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Reconsider shake and bake

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  • Reconsider shake and bake
    We all need to reconsider Shake & Bake! I don't mean the box recipe, instead consider using the wide variety of bread crumbs in each pack for some delicious new recipes. Lately, I have enjoyed the buffalo chicken variety...slather a boneless pork chop or chicken breast with horseradish mayo, take the S & B crumbs and doctor them up with dried basil, then pat the slathered meat in the crumbs. Bake them about 50 min. At 375*. Other delicious base slatherings could be dijon or barbecue sauce. The possibilities are endless. Shake and Bake just did some of the work for us.
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    Great idea, Joyt. I had never thought of doing this. I've got several recipes perfect for this idea.

    That's one of the reasons I love this site. Getting new ideas and sharing them.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.



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    When Shake and Bake first came on the market, my daughters were still young, and I can remember them imitating the commercial, saying (in their best southern accent), "And, I helped!)  Remember that?

    Have to give it a whirl...  that crunch factor is somehow soooooo satisfying.  I wonder why that is?


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    I love Shake 'n Bake!  I make thick baked pork chops, chicken breasts and chicken "fried" steak using it.  I like to add a no salt seasoning to doctor it up.  Recently, I have been using Penzey's "Forward", and it's really tasty. 

    Beema - When I use it, I always think of the ad!  Same as when I use Rice a Roni.  That old jingle insantly comes to mind!!  [I don't follow the box directions on that, though...too much cooking and tooo much salt.  I measure the rice and pasta using two boxes and just double the water.  I use only the "solids" from the flavor packets by sifting the packet contents in a small mesh strainer.  That leaves more than enough "flavor"!]

    Anyway...I wonder what other products we use that makes us think of old ads?  Remember the Alka Seltzer ad....That's a "speecy" meatball!"? 


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