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southern Indiana
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July 16, 2012
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November 18, 2013
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My Greatest Cooking Triumphmaking the Hersey's back of the box fudge with my grandmother Emma. she grew up with it and searched for it for years, whenever we would go shopping she would flip the hershey cocoa container around just hoping to find that recipe. she would tell me how it was the best fudge she has ever had. she always explained how if you stir it too much it will ruin,too little and it will ruin as well. when we made it we both were so scared that it would mess up, we took turns stirring and couldn't lift our arms the next day. to make the fudge and the memories together is something i will always treasure... the memory of trying to find the recipe.. not so much. i only had dial up Internet at the time and didn't really know what i was looking for, just typing in Hershey fudge brought up so many recipes, but when i came across the one that said "Hershey's back of the box fudge." i knew i had it. it was well worth the hours of dial up searching and sore arms to see the smile on my grandmothers face when she took the first bite.
My Biggest Kitchen Disasterit would have to be the first time i made banana bread...or tried to anyway. it was awful! looks were deceiving though, it waspicture perfectly browned on the outside but it weighed more then my cat..yet somehow sounded hollow when i tapped on it. it tasted like gummy banana scented dough. my family tried to be nice, my dad even smiled and told me "well baby at least its moist, it isn't dry at all". i on the other hand knew it was bad and decided after it had sat on the counter for two days, to break it up and place it outside under the bird feeders... most birds wouldn't touch it and the ones that did, were small so it weighed them down when they tried to fly off with a piece. it was a pitiful attempt at banana bread. thankfully i can proudly say that i have improved since then.
My Interestsaside from looking for new recipes to try, i write poetry,subscribe to too many travel magazines... hoping to travel someday and love flea markets, antiques... anything old shabby, country or vintage.... i guess those are more like hobbies huh... hobbies, interests, same difference.