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Weekender March 15/16, 2014

Last post Mar 16, 2014 10:07 PM by Bizeebarbie . 32 replies.

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  • Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good Morning all,  Thought I would get us started before I left for the day. 
    Viny,  hope you and Pat are feeling better this morning. this stuff that keeps floating around is a booger to get rid of and so many are having pneumonia, Take care of yourself.  I see someone who like me, just don't think they need to stay inside and pamper themselves until you are well. 

    Jo Ann, my prayer for T and your family today is praying that he is feeling some better and is finding something do entertain him while he is confined inside

    Carolyn, love your furniture and  know you are so happy to have it delivered and set up. Hope that new mattress helps with your back.  Thanks for sharing the pictures

    Over 1/2 of the mulch was spread yesterday and today the rest should get done. Lupe is already working and it's barely daylight.

    Time for me to get in the shower, get my hair done and get ready to load the bus by 9:30,  I know I'll enjoy the play, just not what I wanted to do today.  Be back later and will check in.'  Hope all of you have a wonderful day

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good morning everyone. I hope I see some of these outside one of these days.

    Marti, I hope you enjoy the senior follies despite not wanting to go. At least it is a day to relax away from the houses. Lupe must be such a good worker, what would you do without him?

    Barb, I have some good dishes I’ll give to DDIL one day. They were DH’s grandmother’s. I’ll give them to DDIL because they have a big “H” in the middle of each dish. DD’s initial is “C” now but she does hyphenate her name so maybe she would want them but I think not, she doesn’t cook anyway and DDIL does. There are not grandsons to carry on the name so maybe one day they will be donated somewhere. What a profound and wise statement in the AARP mag. We should all remember that.

    Maureen, are they grinding those stumps out? You must have had a lot of trees. Do you have a lot of roses to prune? I only have a few, some minis and the 2 Knockout. I was afraid to prune the Knockouts much last year but now I know they need severe pruning or they will get too big. We have had several earthquakes near here but not big ones. The things in the house just vibrate a little and that’s it. I was surprised we got any at all.

    Carolyn, great pic of the new furniture. How do you open the top drawers?

    Vammie, take a day to relax. Sorry the reunion wasn't that great. Glad the yard job will be starting soon. Take before and after pics so we can see it.

    Viny, what a scary night for you and Pat! I hope she starts to feel better today. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with.

    I too am worried about JoAnn and Tom. I hope she checks in today.

    We took the girls to their new preschool yesterday, then to the library. The library has an “enchanted forest” area for little kids and they love it. They were running around like crazy. Then to Hibachi Grill for their buffet. The girls ate very well, behaved and didn’t make a mess. Then back to their house for a nap, for them and me! DH went home for his nap. Their birthday party is tomorrow and DD is obsessing over it, can’t sleep. I’m sure it will be fine. Here is where it is:


    Will stop in again later or tomorrow. Today I have to make some tortilla rollups for the party and tomorrow I'll make some mini chicken salad sandwiches. DD is making pb and j triangles for the kids and jello cups. The other grandma is making a pasta salad. The cake is from Costco. Should be plenty.





    Have a good day, Sue Big Smile


    "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good morning everyone.


    Sorry I have been missing.  Not too chatty but am reading posts.


    Carolyn, I love your new furniture.  It's very pretty as is the comforter on your new bed.  Is that a new one?


    Viny, what a scary night you had with Pat. I'm glad she has a doctor appmt and hope both she and you are well again soon.


    Tom had a very good morning, yesterday, then of all times, had a downward  spiral in the evening before Deb came out.  They were planning on going out to eat, but picked up carry out instead. I haven't heard from him this morning and am hoping he had a good night.


    Thank you all for your prayers.


