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December 2, 2012
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March 27, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking TriumphI always try to share Dominican dishes with my friends. The son of one of them is really picky, he only eats like five things and all my dishes failed. But when he tried my fried donuts the kid couldn't have enough he ate like eight of those. That was also really nice and I plan to make them for him next time with some frosting like he suggested. I did some Bao dumplings for my hubby and he shared with a Chinese co-worker he told him that although the shape was all wrong the flavor was perfect! Same guy was eating some take out food and when he smelled the chicken curry I did for my husband he said "Ok, you win" In DR I used to help around the house doing breakfast and dinner. My father was a mechanic and his clients used to visit all the time one day I made some yaniqueques a traditional fried pastry, and I offered them to a lady that was waiting for her car to be ready. I though those were my worst yaniqueques ever. Turns out every time she visit she asked me about my yaniqueques and when I was going to make them again for her. That made me really happy.
My Biggest Kitchen DisasterI'm a serial burner. But is the stove's fault I swear! ;)
My InterestsScience, nerdy hobbies, storytelling, child-rearing, art, literature, movies, music,cooking, animation