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Taste of Home Magazine Subscription

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  • Taste of Home Magazine Subscription

    Am I the only one who thinks that we are deliberately being sent renewal notices every month just in case we forget and send it in again and again?  I seem to receive a last issue notice at least 5 times a year and recently, I was quite busy being out of town, that I renewed the subscription two times, and now I have three years worth of credit.   Is it possible that your circulation department could stop this annoying practice?  I enjoy the mazazine, but I called several times and asked them to stop doing this, but they just continue hedless of my requests to stop.  If it does not stop, I may cancel my subsctiption.  Maybe you could use the money wasted doing this to make the magazine more interesting with more articles instead of ads.


    Joseph R. maligieri

    Queens NY

  • Re: Taste of Home Magazine Subscription

    Right on Joseph!!!