    Take care everyone and God bless,

    Jo Ann


  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014
    Good Morning to all ------------ JoAnn - what a roller coaster you all are on!! Such a drain emotionally - know you are all exhausted! Would be nice if things could level off for a while and you all could catch your breath ... Pray for you all ~~~~~~~~ MARTI - Hope you enjoy your day! Find myself doing what I don't want to do so much it's almost become a sore spot with me .... Don't know how many will be here for GS's birthday party next weekend but my yard may not be as nice as it has been in the past ... Wish I could borrow Lupe for a few days! lol ------------ SUE - checked out the link for the birthday party - what fun the kids will have! Haven't heard of anything like that in our area - menu sounds good for everyone. ------------------ Gray drizzling day this morning - looks so foggy outside - my game plan for the day is to finish getting my front yard in shape - hope the rain holds off long enough so that I can. -------- Need to get this day started - hope you all have a good weekend! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bettie
  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good morning everyone.  Sue, no need for before and after pictures really...no change in the landscaping...just in the drainage.  If I get a good sunny day I will take pics...it's too gloomy today. 

    That quote Barb posted yesterday is a good one, I've saved it to my Words of Wisdom file.  Thanks Barb. 

    Jo Ann....hope T had a decent night.  Going out to dinner wasn't really a good idea...wasn't he supposed to stay in and keep warm for now?  My prayer for him is for acceptance of his new lifestyle and its limitations and for you, peace in your heart. 

    Viny,  like Tom, you are doing too much too soon.  You are wearing yourself out.  Glad to hear Pat is eating some fruit, but the mac/cheese is such good comfort food.  I think I'm making mac/cheese with tomatoes for dinner tonight.  I just woke up hungry for it. 

    Bettie, I have your cross all boxed up and ready to bring next week...don't you wish everyone could join us in Waco!  Now...just don't let me forget to actually give it to you! 

    Waiting on Jeri...time for toenail work.  She should be here soon.  Think we'll do a couple of quick side trips afterward....I need to pick up my book for the new bible study. 

    Sue, what a nice menu for the birthday party.  I know the duo will have such a good time.  Hope they stay in good spirits and don't have meltdowns. 

    Jeri's here...back later. 


  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good morning.  It's a bit cloudy and I hear my wind chimes so maybe breezy.  Darn it, I was hoping for  a calm day. 

    We are going to N.'s 90th Bday party this afternoon.  DD is going to L.'s ball game and then bringing him back home for a sleepover.  I want to take him to Bealls .   They have some nice hooded sweat shirts on sale but I don't know what size he wears.

      I talked to MJ yesterday and she said a neighbor boy had beat L. up.  I guess the other parents won't let their kids play with him .  He pushed L. down once before so they wouldn't let him play there but finally relented when he promised not to do it again.  His dad isn't in the picture I guess.  This time the kid is banned from coming over and is no longer allowed to play even outside with L. They were going to talk to the mother last night and tell her that.

    Sue, what a neat place for a party.   I don't know what the kids are planning for L.'s party next mo.  Everything is such a big deal for kids nowadays.  Nothing like when mine were young and you baked a cake and had a bunch of kids come for food and games.  I only had one party when I was growing up and that was a surprise party my older sister gave for me at her house.  But, my friend told me about it the day of the party so I wasn't surprised.  

      Carolyn, I love your furn.  I like the simplicity of it.  Not a lot of nooks and cranies. 

    Bettie, I bet your yard is looking good.  We have cleared out some flower beds but so far that is all. 

    Jo Ann, thanks for checking in.  We do worry when we don't hear from you.  Of course, we are all praying for T.   I'm glad he has Deb.  I hope this works out to be a permanent thing for them. 

    Marti, I was just telling DH what a "Mover" you are and how I could never do what you do.   I would be exhausted.  Mentally, if not physically.

    We are trying to work on our W/D.  We went to look at new ones that are on sale but I would like to be able to fix these.   They still work but the dryer needs the rollers greased and the washer sometimes leaks on an Xtra Lg. load.  I have cleaned the bottom of the washer .  DH turned it over for me.  I clean  under it a lot but I was surprised how dirty the actual bottom gets.

      Ok, I am totally baffled by Rosie.  Her diaper was completely dry and her blanket feels dry but her bed and floor under her bed is wet.  If the diaper was leaking around the legs, it would be a little damp there.  If it was leaking at the tail, it would be a bit damp there.  But I tighten the legs really tight.  I just don't know. 

