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Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas

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  • Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas
    Okay - we've all seen the fun survival kits at one time or another. I had bookmarked several pages with various 'FUN' survival kits. Unfortunately, I lost all my bookmarks when I lost my hard drive earlier this year. SO . . . I'm looking for . . . pages of various survival kits . . . if you have any bookmarked, please share!! I'm also looking for something like a 'master list' of things to put in survival kits . . . you know . . . like: gum - to remind you (help you) stick with it . . . mint - because you're worth a mint . . . Anything you can add here (pages, items, lists, etc) would be greatly appreciated!! Oh yeah . . . in particular, right now I'm working on making a Geocacher's / Geocaching Survival Kit!! Suskin
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    You are so very right - there are lots of great sites out on the web that include many ideas for these kits.  I am so sorry that you lost your bookmarks!  Hopefully with a little help from your Sisters, we can find them for you again! Big Smile


    These little things can be so much fun to make - and can be very effective in getting messages across to the people who receive them. 

    Here are some great sites with ideas for these kits:  










     Hopefully these three will get you started.  I can look for others for you if you need some additional ideas - just let me know!


    Good luck!  If you could, let us know what you end up doing.  I love little things like this!  Our church did one of these and targeted families in ICU waiting rooms.  We put practical things in the kits - tissues, gum and hard, wrapped candy, change for the phones in the waiting room, pens and small note pads - the kids of things that a person might need while sitting and waiting for hours on end.  They were VERY well received!


    Have a good day!




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  • Re: Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas

    I don't  have time to check these out right now but I'm going to bookmark them cause I will use them for sure.  I love making survival kits. 


  • Re: Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas


    Geocaching Survival Kit

    Commercial, but items would be good:

     Variety of occupational survival Kits

    Here is one that is cute:

    Created by Liss Burnell ~The 4 Chalupa's~

    Almond Joy~to remind you of the JOY of the hunt.

    Band Aid for the blisters on your feet from walking back and forth

    Candle - for when your search runs a little late

    Fuse-to replace yours when you blow it.

    Lifesavers - just in case you fall into the water.

    Map with your street circled - so you can always find home

    Batteries - so you can keep going, and going, and going

    Snickers Bar - to remind you to keep your sense of humor.

    Sun Screen - for shielding the sun from the face

    Bug Spray- so the only thing that bugs you is losing satellite reception


    Or the other choice is to wear a pumpkin Costume where ever you go.

  • Re: Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas

    sorry suskin, didn't see the note about the kits for geocaching.

  • Re: Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas

    wow,  what  a  awesome idea , i never  heard of  this  before,  now  that i  have  seen  this i can think of alot of people i can  make  them for  

     thanks  so  much

  • Re: Fun Survival Kits . . . Looking for Ideas

    sorry suskin, didn't see the note about the kits for geocaching.

    Oh no Amy !! . . . Don't be sorry!! I'm looking for lists of the FUN survival kits that you can put together . . . maybe even a master list of ingredients!! So anything and everything is appreciated at this time. I just so happen to be putting together a Geocaching Survival Kit for our Pastor (we just introduced him to the hobby/sport of Geocaching, and he absolutely loves it. He's a funny guy, so I'm sure he'll get a kick out of a fun (funny?) Geocaching Survival Kit. I have a friend going through a divorce, and while she's not anywhere near ready for one . . . I think at some point down the road, the Divorce Survival Kit will make her laugh!! I also have a friend who is down and out - under the weather . . . so I'm thinking of making her one . . . again - just to make her smile and know she's loved and thought about!! AND . . . I've seen some for Graduation (or Freshman College) . . . I thought would make great graduation gifts. We'll have to go to so many parties this year, and I can't afford to get an actual gift for everybody . . . but thought fun survival kits would be good!!! SO . . . EVERYBODY . . . keep funneling your fun survival kit bookmarks, websites, ingredients, ideas . . . whatever . . . right to this thread!!! THANKS Suskin
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