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Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

Last post Oct 05, 2008 5:31 PM by Bizeebarbie . 11 replies.

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  • Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Good morning friends,

    "Happy Belated Birthday Lusi" Wilted FlowerCake

    We having beautiful falls days here in Connecticut. Many of the trees are dropping leaves already.

    I told YDD I would like to take a ride soon to see the foliage.

    I spent the day with her yesterday. The monument company finally put the date on Waldo's stone after months of our waitng.


    We went to lunch and took a ride to Tarrywile Park and Mansion where she is holding DH 50th surprise party on the 18th.   The mansion is used for wedding, and all types of parties. The grounds are absolutely beautiful.


    I'm going to post this now and come back later before someone else slips in and we double the daily post.  LOL

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Good Morning Shirley and all those who drop in later. Shirley, I checked out the website and what a beautiful place to hold a 50th Birthday party and such a lovely place to have weddings. This is the beautiful home that you find so many of in New England.  The group that I had planned to travel to New England with left this morning at 5 AM.  This would have been the first time I had ever left Joe to do a trip, other than business, so I guess it is just as well as i cancelled. He needs me more..  Shirley, I know your lunch was wonderful yesterday,  I hope you are able to get out and see the beautiful New England foliage.  Such a beautiful place in the fall, the one place I would chose to live if I could,   I know you were happy to get the dates on Waldo's stone.  It seems to take so long to get all this done.  Fortunately, I got SM on within the month.

    Maureen, I hope you are able to get on the board today.

    We(I) am still thinking it would be good for Joe if we tried Pa. but I'm going to wait until we see the arrthy. doctor this week and see what he thinks.   I think Joe would be  happy to go to the beach, but I want to wait until cooler weather for that,  I love the change of season that we see in the mountains and we won't see much of that at the beach.  Leaves are already turning and some falling here, which is very early.

    Verna, what a great day you had yesterday, I knew your desserts would be a great hit, thanks for the recipes.  I'll need something for next weekend for a family reunion so i will look at those recipes.  I hope you are able to find a yardman at a more reasonable price.  I think we paid $25. a week for SM yard and she had a big yard, in the fall he also got up the leaves and cleaned out the gutters.  I'm  sure that down the line, I'll have to look for someone to do my yard,  I have 5 huge crepe mrytles and 6 azaleas that the bulldozer pulled up this week that I want put out, the guy who helped me last week will come back Tuesday and i hope he can help me.  If they die, I'll will have tried.

    Off the the ironing,  how in this world we have so much, I don't know.  I think I did better on laundry when I worked full time.  the cleaners did most of it. lol


  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Well...let me try again.  I did a nice post and it disappeared.


    Not much going on...nice sunny day, warm, with a gentle breeze.  It does cool down in the evening and overnight.  We are so ready for fall. 


    I'm going to sign off and see if this posts, and if it does, I'll be back later.  Have some chores to do.



  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Hi!   No problem getting on today.

    Cool rainy day today – I love it!   I’m having to finish the peaches, so that’s my next project.   DH is working on getting the mortar out from between the tiles.   It’s working really well for him with using the tool he’s using.   Course, there are lots of rest periods for the football gamesJ


    Yesterday he helped me clean out the chest freezer in the basement.   Now it is organized and I can find everything.   He was such a big help since he lifted the full baskets out and put them down for me to sort through everything.   And then discards had to be taken upstairs to the trash – he did that for me since we were getting it so heavy.

    In a good freezer where everything is kept at or below 0 degrees, how long do you keep your cooked leftovers, ie., tortilla soup, beans, or anything like that?   A book I have on preservation says about 3 months, but isn’t that too short a time?   Some that I threw away were about 7 months or longer, but I really think they were ok.


    Shirley, someday I would like to see the Fall colors in the northeast.   We have them here but I have heard there is nothing like where you are.   Now tell me how your DD is going to surprise her DH at the mansion?   I guess she could say they are going to a wedding or something else.


    Marti, I do hope you can get away.   I don’t think Joe will mind if he is reassured by his doctors.   Unless he would rather stay home and watch the builders?   I hope you make it with the crepe myrtles and azaleas.


    Better get to tackling these peaches – funny thing, peaches aren’t too appealing to me right nowBig Smile


  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Good afternoon all!

    A LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lusi! Hope all is going well over there... Have you heard from Leo?

    Shirley, I bet it is really beautiful in your area. When we were in Pennsylvania in Sept. The leaves were just beginning to turn in a few areas. How is Holley doing? I’ll have to check out that website a little later tonight.