    Gotta go but I'll be back.  Barb

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good morning friends,

    Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I was feeling a little down and just tried to chill-out after seeing the new doctor. He was very nice but didn’t pull any punches. He said my doctor is too sweet to tell me just how sick I really am. Well, that got my attention. He reminded me of all the things I am taking medication for and now I will be on more. Not a total surprise to learn I have Senile (don’t you like that word) osteoporosis. Arthritic, and acute gouty. I have started on a different dose of prednisone. I had more blood work done and he will decide the course of action (meds) for the gout. Also he is suggesting the prescription medicine Prolia (needle twice a year) for the osteoporosis.

    He was very impressed with the range of motion I have in my knee and hip. He agrees the knee hurts because of more arthritic and scar tissue. He said I really must have worked hard doing the rehab.

    He wrote a prescription so that I can go for aqua therapy a couple times a week. I will check into that on Monday. The Y pool water is very cold so this will be so much better and my insurance will pay for it.

    I guess because the meds are controlling things I forget things are wrong. Anyway, there isn’t anything life threatening so I will just do what I am told.

    Sue, the party should be lots of fun for everyone. I would like that place myself.

    Viny, I am sorry Pat is sick now. I think we all need the warmer weather and sunshine. Please tell her I was asking for her.

    Jo Ann, I know you are exhausted from worrying about Tom. I pray he will start to feel better and things will settle down. I can understand you’re not feeling like posting. I get like that sometimes too.

    Bettie, you do sound a little stressed. Sometimes our kids (even grown) can make us crazy. Confused

    Holley and I did stop at Kohl’s yesterday. I couldn’t really walk around so just got some undies and checked out. We did stop for lunch and picked up my prescriptions.

    Carolyn, your furniture is very nice. I know you are happy to finally get it.

    Its late morning and I haven’t accomplished a thing. I need to get my act together before it is time to take Mary to the hairdressers.

    Have a nice day


    Edit: Barb, I am sorry L got hurt. That little boy must be confused and angry. He will need help somewhere along the way ~~~the sooner the better.


        Tomorrow will be in the 30s again.

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Shirley, I am so sorry you have found that you have even more health issues then you thought.  And I know it's depressing.  Especially thinking about taking even more medication.  My friend went to the pool for water exercises.  She is 3 yrs. younger than I am but has really bad arthritis .  She also has had hip replacement.  She said the water exercises made her feel better.  That was several yrs. ago but she is talking about going back.  She takes pain pills .  She calls them her "Hot Shots" and she will take them when we are out shopping. 

    When I saw the specialist last time about my nerve pain I told her I didn't realize it was so serious.  She said, "Oh, it's not serious."  RIGHT.  She'd think it was serious if she had it . Hmm

    Verna, looks like we were posting at the same time.  I like Mac and cheese too but only homemade.  Paul likes the blue box but I can't stand it.  I should figure out something with chicken since I cooked some up to have ready.

    Viny, I hope both you and Pat are feeling better today.  The only cold I got this winter was a few days after I went to church and had someone close to me coughing and hacking  throughout the service.  I tried to stay out of crowded places when everyone was so sick around here but you can just pick it up at the store, no matter how much you wipe down the carts and wash your hands.  

    Back to work.  Need to clean that floor under the washer and put it back in place.  I don't know if these will work any better but they will be clean.  Smile

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good Morning.   Very windy last night and it began raining also.   Today is still windy, although not as bad.   Don't think I will be out in this unless the wind dies down and the sun can put some warmth out there.  

    Shirley, I know you're a little down, but I think it's so important to have an honest doctor.   Now you know where you're at and what you have to do.   DH has acute gout also, and the name they gave him is Tophi Gout.   But with medication to keep the uric acid level in check, he is fine.   I bet you are happy to be able to swim in warmer waters, the thought of swimming in cold would not make you want to go.   At least you'll get a resolution for this and you can enjoy your trip all that much more.

    Barb, poor little Landon, what a horrible experience.   That little bully's mother has her work cut out, if she cares.   Sure hope they would never be in the same classroom.

    Rosie's dilemma is definitely a mystery, but sure you will figure it out.

