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H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

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  • Re: H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

    Hi Healthy Ladies!

    Looks like everyone survived and even enjoyed thier Thanksgiving. Woo hoo!

    Yesterday was such fun- Macie was such a good traveler too- she was in one of the middle seats in the van- looking at us girls(Ryan sat up front with DH) and Clay beside Macie- they are tall and have long legs- more comfy for them- that left me, Becky and Crystal in the back seat- Macie loved looking at us and gabbering a playing with us. LOL Everyone had a blast at Mom's - we got there in time to help with the dressing, and such...plus heated up my rolls in the oven- took them in stainless steel bowls-- so just took the lids off and heated them- next year I have a plan to prebake them just a little- freeze and finish baking at Mom's. I had a brainstorm this morning about it- will practice this year at Christmas and see how they turn out- fresh baked rolls rule- so going to try that. :) They were still good though.

    I just finished cleaning my kitchen- had so many bowls, pans and such to clean up- Phyllis called and asked if I was shopping- no- cleaning and doing laundry. :) The kitchen is neat again. We left it in disarray yesterday. LOL

    Macie crawled around and sat and played with the rest of the kids yesterday at Mom's- occasionally crawling up to an adult and pulling herself up to them to play with them. She is just now getting to where she cries when someone holds her that she is not comfy with- knew it was coming eventually. Everyone so enjoyed her. She is strong when I walk her around while assisting her- she will be walking in a month or two- can feel it in my bones. :) WAAAA- they grow so fast!

    Rebecca, you are so brave to head off for early shopping- I never have done the Black Friday shopping. You go Girl! You got some fantastic deals. Woo hoo- why didn't you shop for me while you were out? You inspire me- to get 'er done early.  I froze some muffins today- for a trifle or something- the berry cheesecake ones- just took them for the kids to eat on the way- well- they loved the burritos(Clay and Becky helped make them) and then only had about one or two of the muffins(each) - very health minded and I am glad. I am blessed that we don't have to try to keep them from pigging out on the wrong stuff. We also had grapes and apples so we weren't starved when we had our Thanksgiving meal- eveything went as planned. :)

    Dusta, too bad Mel couldn't have written the letter- then tore it up. Kinda works for me- to get it out - then let it go. Maybe one day... sigh. Sorry you have to put up with all that drama- Mel is so blessed to have you in his life. You are such a positive person that times like this has to get on your very last nerve. LOL  It is sad that someone can carry all that pain and hatred - sad. If he could just give it all to Jesus- wouldn't that be so good?

    Sherry, your crochet project sounds neat.  Sorry your brother couldn't make it. So sorry about his MIL. That is sad. Take care and have a fun weekend. When do you go home? The greek food sounds good!

    Kris, wow, you are so organized- doing your cards already....speaking of which- I need to get my butt in gear and email out the Christmas card list. I think I may have enough energy to decorate the tree today- if it was out of the basement and assembled. LOL Will have to get the boys to lug it upstairs first- the bottom section is very heavy.

    Dawn, hope you are having a good T'giving weekend. I know you are! Enjoy your DH and Sammie girl! :)

    Natasha, your meal sounds yummy. The casserole sounds good. I make similiar ones and try to do it when we have a lot of company so I don't eat too much of it- such good ole' comfort food. They could healthify the cream soups if they would and that would help a lot! As in being so processed- I mean. I know they have fat free and low fat versions but the salt content is still rediculous. :( Too bad they won't let little ole' me tell them how to make thier soups. LOL

    Jill, have you gotten home from shopping till you dropped? LOL Hope you are resting up and got lots of bargains- I don't like the drama of waiting in crowds and fighting over bargains- not worth it too me. :) (((Restful hugs)))

    Debi, hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your family. So sweet of you to take pie to the NH and decorate with the tree- you are so sweet!

    DUSTA and KRIS- Both of you rock- losing wt. during Thanksgiving ....my, my, my, most are just happy to maintain during this time of year! You go Girls!

    Hugs and Waves- hope  I didn't leave anyone out! Love you all! The dryer is calling my name- and need to add another load of clothes to the wash.



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  • Re: H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

    I forgot to mention that Phyllis's little lady- Mary Ann passed away this morning(she was one of MIss Nancy's old friends) Phyllis has been working for her(at a NH for a few years) she was in her 90's. Anway, they knew she was going to die soon-since a week or so ago- this morning about 1:30- she went home to be with Jesus- such a praise report on this- before she died- she smiled and looked like she was hugging someone. She was in acoma before she did this- how sweet is that? I love it when I can tell you girls something positive and uplifting like this- when someone dies- it should be with a sweet heart- ready to meet thier maker- she was.

    So thankful for God's tender merciesLeft Hug



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  • Re: H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

    more later, but wanted to give Kris a quick shout out ... bare bones indeed, you are losing so much weight!  hee hee you are spending your money in all the right places girl, what better gift can you give yourself?  I'm so inspired by you!!!!!!!!  Okay, off to finish putting the bed back together, HUGS all




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  • Re: H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

    Muril, Macie is ADORABLE in that picture!!!  I can't believe how big she's getting!

    About the creamed soups... I have a recipe for Cream of Mushroom substitute that I use, because, like you, I hate how much sodium is in the canned ones.

    I will have to find it now...

    CREAM OF MUSHROOM CONDENSED SOUP - healthier alternative from grouprecipes.com

    1 Tbs. butter

    3 Tbs. flour

    1/2 cup any broth

    1/2 cup milk

    mushrooms, chopped & sautéed (however much you desire)

    salt & pepper to taste

    Melt butter in a saucepan over Med-Low heat.  Stir in flour a little at a time until smooth, then remove from heat.  Add broth & milk a little at a time, stirring to keep mixture smooth.  Then, stir in mushrooms.  Return to heat and bring sauce to a gentle boil; stir constantly until sauce thickens.  Add salt & pepper to taste.

    Note:  This sauce can be used as a substitute for CONDENSED Cream of Mushroom Soup.


  • Re: H L Topic of Week of Nov. 19- 25~Triumph Over Turkey Day! ~

    Hi ladies,
    Hoping all had a great thanksgiving. I cooked almost all day. Packed up full course meals for my DD and my DH and their families. They live close. So, that was good.
    Muril, congratulations on your new addition to your family. There is nothing like a new baby.
    I got to go see Andrew Logan, and I must say he is gorgeous. And, seen the other's. Was missing Landon, and of course Ethan as he is in Co. But, seem Emma, Max, Bobby, Logan, Alyssa, AJ, and Bryson. These are all GREAT's, and growing in leaps and bounds. My name to them is Golden. We  fixed sub sandwiches, and they were good.
    Dusta, and Kris, that is good that you are losing weight this time of year.
    Take care all of you and have a good weekend. Carolyn

    Carolyn Keys