    Marti, hope you can get the ok from the doctor to take your trip to PA with Joe. I know last year you were going quite a bit or was that earlier this year? Time is going too fast right now. It would make me ill to have those bushes die after trying to move them. I don’t have a very good green thumb for azaleas anyway.

    Verna, I’m going to check out those dessert recipes later tonight too. Thanks for sharing them with us. You are sure a going girl these days. Just reading all you have going tires me out. Does Marti need to share her "NO" flash card with you? I sure hope you find a reasonable yard man soon. That has to be so irritating just watching all the things he lets go.... my flower beds are a weedy mess right now too but I don’t have time to clean them up.

    Had to work till 1 today so I’m trying to cut up veggies for a taco salad for this week. I’ve finally gotten angry with myself for not eating right. My friend, Colleen, came back to Weight Watchers last week so now we have NO EXCUSE for misbehaving. We both are accountable to that scale each week. Guess the ground turkey won’t fry itself so I better get scooting.

    Could I ask you guys to keep the owners of the store I work at in your prayers. He has Parkinsons disease, for quite a few years now but seems to be going down hill fast. She has been ill with a lung problem for which there is no cure since last Feb and has just now been told she has cancer. She has had a breast removed but still has to have chemo. They are both getting up there in age and this has been hard on them. He especially is having a hard time keeping up with his doctor appts & now to throw hers on top of that. Their sons & DDIL are trying hard to keep their spirits up and going with them to most appts. It’s heartbreaking to watch right now.

    Thanks so much! Pat A

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Pat, that's sad about the owners of the business.   Will keep them in my prayers.


    Good for you on the WW's gunho again.   It's so easy to let down and you can't do that.  I'm sure Colleen will be a big help - it's so much easier with a friend.

    Really do need to get off the computer.....

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Never got back here today.  Charlene and her sister came for dinner.  I had some rib eyes that needed to be cooked so Charlene did them on the grill.  She made creamed potatoes and brought fresh asparagus.  I made cabbage/apple slaw and made a half recipe of the coffee bars.  We ate quite well tonight!  And have leftovers to boot!


    Seems like I was busy all day but I sure don't see anything that looks like it's done!  I did get a birthday gift wrapped and ready to go with me to church tomorrow...and got the grocery list and applicable coupons ready for shopping after church.

  sad about the owners.  What will happen to the store when they are gone?  Do any of the children have an interest?  I'm so sick of cancer.  Such an awful disease.


    I think I'm calling the dentist Monday.  I seem to have a high spot on one of the new fillings...I have to chew differently.  Also one of the back teeth feels gritty on the outside side.  I hate going back over there, but I must.


    Not much else going on right now....I'm headed for bed...just barely up 12 hours now...but sleep sounds sooo good!  Busy day tomorrow with church and groceries.


    I'll check in sometime tomorrow afternoon.



  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4-5/08

    Good morning.  I didn't even make it here yesterday.  It was a very busy day and I couldn't help thinking about how much less I'm doing for the Spaghetti Dinner, today and how much more difficult it is.  :(         I finished helping to decorate and set the tables, came home and baked Vammies brownies using the mix with the coffee and her topping, baked Snappy Pumpkin bars and then iced my knee off and on.  Did some filing while I was icing my knee and sat against a heating pad for my back. oh darn.....I don't like this one bit!  Had a talk with DH about working together to eat healthier and make it to the rec center.  I just read an article about resistence training lessening arthritic knee pain.  I think the water exercises would be resistence, don't you?  They didn't list water exercises, but listed using machines instead and I know I can do much better in the water.  I guess anything is better than nothing.   Okay, enough about me.


    Shirley, what a nice day you had yesterday. The leaves are probably turning a little sooner in CT than here, but they are starting here too.  The mansion sounds beautiful for any kind of a party.  I'm sure the 50th birthday party will be wonderful there.


    Marti, I sure hope Joe is well enough for your October trip to PA.  It might be just what you both need to get away from all of the doctor apmts and enjoy each day away.  I know he'll be nervous, thinking about what's going on with the building.  LOL  What a surprise it would be, thoug, when you get back looking at how much they've accomplished.


    Vammie,thanks for the shortcut on those brownies.  It's nice to do something to make them semi homemade.  There's a gal on the cooking station with a show by that name.  I'll bet she would feature your recipe in one of her shows.


    Maureen, on the freezing, I think it depends on how well the leftovers are packaged and how soon you get them into the freezer.  With leftovers there are so many variables as opposed to freezing something fresh.  I usually cool down leftovers on the counter top, then chill them in the fridge, then freeze them.  That was the way I read that we should do it for the best results.  I emailed everyone a guide for freezing leftovers from that has lots of good information. It's a good site, but I couldn't get the exact article here with this web address.  It might have needed a slash "something", so I emailed the right one.  Hope it helps.