    Verna, I love your advice to T and Viny.   My sentiments exactly.    Have an enjoyable time with your toe lady.

    Bettie, you're only 1 person and can only do so much.  You'll probably get quite a bit done between now and next Saturday.   I'm sure it looks so good already.

    Jo Ann, I don't quite know what to say to you since you probably don't have much say in what T does.  Sounds like he and Deb are a team and make their own decisions.   I'm sure she wants him to be happy.   But I do know you can't get it out of your mind and can't help but worry.   Maybe concentrate on what you know to do for stress.

    Sue, what a cute place for the birthday party.   That should be such fun.   Hope the girls enjoy themselves.

    Loved the sound of your day yesterday, just remember that this is about the best age to explore and have fun.   I look back at our library times, eating out, etc with such fond memories.   Everything is a new adventure for the girls and so worthwhile to be a part of.   Even as repetitive as it was for us to go to library time every week, it always was something new and what was so fun for me was to see Ava develop and have more confidence.

    Marti, isn't it funny how you can see yourself in Viny ?   We never seem to see ourselves how others see us.   Enjoy your day today, does sound like fun and the work at home will wait for you.

    Viny, hope you 2 are on the mend.   Now you can take care of Pat.   I think her mac and cheese sounded perfect.   Maybe this will be the last sicky bout for both of you.

    I know for starters I need to shower.   Then if the wind subsides maybe I can finish with those dreadful roses.   I have 5 in that bed, then 2 more and a mini in another front bed.   2 minis are in the backyard.   These big ones are tall and seem to be very dense this year.   So I have to thin out as I prune.   And those darn thorns are so hard to avoid, only wear old clothes.

    The 2 men did a good job getting out the stumps.   One owned a stump grinder, actually a very good one that could be operated by 1 person so easily.   They took away all the logs for DH and the chips.   A couple of the trees still had to be cut to ground level.   We have already replaced the Maple with a Linden tree.   Did that  last year and put it about 4 or 5 ft further out from the patio than the Maple was.   Not replacing 2 of the Fruitless Mulberries, they were along the far back wall and still have 2 of them at either ends and a Sycamore in the middle.   This lets more light in for the fruit trees which are about 20 ft or more in front of them.   Will get 2 more peach trees, but not put them in the same holes, will offset them.   Have plenty of room because of 2 apple trees we pulled out a few years ago.   Will have the 3 fruiting peaches, the fruiting apricot and a flowering plum, flowering crab apple and a flowering pear back there.   And the little bird bath that sits on an old apple stump.  Probably a lot more than you wanted to know.

    Here is a link to copycats from Food Network, be sure to click on "more in the gallery" once you've gone down to the pizza, there are quite a few of them.   They call them "almost famous".


    Better get busy.....




  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good afternoon.

    JoAnn, so sorry Tom had a bad afternoon. Good thing it didn’t happen after they went out. Maybe you and Frank should take a ride to Amish country just to take your mind off of Tom and his health for a little while.

    Bettie, I hope the family is going to help you get ready for the party.

    Vammie, have fun shopping with Jeri. I also hope the girls can cope with the party; they don’t like being the center of attention sometimes. The party is only 2 hours long, quite short these days.

    Barb, what a sad thing to happen to L. I hope the boy’s mother takes him in hand and puts a stop to all this.  I hope you had a good time at N’s party. DH’s aunt had one a few years ago but worked herself up so much beforehand that she couldn’t come to the party. I hope you can get the W/D AND Rosie sorted out. It’s a mystery that it’s wet under her bed but her diaper isn’t wet.

    Shirley, we can all understand how discouraging it was to hear the doctor “tell it like it is”. We’ve all heard news we didn’t want to hear and felt bad about it. He sure had some good things to say about your knee and hip. I had to smile at the “senile” osteoporosis. That reminded me of when DD was pregnant and her chart said “geriatric maternal age”, she was 39, LOL. I hope you enjoy swimming in the warm waters, I remember when you used to talk about your swimming. Didn’t you do exercises in the water?

