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ladies luncheon

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  • ladies luncheon

     Hi secret sisters

    I am planning a mother luncheon for about 65 ladies. I need help with a menu, can you help me. 

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    I am not a good cook nor a great planner for a large group, but I would think that quiche, fruit and scones would be easy to prepare and keep warm.  A simple salad on the side may be an option too.  I'll be anxious to read what other's suggest.



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    td9-Welcome to the boards!

    What kind of menu are you thinking of and we can try to help you. Also, be sure to ask this over on the recipe boards~there are some great cooks over there.

    In a little while, I will look up some of the posts for you where they have addressed cooking for crowds. Also, there is a new forum called Cooks Who Care that might be able to help you, too. Here is that board address

     Be sure to let us know what food items you think you might want to serve and we will help you or direct you in anyway we can!



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     This recipe is easy and very good.  I asked for this recipe at a dinner party-they had it out and it was just delicious.  




    30 frozen meatballs ***********(you will want to triple or quadruple this recipe for your luncheon I think)


    1 jar chili sauce


    1 can jellied cranberry sauce


    Put the meatballs on a cookie sheet and place in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes- turning meatballs halfway through.  In a big pot dump in the chili sauce and the cranberry sauce.  Over low heat stir them until they are combined and the jelly is melted.   Now add your meatballs, stir to combine and you are done!  


    I just love this recipe-sometimes DH asks me to make it for dinner.




    **I meant to put up there that I serve this in a pretty, shallow pot or warmed bowl with a small jar of toothpicks set beside it.

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     Welcome to the SSCircle!!

    I worked in a little place one time that made the most wonderful chicken salad. We always served it with a couple slices of cantalope and a hard dinner roll. Dessert was usually some type of trifle.  Here's the Chicken Salad recipe. I remember the first time I saw it and heard what was in it. I screwed up my nose but always willing to try something different, I did! I LOVED IT!!

    Chicken Salad

    3 - 4 boneless chicken breasts. Cook, cool, cube.
    red, seedless grapes, halved
    Cool Whip, thawed

    Mix together with salad dressing. Then fold in cool whip. Serve on lettuce leaf. 

    I don't have any set amount for this recipe. It's one of those recipes you just sort of throw in enough 'til it looks right and tastes great!!:O) 


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    I would think some finger sandwiches, salads, mini muffins, mini cheese cakes (everything easy to pick up and easy to eat)

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     Bisquick's Impossible Quiche (several variations - some with bacon, some with sausage, etc.)

    Fruit trays with fruit dips

    Breakfast casseroles

    Scones and or muffins





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