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My Biggest Kitchen DisasterThis is one of several disaster's I've had thru the years!For my niece's 8th (Christmas Eve!!) birthday,together we made the "Classic Hershey's Chocolate Cake"recipe,located on the box of Hershey's cooking cocoa powder.On Christmas Eve day mind you!I am a fine baker and she has learned well and enjoys baking,even now,3 yrs later.This recipe call for boiling water to be added to the batter.So we added it!Put the batter in the layer pans,into the oven it went,and off we went to play Clue,cards or whatever it was,feeling like Julia Child.... happy and proud!!Well,about 10 mins later,we began to smell a smoke like odor permeating thru to the family room.Hmmm,we thought,frankly...trying not to laugh! Uh-Oh!!The closer we got to the kitchen,the smell became visibly obvious!!So we peeked into the oven....only to find that the batter had risen above the layer pans and was burning all over the oven floor!!What a mess!!Not much to do,other than to turn the oven off and open the porch door....during a snowfall!!!! Why not??!!We thought we'd have to call the fire dept,but the few sparks went out, as did the smoke,onto the newly fallen snow!!We became so silly over this!!But it is still a memory that brings a smile to our face and hearts,even today.When I, or we, make this wonderful cake now,we still add the boiling water,but we let it sit in the measuring cup a minute or two.It's just enough to let it rest before adding the batter,which has baking soda in it.It has never overflowed again and the recipe comes highly recommended.Incidentally,I add 1/4 cup less sugar and 1/4 cup more Hershey's powder.This gives it a real deep dark chocolate flavor.Enjoy!