    Maureen, I hope the wind died down enough for you to work in your yard.  When I got up this morning I glanced out the kitchen window and saw something strange, had to take a second look. It turned out to be our patio WITHOUT snow, haven’t seen that for months.  You sure have a lot of fruit trees, how big is your lot? I’m going to check out the copycat recipes, still looking for Fazoli’s meat sauce.

    I started sorting the tax stuff and DH left a voice mail for the accountant to make the appointment. I HATE tax time.

    I’m reheating dinner soon. I had a recipe that sounded interesting. You take uncooked large manicotti shells and put a chicken tender (raw) in each. I had to trim the chicken to fit. Add some water to pasta sauce, pour it over everything, cover tightly and bake. It was pretty good but makes a lot. I may have to freeze some. Yesterday we ate too much at the buffet and only had cottage cheese and peaches for dinner. 


    Have a good day, Sue Big Smile


    "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Good afternoon... Its windy, cloudy and not very warm here today. I did hang my sheets out to try this morning and I think they may actually get completely dry this time.

    Carolyn ~ I got your package in yesterday's mail. Thank You so much!! How very thoughtful of you! You guys.... Carolyn sent me the rooster spoon rest that she got at Cracker Barrel last week. The colors look so good in my kitchen. I love it! Thanks, again! Also, I like your new furniture. It looks very similar to the bedroom set that we had when we first got married.

    Brody was funny yesterday. When he woke up, he was sitting on the floor looking out the window and he said, "It stopped raining NanaJo, we can go outside and play!" Unfortunately, the wind was still blowing and the grass was too wet. Hopefully, one of these days we will be able to play outside.

    Jo Ann ~ I think you and your sister need to go out to lunch and/or go shopping! Even if it is only for a few hours. You need to do something for yourself to take your mind off of T and everything that he is going through.

    Shirley ~ As Maureen said at least now you know where you are and what you have to do. The water therapy will probably help you feel good. I'm glad he prescribed that for you.

    Barb ~ That is quite the mystery with Rosie. Apparently, she doesn't mind wearing the diaper? Are these dog diapers? I've never heard of such a thing. I wish I would have known about them for Wilson (our little Yorkie).

    Bettie ~ I'm sure your house and yard will look beautiful for the birthday party next week. I know what you mean about doing things that aren't really what you want to do.... seems to be a lot of that going on.

    Verna ~ I got my toes done yesterday afternoon, too. They feel (and look) so much better!

    Viny ~ I hope you and Pat are both feeling better and taking it easy today. Sorry if we get on your case.... but, someone has to! Besides, it our job(s) to nag!

    Well, I'm off to make a reservation. When I talked to dd yesterday she said that dgd has a dance recital the end of April and Trenton has a game the same weekend. After talking it over with dh, we decided it would be a good time for me to go down - even though, they are probably coming up the end of May for dfil's 95th birthday.

    Marti ~ When you look back on your life, you will remember these fun times spent with family and friends and not the work you didn't get done. So, those are my words of wisdom. :)

    Sue ~ I'm sure the birthday party will be just great. The food sounds yummy and like there will be something that everyone will like. I hope your dd doesn't stress too much.

    I had a cooking disaster today. I made a recipe for Old Fashioned Donuts out of Cuisine at Home magazine. Well, the dough was just so tender and sticky that when I lifted the donuts up off the mat to put into the oil to fry, they just fell apart. The two that I did manage to keep together, then fell apart in the oil. I ended up frying a couple of the donut holes and even those just soaked up with oil and were not edible. I ended up throwing the rest of the dough out!  Oh well.... we really didn't need donuts anyway!

    I'm sorry if I have missed anyone; but, I really need to get those tickets bought and dh wants me to look something up for him online.

    Until later...

    Jo Lynn

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    There's something weird going on here.  Either Rosie has been to visit or Shadow got out front...the sidewalk is WET!  Hooray for rain!!  We are so behind not only for the month, but year to date.  I think it's been less than an inch total since the first of the year.  Bring on the rain. 

    Barb...did you see where George Donaldson, the older guy in Celtic Thunder, passed away on the 12th of a massive heart attack?  So sad.  He was sort of the glue that held the group together.  I went online and got two of their DVDs....while I like to hear them, I also like to watch them...just a bit of eye candy!  He left behind a wife and teenage daughter.  Wonder if they come from Ireland or if they have distribution centers in the US?  I can't wait for them to arrive. 

