial dinner with friends celebrating the life of Desireé, a friend who recently succumbed to multiple myeloma. Quiet weekend planned.

    I'll drop by later.

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    "Happy Birthday to Sue"
    "Happy Anniversary to Maureen"

    Good morning friends,
    Waldo seems more peaceful now that we have started the morphine.
    We are still thankful for the times when he is alert ~~and bless him ~~~he still likes to tease.
    Thank you for your continued prayers, cards, e-mails and phone calls.
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Good morning everyone,

    HAPPY BIRCHDAY TO SUE. Hope you do go to your favorite restaurant tonight to celebrate. Glad your knee is feeling better.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MAUREEN AND DICK. What plans so you have to celebrate? Hope it's dinner out and some nice quiet time together. :)

    I found the missing recipe. It was filed in with the WW recipes and it's NOT a WW recipe, that's why I couldn't find it and it was the last place left to look. I'll post it on HC Recipes for anyone who wants to take a look at it. It's a good one for this time of the year and uses ginger snaps for the crust, not graham crackers. I've printed out all of the recipes you've posted yesterday and have lots more pumpkin recipes to try now. Thanks for your help.

    Want to get the cleaning finished before DH gets home. He had a last minute call and now we have to shop this afternoon. Maybe we'll go out for lunch first :)

    I'm not having too much success with exercising, so I pulled out the CD player with headphones and I'm going to see if that will keep me on the bike longer and more often. Still lacking motivation, but I know I'll be really sorry if I don't get with the program soon. What am I saying??? I'm already sorry I've slipped so far. Shame on me :(

    Company coming tomorrow evening, so have to sit down to make a menu before the shopping.

    Back later. Take care and God bless. Jo Ann

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Hi everyone.
    Rainy and gusty but really pretty with all the changing colors. If I didn't have to go out, I could enjoy sitting by the fire with a book today.
    Our friends have invited us to meet them for lunch and since it's so close to the big Harvest Fest site, we might just go there.

    Happy Birthday Sue. That was a nice poem Jenny. You are very thoughtful
    Guess I'll write one too but won't be as eloquent. No Sue, I Don't want to spoil the surprise, but your DH is bringing you to my house for dinner so that's why I wrote this.
    "Happy Birthday to You,
    I hope you like Stew
    Leftover from last night
    It'll just have to do."

    Happy Anniversary Maureen. How many years?
    So is Rog in the Reserves? He sure has had a lot of changes in his life this last year hasn't he?
    I'm sure Kim would always let his folks see Ava, no matter what. That can be a worry though. I thought there was such a thing as Grandparents rights but I learned on a court show the other day that there isn't.

    Anne, good news about the MRI and I'm glad you found your recipe.
    I have 3 big boxes of apples even after we did one box up in applesauce.

    I am really bad about exercising in this weather. Just don't want to go out to that cold garage and too lazy to make a fire. So Pat and Anne are not alone in their lack of motivation.

    Hope Viny checks in today and NursePat too.

    Shirley, thanks for checking in. We are all keeping you in our prayers.

    Well kids, I have to get busy.

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    So Barb, what time will the stew be ready ?? LOL

    Have a good day, Sue Big Smile


    "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Happy anniversary to Maureen and Dick. Enjoy your special day!
    I just got back from a baby shower - Finnish style. This is a new thing here. Funny party. The new mom is an Estonian with a Finnish husband. There were a few Estonians there, a couple of Finns, an African and me. As Finns don't like to speak Finnish with Estonians, the common language turned out to be English, and I kept getting called on to translate when they got stuck. My brain is exhausted after that.
    I'm off to sleep now. Good night. lusi
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Hi everyone,

    Yum, Barb, stew sounds good on a windy cool night like this. Do you have room for one more? lol

    The leaves are turning here too. It's supposed to be a beautiiful weekend. It looks like we miht have one of those long lovely falls after all.

    Vammie, isn't it nice to be ut of that constant heat? Sounds like you're enjoying the fall temperatures too.

    What an unexpected turn of events, Maureen. I will be praying for Rog's safe return, I pray for all of our troops every day, and I hope his absence won't be too hard on Ava. I'm so sure that Kim won't keep Rog's parents from seeing Ava. They must love her very much.

    I did get the recipe for Snappy Pumpkin Dessert posted on HC Recipes to remember, so, if you like pumpkin and ginger snaps, check it out.

    DH is taking a well deserved nap, but it's getting so late, I think I should wake him or he won't sleep tonight, so I'm off to be the "meanie" and tell him it's time to rise and shine. He'll thank me later. :)

    Praying for Waldo's comfort and Shirley's strength duriig this difficult time.

    God bless. Jo Ann
  • RE: Healthy Choices 10/19/2007
    Good evening all! A cool & blustery night tonight. BRRRR!

    Happy Anniversary Maureen & Dick! Hope you are doing something special this weekend to celebrate.

    Sue, hope you went to your favorite place tonight!

    Verna, hope you're enjoying that cool air... Did you get that diningroom table cleaned off yet?

    Shirley, thanks for letting us know Waldo is more peaceful. I hope he has a nice colorful tree to look at while he's resting.

    Anne, that is so funny to have your lost recipe in the WW file! LOL Guess you & I can start our own "shame on us for not exercising" group. Sounds like Barb will be joining us next.

    Barb, don't give up your day job to write poetry.... and what are you going to do with all those apples? Apple crisp comes to mind...

    DH & I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight,after I got done with work, then had custard at our favorite custard shop, then to Walmart for a few groceries.. I'm pooped, especially since I've been awake from 1 a.m... Hope I sleep tonight...

    Till later! Pat