    Pat, I'm sorry to hear about the owners of your store and I'll keep them in my prayers.  Good for you about your renewed committment to WW. I know just what you mean and know that you'll do well.

    Well, another busy day.  I'm expecting company before and after the dinner, so have to get ready for them.  Will try to get back  later tonight.  Hope everyone has a great day today.  God bless. Jo Ann

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4-5/08

     Hello!   So sorry to hear the sad story of the owners of Pat's shop.  It's a reminder to be very thankful for good health.

     I had lunch with two of the sisters and one brother.   Relationships in this family are a mystery to me, even after 23 years!   But they all like me, so I just smile and listen to their exchanges.  I guess in a family of 12 kids, they all learned to be very independent!   Anyway, the cabbage rolls were excellent, and I didn't have to cook, so I am not complaining!

    I've got tons of work to catch up on, so I can't stay here long.  Hope you are all having a nice Sunday!  lusi

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4-5/08

    Hi!   Slept in this morning - much needed!   So all meals are further out than they should be.   Guess I should be eating lunch and it is already 2 pm.   I finally finished the last peach just a bit ago.   Thank goodness for that.   JoAnn, thank you for that website - that's a good idea for me to check around.   And I hear what you're saying about the importance of prepping it properly for the freezer.   Sometimes, I'm not as good as I should be.   Fixing salmon for dinner tonight, even though since it's cool, a comfort meal would have been betterWink   Oh, well, I'll get one of those in tomorrow night.

    We rained most of yesterday and some of last night, but sunny and cool now.   That should be it for a week.   DH is cutting down the 2 apple trees - too many chemicals needed to get the fruit worm-free.   I'll put another peach in and don't know what else for the other spot.

    Lusi, I'm glad you have the relationship you do with the in-laws.   And they probably like you because you don't make any waves - just kind of go with the flow.

    Think I better get lunch and help DH with the clean-up.

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4-5/08

    Hi Maureen and our few weekend posters.  :)


    Back from the Spaghetti Dinner and most of my company is gone.  Whew!!!  All of that makes for a long weekend.  But it was fun too.  My Mom is still here and watching a movie on TV, so that gives me time to check in and see how everyone is doing. 


    Maureen, we have three apple trees way in the back yard and found out the same thing about trying to keep them worm free.  We don't try anymore, but DH still keeps the trees for the deer to eat the apples.  We can find them back there every night eating the ones that fall and knocking some down from branches they can reach.  I saw the cutest thing the other evening.  We also have a crabapple tree and the a doe was on her hind legs hitting the branches to get the crabapples down and, there, right beneach her was a bunny grabbing as many as he could.  Once again, wish I had a camera for that shot. Dh will  have to cut those trees, among others, down in the spring if he wants to plant a garden again. The area is just too shaded.


    Lusi, glad you enjoyed lunch with two of the sisters and a brother.  I'm sure you're right about their relationships being different because there are so many of them.  I talk to my sister every day.  I wonder how it would be to have 11 sisters and brothers.  How would you ever keep with all of them?  There also must be a wide range of age differences between some of them. How are Anti's playoffs going?


    Well time to catch up with Mom and the movie.  We'll be taking her home around 6 tonight, when the dinner is over; a long day for her too.  I think she's enjoying it though.


    Jo Ann


    Vammie, the brownies were gone before I could blink. lol    

  • Re: Healthy Choice 10/4/o8

    Just a quick Hello.

    Wanted to jump in and wish Lusi a Belated Happy Birthday. 

    DH left Friday for his hunting trip.  I went to the City shopping .  My friend locked her keys in the car so we got a bit drenched while waiting for the guy to come and rescue us.  I had enough foresight to wear my raincoat so I wasn't too wet but she was soaked.

    That kind of put a damper on our trip.  In fact, we didn't even have time to eat ......but from the looks of us, it didn't hurt us to miss a meal, and probably wouldn't hurt us to miss a few more. Wink


    Yesterday DD and I took Heather to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  Very cute show.  JoAnn, I highly recommend it for the Trips. 


    I didn't go to church this morning.  I got ready but just as I was about to leave, my tummy decided I was staying home.

    MJ came with baby after church and then DD and Heather came and they all just left. 

    See, I never have much time alone, even when I'm home alone.  Big Smile


    Pat, very sad about your store owners.  Will definately remember them in prayer. 


    Well, I have to get off here.  The DogDog are downstairs alone and I'm telling you, they are just like a couple little kids getting into everything when I'm out of the room.


    I'll see you all tomorrow.