    This has been a most unproductive day.  I washed dog bedding and cleaning rags together and that's all I've accomplished.  I slept poorly last night and can't wait to crawl in bed tonight.  I might follow Rosemary's plan and have a small glass of wineDrinks  Wonder if that will help?! 

    OK...time to figure out my dinner.  We went for Chinese for lunch...love that hot and sour soup!  I had sweet and sour chicken and it was good too.  I'm outta here for now. 


  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Back again.   N. party was nice.  We didn't stay long.  She seemed a bit overwhelmed but probably had a good time.   I had to laugh though.  Her DD told me that she said she wish they had just taken a picnic and gone to the woods instead of having a party.  Now, this is the same lady who has lamented to me on many occasions that she only had one party in her whole life. 

    Jo Lynn, it is really nice here.  Sunny and warm.  But rain is coming back tomorrow afternoon.  Yes they have doggie diapers.  They are expensive but since hers have been dry we use them over and over.  One of you suggested using baby diapers and cutting a hole for the tail.  It would probably be cheaper. 

    Verna, I think wine would definitely help....one way or another.  Personally, I'll take a Beer instead.  In fact, if you were here, it's warm enough we could sit on the deck and have one with our mixed nuts. You asked me if I take naps.  Nope, never have.  I don't need a lot of sleep but you know why I don't sleep well ?  It's because I lie down on the sofa to watch TV at night, doze through most of my shows, then when it comes time to actually go to sleep, I'm wide awake.   So.....technically, I guess I do nap.   These dogs.....don't they drive us nuts?  I told DH I can't even give Rose away now because not only is she a Barker, she's a bed wetter too! 

    I had to make another Apple cake.  This time I'm sure H. will be by to get some.  We saw DD, DSIL and L. down at the Marina Park. We left them there and ran to Walmart and picked up a new soccer ball for him and they will be out here in a bit so I can take him to Bealls.  Ok, I know that is pronounce Bells......but......I am wonder  how Marti pronounces it .  I'm thinking ........Bay-ells.  I mean, isn't there headquarters back there somewhere ?  This is a new store to us out here in this part of the country. 

    Better go see if I can help DH get that dryer back in here.  Poor man, he's been working on that thing off and on for 2 days.  I hope he fixed it ....We won't talk about the white touch up paint I'm going to have to get to cover the scratches he has put in it while working on it.  Confused 

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I did read the posts.  Just too much going on. 

    Sue, the twins BD party sounds like fun....I agree with Barb that everyone seems to try to outdo each other on the birthday parties these days.....some of them probably spend more than some of us did on our weddings!!  lol.  How many children will attend?  I looked at the site online and it does look like a fun place for small children.

    Shirley, Georgene goes to the warm exercise pool in Brookfield (I think that's where it is) 2 times a week for water exercises.  I hope you will enjoy it.  I have osteopenia (the beginnings of osteoporisis) and took medication for about 3 years and started building new bone, which is good.  ALL of us as we get older start having various health issues but with good medical care, we can live a long, active life.  Don't get discouraged....just be thankful that you have good doctors and can afford the treatments.  

    Viny, hope you and Pat are both feeling better by now.....shared your germs with her huh?  

    Jo Ann, you sound like you are really discouraged......praying for you, Frank & Tom!!  May God give you the wisdom you need to deal with this situation and T the acceptance he needs to live with his condition.

    Barb, glad N had a nice b=day party....I don't ever remember a birthday party as a child that was given for me.  We usually had family/friends over for hamburgers, ice cream and cake.....but no kid parties.  I'm so sorry that L had such a bad encounter with that boy!!  My DH always taught our boys NOT to throw the first punch but definitely to defend themselves if necessary.....  I'll be anxious to hear if your W/D work better after such a thorough cleaning.  We have never bought extended warranties on appliances.....I personally think they are a rip off......I'll just buy something new rather than have old things worked on that have had numerous problems.  

