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Feeding the football team

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  • Feeding the football team

    In our town it is a tradition that parents of the football team take turns feeding the team every Thursday before their Friday night game.  Our group of 4 football moms are going to serve Chicken and noodles.  I've searched the Taste of Home website but I can't find a recipe for Chicken and Noodles for 60 people.  Anyone have any idea how many pounds of chicken we will need?  I have fixed the Beef Stroganoff recipe on the website last time I feed them and we had to make extra, they eat alot!!!  The recipe was a success also, they loved it.

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    You can vary the amount of meat because serving size is determined by the noodles. It can be more or less "meaty". It depends on how much time you have for preparation: if I had a couple of days I'd buy 10 lbs of chicken legs and cook them a day ahead to make a killer broth as flavor for the noodles. Drain and strain the broth, chill it to be able to remove the fat from the top. Discard bones and skin, save the leg meat. Chop the leg meat to add back at the last. Then I'd buy boneless skinless chicken breast for the rest of the meat just for ease of cooking it. You could cook the chicken breast in the same broth the day you are serving, strain it out before cooking the noodles in the broth. If you don't have time to make broth, use purchased stock. Beward of the salt content, however. It's usually pretty salty. Picture one big plateful of noodles with chicken and ask yourself, how much meat is in that plate? Maybe half a chicken breast each person, more or less.

    If the noodles need thickened just before serving, use some gravy mix--either chicken gravy mix or peppered gravy mix (white). Gravy mix is salty, too, so wait to add seasoning.

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    Thanks, we are going to bake whole chickens, they are on sale this week at our grocery store.  That's a good idea about the gravy mix, I hadn't ever thought of that.