    DH and I went to the County Rep. Convention today.  Our state senator was the keynote speaker and we have about 10 candidates for various offices in the county.  I have to go to Raleigh the 24 & 25 for training.  DH's oldest daughter is coming for 8 days and she will stay w/him while I go.  She's resigned her job recently and is a little down.  Needs a new direction in her career.  

    DH and I worke din the yard this afternoon for about 2 hours....I trimmed a line of shrubs and several stand alone shrubs.  It was beautiful here today --- probably about 65 degrees.  

    Well, folks, going to go bake one cookie sheet of macademia nut cookies for dessert.  

    You all have a good evening and I'll stop by tomorrow if I have time.  


    Nanny Beach

  • Re: Weekender March 15/16, 2014

    Sue, had to send this picture. Good awareness on your part. I admit I was nervous when I first saw the furniture with no knobs, then found them in the drawer:)Today has been a busy day. My friend came up and got my old bed. Sam got it loaded for her. Was too good to throw out and she wanted it for her mother's house, she is going to try to restore her mother's place a bit. 
    Barb, I like the simplicity of the furniture. Really what I was wanting was something I can move out and make up, and I wanted a head board. 
    Jo Ann, the covering is actually a kind sized sheet with a big ruffle at the top. Very pretty and colorful. 
    Jo Lynn, you are so welcome. I could just picture you having a rooster spoon rest like mine. 
    Not bad timing for snail mail this time. 
    Shirley, I have osteopina, degenerative disc, stenosis, and  sciaticia nerve pain. And, my Joy is getting these same problem's. I think some of these problems are inherited. Nevertheless, I hope you have lots and lots of restful times. 
    The kids left. Aiden went to a birthday party and Xana with her friend to a Church function, and Savannah spent the night with her friend. 
    Xana is reading The Westing Game, (required) and she understands a lot of the questions that she has to answer on the chapter's and a few she doesn't. I said let me read some of it, so last night way in the night I am reading this goofy book. And, I do mean goofy. I went to sleep in the recliner for a bit and when my leg started hurting I got in the floor. It was comfortable sleeping once I got situated. Aiden fell asleep in the big bed, so left him there.
    Maureen, I worried about earthquakes before we moved to Calif. and once I got there I forgot all about them I guess. I think because I was with Sonny I never had a thing to worry about. Cool
    Viny, I sure hope Pat and you are up-to-par by now. That flu or whatever it is has been rough this year. I have been lucky so far. 
    Verna, maybe you will get enough rain to make up for your drought conditions. 

    Bettie, are you working out in your yard again today? Hope you get it all done.
    Lusi, hope you are feeling better. Guess you will be coming in to see your mother in July? 
    Pat A, Hope to see you check in soon. And, that all is well. Guess Co. Springs was to have a really cold spell tonight and tomorrow. 
    Marti, guess you are home by now. And, hope  the trip today was a good one. 

    Donna, you will learn to make the scarves. I promise they are easy. Just a good little hobby. Those craft girls have invited me to go on their next retreat, don't know when or where yet, but if I go maybe I can learn something new. 
    Got a free room voucher for the Casino in N.C. in the mail today. It expires the middle of May. Sure hope to use that. My sister and I can go and hang out in the mountain's. Automobile
    Might even stay an extra day. 
    X is coming back to spend the night. And, we will go to Church. And, then Mon. I work,,,,yeah,,,,,. That  I look forward to.Yes

    Have my printer and computer all in one place now, Well, except my desktop. I hardly use it after I had to have it. This one straightened up after I bought that one. 
    I have a goal to de-clutter this place before April 5. Guess a lot that I throw away or get rid of will be tear stained. Wish me luck.

     38 years ago today my DH retired from the U.S. Navy. Goodness, how time flies. 
    I have a couple of pictures that I am thinking about sending in to a contest, it is through our Tn. Farmers ins. One is a big fat robin sitting on a limb, and the other is like a silhouette picture, taken from the road of horses. 
    Love n hugs, Carolyn

    Dawn, suggested that the robin might break the limb. And, there is a nest close to where the bird was, I think maybe she was expecting. 

    Carolyn Keys